1946 nickel no mint mark value? (Price Chart, Error List, History & Varieties)

There were about more than 200 million 1946 nickels made, but in some time they became rare coins and not easy to find. Since many people collect old nickel coins and same them. These coins are minted by three mints S, P, and D, and are denoted as three different types. Here we will learn the value, mint mark, and other features of the 1946 nickel. let’s get started with a 1946 nickel with no mint mark value.

1946 Nickel Value Chart

1946 Nickel Mint mark Very fine XF AU MS60 MS65
No Mint mark $0.00 $0.33 $0 $1 $17
D $0 $0 $1 $1 $13
S $0 $1 $1 $1 $13

1946 Nickel Value Chart

History Of 1946 Nickel

The nickel has high importance in US history, firstly shield 4 Cent was made with nickel in 1886. The 1946 nickel is a current category of Jefferson 5-cent coins. This coin was first made on the 200th anniversary of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. For the replacement of a new nickel design with Buffalo nickel in 1938 new design completion was arranged. The new nickel design was made by Felix Schlag having Jefferson’s photo at the back side and Monticello’s house at the back side.  In 1940 the era of World War II mint reduced the use of nickel in coins. The new composition was fifty percent silver and 50 percent copper, after that in 1942 the composition for nickel coins was used as  56% copper, 35 percent silver, and 9 percent manganese in 1942. After the war in 1946, the nickel composition again was used as 75% copper and 25% nickel.

1946 Nickel Features

Obverse Of  1946 Nickel

At the front side of the 1946 nickel, the photo of Jefferson facing left is added with hair having a low ponytail. On this side, there is a motto IN GOD WE TRUST and the word LIBERTY also on the side with the minted date 1946 and two stars on the side coins.

Reverse Of 1946 Nickel

The back side of the 1946 nickel has Jefferson’s house,  Monticello. This photo has an added staircase, wing steps, and a dome and roof. E PLURIBUS UNUM emblem is also seen over the edge of the coin. With that on this side, there is MONTICELLO, written and denomination FIVE CENT on the coin with UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Some other features of 1946 Nickel are:

  • It is made with use of 75% copper, 25% nickel
  • Its weight is five grams
  • Its diameter is 21.20mm
  • Three mints made these coins

1946 nickel no mint mark value

The 1946 nickels without mint marks are made at P mint and are commonly coins. There were about 161,116,000 nickels and 1946 nickels made at P mint about ten to twenty percent exists today. 1946 nickel no mint mark value is:

  • The worn condition value is seven to ten cents
  • Uncirculated condition is one dollar or larger.
  • MS66+=3,525 $
  • MS65=20 dollars
  • MS67 =475 dollars
  • No Mint, Full steps MS65 =1400 dollars
  • No mint mark full step MS67grade =$8,813

1946 D Nickel Value

More than 45,000,000 1946 Jefferson nickels were made by D mint, 2nd largest minted number in this year. These coins come with a D mint mark on the backside.

  • The circulated condition value is ten dollars
  • MS67=13 dollars
  • 1946 D MS 67 Jefferson nickel= 1265 dollars
  • 1946 D MS 67 FS Jefferson nickel= $8,625

1946 S Nickel Value

The S mint made the 13,560,000  1946 S Jefferson nickels less than other mints. These coins come with an S mint mark on the backside. They have a value of about average condition of thirty-five to fifty cents.

  • MS67= 13 dollars
  • 1946 S MS 67 Jefferson nickel= 2875 dollars
  • 1946 S MS 67 FS Jefferson nickel  sold for 7800 dollars in auction

1946 Nickel Errors List

1946 Doubled Die Nickel Error

Doubling effects on the coins can easily seen in the Jefferson photo’s eye the front side and the reverse side can be in words MONTICELLO and FIVE CENT. The coins with this error can have thousands of dollars and some can have a value of twenty to fifty dollars.

1946 Doubled Die Full Steps Nickel Error

Full step error is normally not considered an error on coins but as well-struck coins. But double die error is preferred by colets and double affecting on 1946 nickel can easily be seen on words IN GOD WE TRUST. The Full steps on Monticello make these coins rare. The coins with doubling effects and full steps are preferred by collectors. Coins with errors have a value of about nine hundred dollars.

Repunched Mint Mark Nickel Error

This error commonly exists in D mint mark coins other minted coins also have it. This error is due to the minting of the new mark at the existing mark at different points. 1946 repunched mint mark error coin sold for $100 to $150.

 Off-Center Nickel Error

This error commonly exists on the 1946 Jefferson nickel. They are very cmon errors and do not have high value, and one to two percent off-center is considered an error.

  • 10 to 20 percent off-center value is 25 to 50 dollars.
  • 50 percent off center with clear date and mint mark=100 dollars or high

1946 Die Crack  Nickel Error

This error is also called die cud error and coins with this error are high value. In this type of error, there is a die crack that exists on dies that crack shifted to coins that are struck with this die.

  • Die crack error coin vlaue is five to ten dollar or higher
  • Die cud error coins value is 100 dollars or higher

How do I know if my 1946 nickel is silver?

All US nickels dated 1866 through 1961 were created with the use of nickel and copper and did not have silver. US nickles made from 1942 to 1945 are thirty-five percent silver.  All US nickles 1946 are currently nickel and copper, the same as before WWI

Why 1946 Jefferson Nickel are Valuable?

The uncircualted1946 nickles are high value. Circulated coins are common and have value about their face value. Uncirculated coins are preferred by collectors and are of variable with high value. In average condition, their value is ten cents, and for the minted state is about 75 dollars.

 Rarest 1946 Jefferson Nickel

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Is Mint Mark On 1946 Nickel?

The 1946 nickles made at D and S Mint come with a mint mark. A mint mark can seen on the back side of the coins close to Monticello. The nickles made at P mint do not have mint marks.

Is a 1946 nickel worth anything with no mint mark?

  • In circulated condition value is $0.10 to $0.55
  • some coins in the mint state can be worth about $75.

How rare is a 1946 nickel?

220,000,000 coins of 1946 nickels make it less rare and less vlaue. Some certain types and error coins are rare and high-value.

What is the most valuable nickel from 1946?

  • 1946 S MS 67 FS Jefferson nickel sold for $7,800 in 2017
  • 1946 D/D MS 64 Jefferson nickel sold for $3,220 in 2006
  • 1946 S MS 65 Jefferson nickel sold for $2,875 in 2005
  • 1946 MS 67 Jefferson nickel sold for $1,763.
  • 1946 D MS 67 Jefferson nickel sold for  $1,265
  • 1946 D/D MS 66 FS Jefferson nickel sold for $11,500
  • 1946 MS 67 FS Jefferson nickel sold for  $8,812.50
  • 1946 D MS 67 FS Jefferson nickel sold for $8,625.

What is the rarest Jefferson Nickel?

The rarest and most valuable nickels are 1939-D,  1943/2-P,1997-P Matte Proof 1949-D/S, 1943-P doubled eye,  1939-P double Monticello, and the 1945-P doubled die reverse.

What year is the expensive nickel?

The 1913 Liberty Head Nickel, called “Liberty Head V” or the “1913 V Nickel”, is the most valuable and famous coin.

What nickel is worth $10000?

Most valuable Jefferson nickles are made on wartimes since they have silver content. Some coins of this era have sold for 10000 dollars.

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