1971 Silver Dollar Value (Errors List & “S” Mint Mark Worth)

The value of the 1971 Eisenhower Dollar for the average condition is about two dollars and in mint state is about $85.00. The first US Dollar was made in paper currency form, not in coin. It is called Silver Certificate and also today. One-dollar coins are less famous as compared to one-dollar bills.  The 1971 Eisenhower Dollar was made in silver and clad composition. The silver one-dollar type comes with forty percent silver and sixty percent copper. Let’s get started with the 1971 Silver Dollar Value.

1971 Silver Dollar Value Chart

1971 Silver Dollar XF MS60 MS65 MS68
1971 S Silver Dollar Value $11 $13 $32 $6,500
1971 S Proof Silver Dollar, Type 1 Reverse Value  $9,500 Deep Cameo
PR60 PR63 PR66 PR69
1971 S Proof Silver Dollar Value $9
Cameo= $10
Deep Cameo= $13
Cameo= $14
Deep Cameo= $15
Cameo= $17
Deep Cameo= $22
Cameo= $35
Deep Cameo= $46

Is 1971 silver dollar worth anything

History Of  1971 Silver Dollar

1971 is a special year in USA history for the Silver Dollar since it was first made by the Eisenhower dollar. It comes with a photo of Eisenhower so it is called the Eisenhower dollar. More than 160 million Eisenhower dollars were made at P and D mints. These coins were made with the use of copper clad and nickel.  The S-minted coins were different as compared to P and D. These coins come with copper having five percent silver. In the case of cladding comes with 80 percent silver and 20 percent copper.

The coins were made by engraver, Frank Gasparro, and the front side comes with the Eisenhower photo. Reverse has an eagle and is based on the mission patch that commemorates the Apollo 11 moon landing. Eisenhower dollar was used for less time and it was replaced with Susan B. Anthony dollar.

1971 S Proof Silver Dollar Value

Dollars made at S mint come with real silver and coins come with intrinsic vlaue with silver content as silver has. Their value is based on condition and quality. In most conditon the fine condition coin is high value.

  • Regular strike silver dollar 1971 has a value of 10 to 12 dollars in uncirculated condition.
  • One or two-grade coins are high value. Grade 2 1971 S silver dollar value is about 125 dollars.
  • The uncirculated conditon value started from 13 dollars of MS60 grade.
  • MS65 low-grade gem quality coins have a value of 32 dollars.
  • MS66+ grade is 125 dollars.
  • MS67=340 dollars.
  • MS67+= 2800 dollars.
  • MS68=6500 dollars.

1971 S Proof Silver Dollar, Type 1 Reverse Value

The back side of the 1971 DOllar comes with an eagle clutching an olive branch over the moon’s surface. Earth is seen on the backside. The earth photo can be different for different Eisenhower dollars. The 1971 silver dollar has two reverses that clad type 1 and type 2. Mostly coins of Type 2 exist and type 1 reverse is rare. Because 3 exist of type 1 grade.

The design on type 1 dollar is lower relief. There are more details on the breast of the eagle feather. At the surface of the earth, there is a Caribbean island that can seen. The type 1 coins come with Cameo grade PR67. The cameo is a proof coin with attractive contrast between glossy fields and frosted design components. Some deep cameo coins also exist. These coins come with PR68 grade and have a value of 6000 dollars. In PR69 grade their value is  $9,500.

1971 Silver Dollar Features

Obverse Of  1971 Silver Dollar

The front side of a 1971 silver dollar photo of Dwight Eisenhower facing left with Liberty on the upper collar and mint date at the lower collar. The minting date is written over the neck. The motto IN GOD WE TRUST is also on this side. The initials of the designer Frank Gasparro FG exist on the coin.

Reverse Of 1971 Silver Dollar

The reverse side of the 1971 silver dollar comes with the insignia of Apollo 11, America’s 1969 Moon Landing Mission. The symbol is the eagle landing on the moon with an olive branch in its talon and wings partially spread. The eagle comes with 13 stars. It also has some moon craters below its feet and the Earth in the background overhead. The upper collar comes with the country name UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and the emblem E Pluribus Unum. The lower collar has ONE DOLLAR denomination. FG initials are also on this side. Reverse design made from the missing patches that astronauts wore on their lunar mission. The patch was made by Michael Collins, an Apollo 11 crew member.

Some other features of the 1971 silver dollar are:

  • The 1971 silver dollar is 38.1mm (1.5”) in diameter and 2.58mm in thickness.
  • It has 198 reed edges and its weight is based on silver or clad composition.
  • Its core is 20.9% silver and 79.1% copper and the external layer is about  80% silver and 20% copper.

1971 Silver Dollar Features

1971 Silver Dollar Errors

1971 S Proof Silver Dollar, Obverse Double Struck

In some conditions, planceht is struck more than one time with die. If it moves during strikes there is a doubled image seen. The 1971 Silver dollar has this error on the obverse side. The WE word of the motto IN GOD WE TRUST has a doubling effect. PR63grade with this error has a value of more than 4000 dollars.

1971 S Silver Dollar, Peg Leg

For coin creation, mint makes a master hub that makes a master die that is used for a working hub and it is used to make working dies. This working dies is used for coin minting and if it has any mark or error that shifted to coins. Due to a die error and peg leg comes with a shortened R in LIBERTY word and that is the result of over-polishing of the coin to remove the blemish. MS66 con with peg leg error sold for 500 dollars.

1971 S Re-Punched Mint Mark Error

The 1971 silver dollar struck at S mint has re-punched the mint mark. Check the S that is the over date. MS67 grade coins sold for 8000 dollars with this error.

1971 S Double Die Error

This error occurs during the manufacturing of the die used for design striking on planceht. It struck many times for capturing details. If the die shited between strike cause double phot to shift to coins. The 1971 silver dollar has a doubling effect on any side. In good condition can be of high value and PR67 grade sold for more than $1,400.

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What Makes  1971 Silver Dollar Rare?

Though less silver than nickel-clad dollars used in 1971 that note makes them rare. Both proof and regular coins come in different grades. Coins with type 2 reerse is rarer coins. They can be found in Caribbean islands on the earth’s surface. COns with errors are also rare and high value.

Is A 1971 Silver Dollar Real Silver?

The 1971 dollars of S mint is called silver. But they come with costly metal they are not pure silver. The cors is created with use of 79 percent copper and 21 percent silver. It is clad at the external layer and has 80 percent silver and 20 percent copper. It makes a complete coin with forty percent silver..

How to tell if the 1971 Dollar Is Silver?

Check the mint mark of the coin. Silver dollars made in 1971 were created at S mint and other mints made clad coins. Check the S mint mark on the back side over the minting date. Then check the edge. Clad coins are prone to corrosion so we can see traces of copper at the point where the nickel coating is worn off. SIlve dollar coins retain silver edges.

What is the material of the 1971 silver dollar?

With the increase in prices of silver in 1965, the US Mint needed to change metals that were used for coins. Instead of 90 percent silver, all clad coins used a copper-nickel clad combination, and collectible coins have 40 percent silver.

What year silver dollars are pure silver?

The US silver dolar 1935 or before are created with the use of 90 percent silver and 10 percent copper and the total silver content is about 0.77 to 0.78 troy ounces. But the silver dollar from 1965 onward is complicated.

When did silver dollars stop being 100% silver?

US silver coins were made with 90 percent silver to 40 percent silver after removing all silver coins at the end of 1964. Smart coin collectors hoarded all silver coins they could find and in no time silver coins and silver collars were removed from circulation completely.

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