1963 $5 Dollar Bill Value: Red Ink & Green Ink Series Worth

The 5$ banknote series is the first series of notes that has the motto IN GOD WE TRUST on the reverse side and the last note comes with a red seal. Three types of these banknotes can be seen.  On the front side of this note, there is a photo of 16th US President Abraham Lincoln with the Lincoln Memorial on the backside. It also has a green seal all the factors define the value of a 1963 5-dollar bill. This note has 3 types and some are high value. Let get started with a 1963 $5 Dollar Bill Value

1963 $5 Dollar Bill Value

1963 5 Dollar Bill Details

There are 3 main types of 1963 5-dollar bills one having a red seal and two with a green seal. They were made by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing and also used for circulation in that year.

  • This note printing location is Washington, D.C.
  • 63 million notes were made with a height of  66.3 mm and 156 mm
  • It is made with the use  75% cotton and 25% linen and its weight is  0.035 oz or 1 gram

1963  $5 Bill Value Chart

1965 5$ Bill Series  uncirculated condition  circulated condition
Bills with a star (★)
1963 with a red seal $15 $5 to $9 $20
1963 and 1963 A with a green seal $10 to $20 $5 to $6
$25 to $35

1963 $5 Bill Types

Features 1963 $5 bill 1963 $5 bill
1963 A $5 bill
Type US (Legal Tender) note Federal Reserve note
Federal Reserve note
Seal Red Green Green
Variety 1 10 12
Star variety 1 10 12
First delivery date 2nd March 1964 16th September 1964
7th June 1965
Last delivery date 27th November 1967 15th July 1965
9th September 1969

1963 $5 Bill History

The first paper currency was made in the USA to help the government fulfill the Civil War expenses. With time many changes have been made. There are 3 main types of 5$ bills for 1953 date. The 1963 $5 bill with red Treasury and serials number is a Legal tender note. Legal tender notes do not have gold or silver. The 1963 series was the last red seal 5 dollar bill made for circulation and it was stopped in 1966.

The other two types of five-bill dollars with 1963 date are Federal Reserve Notes. This banknote is made centrally and then distributed to Federal Reserve Banks. Two series of five-dollar Federal Reserve Notes have 1963 dates, the 1963 series and 1964A series. Both come with a green Treasury seal and green serial number. 1963 faces many changes in desing for 3 $5 bills. The motto IN GOD WE TRUST replaced with WILL PAY TO THE BEARER ON DEMAND

Features Of 1963 $25 Bill

Obverse Of 1963 $5 Bill

The five-dollar bill was made in the 1963 year and comes with the Abraham Lincoln photo on the front side. 3 types come with four 5s on the front side and each exists on the corner.  The 2 are on the upper corner in large size as compared to the lower two. The Treasury seal is on the right side of the photo. One serial number is at the lower left side of the note and 2nd is at the upper right. Word FIVE is written in large letters over the Treasury seal. With that Series exists in small letters at the lower left.  Some difference exists between the obverse of Legal Tender and Federal Reserve Notes. That is the color of the serial number and Treasury seal. That is red color on Legal tender notes and green on Federal Reserve Notes.

Federal Reserve Notes also come with a circle on the left side of Lincoln. In a circle is the name of the Federal Reserve Bank is written. 10 banks made notes are Atlanta,  Boston, Cleveland, Chicago,  St Louis, San Francisco, Kansas City, Dallas, New York, and Philadelphia.

 Reverse Of 1963 $5 Bill

The back side of the 1963 five-dollar legal tender and federal reserve note comes with a similar design. That has the Lincoln Memorial.  The small banner below the engraving comes with a name that is not confusing.  The digit five is added at the top two corners, and the lower two instead word Five. The word FIVE exists in a smaller font four more times. it comes with two looks written horizontally close to the upper edge of the bill on the left and right side. The denomination FIVE dollars is also written at the lower part. The motto “IN GOD WE TRUST” is also written there.

Some other features of the 1963 five-dollar bill are

  • More than 63 million with a red seal and 4 million star notes were made
  • Its three types are the 1963 Legal Tender Note (US note), the 1963 Federal Reserve note, and the 1963 A Federal Reserve note
  • it is made in Washington DC with the use of 75% cotton and 25% linen
  • it has a series with One with a red seal and two with a green seal
  • 2.60937 inches in bill height and 6.14062 inches in width with  0.03527 ounces weight.

1963 Red Seal $5 Bill, Legal Tender Note Value

The 1963 five-dollar bill comes with a red seal and is a high-value note than other types made by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing that year. The red seal shown on paper that made by the US government from 1862 to 1971. The red seal notes currency was part of the US national debt.

Now these legal tender notes are not redeemable by the US govt. They stopped circulation in the 1960s.  Five Dollar Bill is the last banknote series that comes with a red seal. The 1963 series is the last of five dollar bills which makes it special.

  • Good condition 1963 5 dollar bill with a red seal = $6
  • MS63 uncirculated condition= 25 dollars
  • 1963 5 dollar bill with red seal, and star= $25 to $90.

1963 $5 Bill Value with Green Seal

The green seal on five dollar bills shows that they are part of Federal Reserve Notes. The signatures on $5 bills having green seals from 1963 have the signatures of  Clarence Douglas Dillon, Treasury Secretary, and Kathryn Elizabeth Granahan, the Treasurer at the time.

These five-dollar bills are made by 10 banks in the USA having every bank its own letter and number designation. Also, gree Seals notes have star serial numbers.

Five dollars in circulation are not more than face value. Unciruaed condition with green seal value is ten to twenty dollars. 1963 five-dollar bills with stat are high value can be of $30 to $40  according to condition.

1963 $5 Bill with Star Serial Number

The five dollrs bills from 1963 with regular serial numbers have a value of about 35 dollars for a green seal note and with a star in the serial number can be of high value. It is based on conditon. If there is a 5-dollar bill of the 1963 series with stars close to a serial number that means it is a replacement note.

Replacement made by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP) for replacing notes that were damaged during printing. During the printing of notes, shoes face many inspections for quality control. If there is any note with a defect that is misprinted is removed from the sheet and replaced with a star note.

1963 $5 Bill Errors

1963 Red Seal $5 Bill Legal Tender Note With Gutter Fold

As compared to coins paper currency can be folded. If the note gets folded before printing ink will not applied to the inner side of the fold. it causes blank areas when the bil is flattened out. it happened with the 1963 red seal five-dollar bill. The thin blank line called the gutter occurs from the top edge of the note into the dark area of the Lincoln photo.  This note of fine grade sold for 51 dollars in the 2005 Auction and not is high value

 1963 $5 Dollar Bill Dual Denomination Error

It is a common printing error for five dollars. In this error five dollars desing on the front side and also another denomination on the back side which is a 10-dollar bill. An example of this error was five dollars made in 1934. In 2020 this bill note was sold for $25,000.

1963 $5 Bill Misprinted Serial Number Error

In this error, there is a serial number misprinted on 1963 five-dollar bills. it makes note of high value according to condition.

1963 $5 Bill Overprinting or Ink Smear Errors

If there is too much in use for printing plates, it can cause blurred details. This error can seen on both sides of the note and details are not easy to see.
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How Much Is A$5 Bill Worth With A Red Seal?

There are 3 five dollar bills series that were made with the red seal the 1928, 1953, and 1963 series. The value of a 5-dollar bill with a red seal is not close to face value in average, good or fine condition. The 5$ bill with red seals for uncirculated condition vlaue is about $40 to 50 dollars

How Much Is Old $5 Dollar Bill Worth?

it is not high value its value is about as printed time. Old five-dollar bills in uncirculated or rare condition can be sold for more than 50 dollars.

How to Tell A 5 Dollar Bill Is Worth Money?

The five dollar bill is high value in prime connection without folds can be high value. if it has an error that makes it rare can be high value.

What Makes 1963 $5 Bill Rare?

The 1963 five-dollar bills are in larger numbers some coins are rare and of high value. Such as normal serial number noes are rare making it preferable for collectors.

Which 1963 $5 Bill high value?

  • 1963 $5 bills with a red seal in a gem crisp uncirculated condition=  $13,200
  • 1963 $5 bill with a red seal= uncirculated condition = $4,600
  • 1963 $5 bills with a red seal =  gem crisp uncirculated condition is $4,320
  • 1963 $5 bills with a red seal = uncirculated condition = $3,840
  • 1963 $5 bills with a red seal in a gem uncirculated condition =$3,818

What Is A $5 Bill With A Red Serial Number?

This type of five-dollar bill is called Legel tender notes. The five dollar bills with green serial numbers are Federal Reserve Notes. The red bills are of modern five-dollar bills. But until it not have good condition, or serial number error not high value.

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