1890 Morgan Silver Dollar Coin Value (Price Chart, Error List, History & Varieties)

The Morgan dollar is a US dollar coin made from 1878 to 1904 and in 1921. It was first the standard silver dollar made after the creation of the Coinage Act of 1873 that stopped the coining of silver and the creation of the costly design. It comes with 412.5 Troy grains of 90% pure silver. The designer of the US Mint, Assistant Engraver George T. Morgan, gave this coin its name. The front part of this coin has Liberty, and on the back side is the eagle with wings outstretched. If there is a mint mark on the coins, it can be seen on the back side of the coins between the letters D and O of the dollar. Let’s discuss the 1890 Morgan Silver Dollar Coin Value (Price Chart, Error List, History, and Varieties).

1890 Silver Dollar History

Morgan dollars made from 1878 to 1921 are collectible silver coins. They are known as rare Liberty Head dollars. There were a total of 38,043,004 coins made out of which 16,802,000 were P mint, 590 proof silver silver dollar,  2,309,041 CC silver silver dollar, 10,701,000  1890 O silver silver dollar, and 8,230,373 1890 S silver silver dollar. As the Treasury was asked to spend two to four million dollars on silver in one month, the Morgan dollar mintage was very high that year. But unfortunately, some coins were melted because of the Pittman Act.

1890 Morgan Silver Dollar Coin Value

1890 (P) Silver Dollar Value

About 17 million coins were made at P.M. in 1890, and some are still in circulation. The coins in extremely fine condition can have a value of fifty dollars. The low cost of these coins ranges from 1000 to 1500 dollars. The high-quality coins will have a cost of $2,150 to $11,520.

  • 1890 PR CAM: $2,400 to $20,000 auction record 40250 dollars in 2006

1890 PR DCAM Morgans value for different grades

  • PR 60=  $3,400 to $4,080
  • PR 61= $3,800 to $4,560
  • PR 63=  $5,500 to $6,600
  • PR 62 = $4,400 to $5,280
  • PR 64 = $7,600 to $9,120
  • PR 65 = $10,000 to $12,000
  • PR 66 = $12,500 to $15,000
  • PR 67 = $20,000 to $25,000
  • PR 68 = $48,000 to $57,600
  • PR 69 = $88,125 (2013) Auction recorded

1890 S Silver Dollar Value

There were larger increases in silver dollar creation at the S. Mint in the 1890s. About eight million coins were made at S. Mint. The value of coins was similar to that for P.M., about $50 at XF45. About two to three thousand coins existed in MS65 grades, and more than 1000 were graded by PCGS. Semi-proof-like coins are larger in number, but true proof-like coins are considered rare. Just five percent of deep mirror proofs have a grade of MS65 or higher. The MS64 coins have a value of about 1000 dollars and double as proof-like coins. The grade MS65DMPL is rare. That has a value of  $12,000.The S mint made about 8,230,373 Morgans in 1890. Coins with S mint marks have a cost of 30 to 84 dollars when they are in circulation. Their prices are in uncirculated condition.

Different grade value

  • 60=$85 to $102
  • 61=$100 to $120
  • 62=$170 to $204
  • 63=$285 to $342
  • 63=$685 to $822
  • 64=$1,600 to $2,000
  • 65=17,000 to $20,400

1890 CC Morgan Silver Dollar Value

As the mint in Carlson City comes with the lowest mintage of about 2,309,041 silver dollars in 1890, there will be high prices. The cost for circulated coins will range from $110 to $632, and for MS60 to MS65 grades, it will range from $690 to $5,000. The cost of MS66 grade will be $27,500 to $40,00 for rare coins, and in 2015, their price was recorded at $58,750. The proof-like Morgans are easy to afford and range from $410 to $8,400.

  • Circulated = $110 to $632  and auction value $690-$5,000
  • MS 66= $27,500-$40,000  and $58,750 (auction record
  • Proof-like = $410-$8,400
  • 1890 DMPL = $840-$19,000
  • 1890 CC MS 66 PL= $21,850
  • 1890 CC MS 65 DMPL = $24,000

1890 O Morgan Silver Dollar Value


10,701,000 coins were minted in the New Orleans mint in 1890, and all come with the O mint mark. The cost spent in circulation in years was higher than the silver they have, which is $36 to $85. The value of these coins in mint made for MS60 grade is 100 to 100 dollars, and high grades have high values. MS 66-grade Morgans coins have a value of $5,450 to $13,000, and in action, prices were $22,800. High-collectible coins with MS67 grade are worth $25,000 to $50,000. The cost of 1890 PL Morgan dollars is from 130 to $420.

  • MS 60 =$100 to $110
  • MS 66= $13,000 to $16,000
  • MS 67= $25,000 to $50,000
  • MS 65+ = $240 to $7,800

1890 Morgan Silver Dollar Error List

Tail Bar Error

The dollars made in Carson City in 1890 are called tail bar types. Due to a gouge on the backside moving from eagle tail feathers to the tip of a laurel wreath. Also, at lower grades, they’re high-value coins. The coin grades of ten with PCGS have a value of 225 dollars. Two coins of MS65+ grade have a value of $45,000. The large number of Morgan dollars made in 1890 were converted into dies. Some are die-offs. Due to die breaks, there is an extra metallic part on the rim of the coins. That has a value of $90 in the grade of XF40.

Off-Center Strikes

These error coins are rare and have a high value. The 1980 new Orlean Morgan dollar with a five percent off center has sold more than 5000 dollars at in-action for AU55 grades.

1890 Morgan Silver Dollar Features

1890 Morgan Silver Dollar Front

On the front side of the coins, there is Liberty’s left-faced coin. It has the motto E·PLURIBUS·UNUM and the word  LIERTy along the crown, and a small initial M letter of Morgan is at the neck.

1890 Morgan Silver Dollar Reverse

On the reverse side of the coin, there is a bald eagle and a laurel wreath below. With that, there is standard writing for American coinage, like mint marks, denominations, country names, and Latin mottos engraved in atypical Gothic script.

Some other features of coins are

  • $1 is its face value, and it has a round shape.
  • 90% silver and 10% copper are compositions.
  • 0.0945 inches in thickness and weight is 0.8594 troy ounces with 0.7734 troy ounces.
  • Its diameter is about 1.50 inches with reeded edges.

What Makes an 1890 Silver Dollar Rare?

As 100 years have passed, the 1890 silver dollar is not considered rare. Many other coins are more rare than these coins. But for fine-quality, uncircumscribed coins for MS65+ grades, they are rare. They are highly rare if they have a proof-like or deep mirror proofline. Some error coins, like those struck off-center, are also not rare.

Where Is the Mint Mark on an 1890 Silver Dollar?

The mint mark is on the backside of the coins, close to the eagle. Coins made at P.M. do not have mint marks. CC mint is used for coins made in Carson City, S for San Francisco, and Orlean for O.

What is the 1890 Morgan Silver Dollar most valuable?

1890 Morgan Silver Dollar Mintmark Grade Year
PR 69* DCAM Silver Dollar: $88,125 2,013
PR 68 CAM Silver Dollar= $40,250 2,006
Silver Dollar Denomination
Super GEM PR $63,250.00 2005
CC MS 66 58,750 2,015
MS 66 $29,900 2,006
O MS 66 PL $27,600 2,012
CC MS 65+ Tailbar $27,025.00 2,022
CC MS 65 DMPL $24,000 2,022
CC MS 64 Tailbar, DMPL $23,000 2,005
OMS 66 $22,800 2,021
MS 65 DMPL $22,425 2,008
CC MS 66 PL $21,850 2,009
CC MS 64+ GSA Hoard $19,200 2017
S MS 67 $17,250 2009
O MS 65+ DMPL $16,800 2019
S MS 65 DMPL $13,800 2,006
CC MS 64+ VAM 4 Tailbar $13,200 2,020
S MS 66 PL $10,281 2,018
CC MS 64+ Tailbar, PL $6,463 2,015
MS 65+ PL $5,280 2,021

What Are the Highest Prices for Morgan Silver Dollar At Auctions?

  • 1889 CC MS68 dollar denomination = $881,250
  • 1886 O MS 67 DMPL dollar denomination = $780,000
  • 1884 S MS68 dollar = $750,000

What Makes the 1890 Morgan Silver Dollar Rare?

The 1890 silver dollars are not highly rare in low grades; they are also hundreds of years old. But some good-quality coins can have high prices of thousands of dollars at auction. Morgan with CC mint is high value, especially if there is a Tail bar error.

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