1977 Silver Dollar Value: How Much Is It Worth Today?

The 1977 silver dollar is a very commonly known coin in a series of Eisenhower dollars. The series was made from 1971 to 1979. The 1977 dollar coin was an Ike Dollar and name given to the 34th president of the USA. His photo was added on coins to pay homage to his death in 1969. The coin is also used as a remembrance of the Apollo 11 Landing also made in 1969. Let’s get started with the 1977 Silver Dollar Value: How Much Is It Worth Today?

History Of 1977 Eisenhower Dollar

The 1977 silver dollar is a mintage of the Eisenhower dollar, that was introduced in 1971. These coins were made with heavy dollar configuration after about 36 years. The last series made in 1978 was considered the end of this type of coin. The increase in the cost of silver in the 1960s resulted in a change in coinage. In 1965 rules were passed to ban the silver use in coins for 5 years. that was considered to be again used in 1970.  Close to 1970 new silver dollar coins were created. That comes from the US gaming industry. In March 1969 the death year of Dwight D. Eisenhower decided to pay tribute to him and added his photo on coins.  The silver cold version of coins was made from 1971 to 1974 as part of a bicentennial set in 1976. But no coins of the 1977 dollar series come with silver.

1977 Eisenhower Dollar

1977 Dollar Value Chart

Mint Mark Coin Extremely fine MS 60 MS 65 MS 66 MS 67 MS 68
1977 (P) No Mint Mark Dollar
$1 $5 $35 $110 $1,850 $27,500
1977-D Dollar $1 $5 $36 $160 $4,850
1977-S Proof Dollar

What Makes 1977 Eisenhower Dollar Valuable?

This coin design is made by Frank Gasparro having a photo of Dwight D. Eisenhower that is facing left. On that side of the coin, there are the initials of designer FG added on the coin. Behind the photo of the president, there is the word IN GOD WE TRUST written on the upper part of the coins LIBERTY word added there is the date on the front part of the coins at the lower end. The coins made at P mint do not have a mintmark and those made in D and S mint come with a D and S mintmark over the area between the last two digits of date.

The back side of these coins comes Michael Collins-designed Apollo 11 Mission Patch. that comes with a bald eagle.  Its paws have olive branches and the left wing is elevated. The lunar surface is down below. Over the head of an eagle, the earth is shown. The back side of the coin has UNITED STATES OF AMERICA words in the upper part. Near the eagle here are 13 small five-point stars configured in a circle shape. With that motto E, PLURIBUS UNUM is added on the back side of the coins. Denomination ONE DOLLAR is also added to the coins. These coins have reeded edge from 1971-S7.

1977 Eisenhower Dollar value chart

1977 Eisenhower Dollar Features

  • Its back side design is base Based on the Apollo 11 Mission Patch and made by astronaut Michael Collins, Drafted by artist James Cooper.
  • It is made with the use of 91.67% copper, and 8.33% nickel.
  • Its diameter is 38.1mm, thickness is 2.58mm and weight is 22.68g.

How much is a silver dollar from 1977 worth?

1977 Eisenhower dollars are silver by name but do not have any metal content.  1971-S, 1972-S, 1973-S, and 1974-S are all silver-clad examples of this coin. The 1977 Eisenhower dollar in circulated condition has a value from 1.05 to 1.50 dollars. But in uncirculated condition, they can sold for $1900.

1977 Eisenhower Dollar Varieties

1977 No Mint Mark Dollar Value

The P mint made about 12,596,000 Clad Dollar coins in 1977. That does not come with a mintmark. 1977 No mint mark value for different grade is.

  • MS 67= $3,600
  • MS 67 = $1,850 in 2023
  • MS 67+ = $5,500 in 2023
  • MS 68 = $27,500 in 2023

1977(Copper-Nickel clad) Silver dollar

  • It has a  ONE dollar denomination and no mint mark made at P mint. 12,596,000 coins were made with  91.67% Copper – 8.33% Nickel composition.

How much is a 1977 D silver dollar worth?

1977 D Silver Dollar Value value for MS67 grade= 1200 to 7600 dollars

1977-S Silver dollar (uncirculated) Value

  • MS60 to MS63 = $5-$20
  • MS64 = $28
  • MS65 = $35
  • MS67 = $1,200 to $3,600
  • MS66 = $70 to $250
  • MS67+  D Mint mark$7,600

1977-S Proof Dollar Value

From 1975 S mint made mostly proof coins. There were certain types of die used that were scrubbed with horsehair to make mirror-like surfaces. Since 1971 computerized laser was used at part of the die that needed a textured finish.  There were extra treatments performed for blank. They are tossed in a vat full of six-millimeter stainless tell beads. There were 3251252 proof silver proof dollars made.

3,251,252 proof silver dollars were struck that year. And most of those were carefully stored away after their purchase, ensuring they stayed in the best possible condition.

Value for different grades is:

  • Regular Proofs coins = $7 to $15
  • (graded 70, deep cameo)= $400 to $700
  • 1977-S silver proof) $7,015 = (in 2008) Record Auction Price

Rare 1977 Eisenhower Dollar Error List

1977-D Clad Dollar Obverse Die Cap Error

The obverse die cap is when blank gets struck on the back die. It blocks the coin below it so the back side design does not print on the planchet. So one coin comes with a printed front side and an empty back side. The coin with this error sold for $29,000.

Obverse Brockage

The coin already struck gets attached to the moving die. After that, it strikes with the next planchet imprinted with a mirror photo of the design. This error is called blockage. In some conditions, the completion of one side of the coins has this error. Normally back side die is blocked through the preceding coin. A similar occurs with the 1977 silver dollar-graded MS60. It has a blockage on the back side. the coin with error sold for 1200 dollars.

1977-S Clad Dollar DDO Error

The doubled die obverse error is also called hub doubling. When the die moves during hub stikes the 2nd impression occurs on the left side or right side and makes a double effect on the coin. This error can shifted to other coins also before it is corrected. PF cameo coin with this error sold for  $35.

1977 D Silver Dollar On 40 % Silver Planchet

Soem1977 dollar was made on a 40 percent silver planchet. These coins were made from 1971 to the 1974 year.  In 1976 certain edition silver 1977 dollar was made for the celebration of the bicentenary of the Declaration of Independence. There were many coins minted in 1977 by D mint on 40% silver planchet. This category of error is called the transition error and is rare and high value. The coin with this error having grade MS63 was sold for 12925 dollars and after that sold for $17,625 in the auction.

 What Makes A 1977 Silver Dollar Rare?

There were not a large number of 1977 Silver dollars made like other coins of the Eisenhower dollar. But it is made in such numbers that can easily be found in circulation. Rare coins are considered as uncirculated coins. The good quality coins are less in number. Just fifty-four 1977 silver dollars are of MS67 grade. two are with MS67+ grades.

Which 1977 Silver Dollar is High value?

The 1977 silver dollar has the highest value consideration Just a small number of these coins exist so have to pay a larger number to get them. They also come for sale in rare condition. it sold for 17000 dollars.  The highest quality mint state silver dollar value is very high.  The coin with a grade of MS67 has a value of $1,200 to $7,000. Those minted in Denver command a premium.

Where Is The Mint Mark On The 1977 Silver Dollar?

The 1977 silver dollar was made at three mints P, S, and D mints. if the coins do not have a mint mark means made at P mint. A coin having a D mint mark made at D mint and an S mark made at S mint. The mint mark is very small size. That exists at the back front side over the date. The position of the mint mark is different for each coin. Since the mint mark was added by hand that made in a different position.

Does a 1977 Eisenhower dollar have silver?

No, these coins do not have silver. Ike dollars from 1997 and 1978 were made with the use of cupronickel clad.  The core of coins is created with the use of pure copper and the external layer is made with seventy-five percent copper and twenty-five percent nickel, so about 8.33 percent is silver and 91.67 percent is copper.

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Is a 1977 one-dollar coin silver?

No 1977 one dollar is clad and does not have silver content.

What is the value of the 1977 Eisenhower uncirculated silver dollar?

In uncirculated condition, it sold for $4 to $10.

Do all Eisenhower dollars have a mint mark?

Eisenhower dollars made in Denver and San Francisco come with D and S mint marks. That is added below the neck of the president’s photo.  P mint coins do not have mint marks. The Ike back dollar back side was based on Apollo 11 mission insignia made by astronaut Michael Collins.

How much is a 1977 Eisenhower coin worth?

  • 1977 Eisenhower Dollar= In circulated conditon $1.05 – $1.50
  • (1977 Silver Dollar) = in Uncirculated  $1900

How much does a 1977 Eisenhower Dollar weigh?

This coin comes with 38.1 mm diameter and weight is 22.68 grams.

What is the rare Eisenhower Dollar?

The silver 1976 bicentennial dollar that was made without the S mint mark is a rare coin. The bicentennial coins were made on first strike trial in proof with one coin example and unique sample sold for  $850,000.

How much is a 1977-dollar coin worth?

Eisenhower Dollars Value Range
1977 MS $2.65 to  $2,500
1977-D  MS $2.65 – to $4,750


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