1942 Half Dollar Value (Rare Errors, “D”, “S” And No Mint Mark)

The half-dollar 1942 coin is part of the Walking Liberty half-dollar series. Their name is due to the photo on their front side. The value of the 1942 S walking Liberty is half a dollar for the average condition is nine dollars. and in the minted state can have a value of  $240. Here different features, errors, and types of 1942 half dollars are covered. Let’s get started with 1942 Half Dollar Value (Rare Errors, “D”, “S”, And No Mint Mark). 

1942 Walking Liberty Half Dollar

  • Its value is about 8.38 dollars
  • it is a silver coin type and made with  0.36169 oz metallic part.
  • its face value is 0.50 dollars

More than 70 million walking liberty half dollars were made in 1942 and a larger number was used as circulation. These coins were very commonly used in 1942 as well for payment of lunches dinners and other purposes. Due to this reason 1942 half dollars comes with a damage sign. With that many1942 halves saved as high grades.

Mint Mark Quantity Value
1942 47,818,000 $15
1942-S 12,708,000 $15
1942-D 10,973,800 $15
1942 Proof 21,120 $900

1942 Walking Liberty Half-Dollar History

With the passing of the silver half dollar act in 1792 flowing hair, half dollars were the first coins made with silver. These coins are reeded edge to avoid the clipping of metal. Walking Liberty silver half-dollar was the first coin made in circulation that came with Lady Liberty. The design of Adolph A. Weinman was used in 1916. that was replaced by Barber Half Dollar made from 1892 to 1915 and their creation lasted for 3 decades. Their last mintage was in 1947 during the circulation of Franklin half-dollar.  Currently, many collectors have these coins in good condition the main reason is that the silver part makes them high value.

1942 Walking Liberty Half-Dollar

Features Of The 1942 Half Dollar

 Obverse Of The 1942 Half Dollar

The photo of Lady Liberty is made on the front side of a 1942 half-dollar. The photo is stridden to the sunrise and covers the US flag. In the left hand, there is a branch of olive and peace and the right hand is outstretched. The large-size photo has space for text. Many options are used to write the word LIBERTY. LIBERTY is over the head of the photo and letters B E and R are covering behind the head and flag. Moto IN GOD WE TRUST” is written behind the right leg of liberty and the coin date is at the lower part.  The Denver and San Francisco mint comes with a D and S mint mark below the date. After1917 the mint mark is the back side of this coin

Reverse Of The 1942 Half Dollar

On the back side of this coin, there is a bald American eagle spreading its wings below the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. The bird perching on rock comes with a pine branch toward the left with a right talon. On this design, there are phrases of E PLURIBUS UNUM divided into two lines and the denomination HALF*DOLLAR.

  • Some other features of these coins are.
  • $0.50 is is face value $0.50
  • 0.40188 troy ounces weight and 0.36170 troy ounces and silver weight.
  • 1.20590 inches dia and 0.07087 inches thickness with round shape.

1942 No Mint Half Dollar Value

The P mint made coins without the mintmark. Coins without S or D mint marks are made at P mint. About  48 million half dollars were made in 1942 and currently, about 2.5 million are in different grades. Out of ten one is in MS 60 grades or higher. The about 62,500 coins were MS65 grades. The value of graded XF45 P mint coins is about  $24. The mint state has a value of 45 dollars, and gem quality comes with a value of $ 155. Value of MS68 grades $25,000. MS68+ grade coins have a current value of about  $80,000.

1942 D Half-Dollar Value

There were 10,973,800 Walking Liberty half-dollars made at D mint lowest in 2nd war year. Their prices are not as high as P mint but some coines come with larger prices. MS68 grades have a value of $26,000 to $40,000. In the 2021 auction  1942 Walking Liberty half-dollar was sold for $72,000

1942 S Half-Dollar Value

There were 12.71 million half dollars made in 1942 by S mint. almost  600,000 coins exist and 50000 are in mint state. the MS65 + grades are 7,500 coins. S mint coins are of high value. The MS60 value is  $55, $10 larger than Denver or Philadelphia equivalents. The 1942 S mint half a dollar with MS65 grades have a value of 350 dollars and MS66 for  $825 and $47,500 at MS67. The 1942 S half dollar have a high value for MS67+ grades. There is 2 certified coins for this value at PCGS with a value of  $60,000 in 2021. Currently, their value has increased to $70,000.

  • MS60= 55 dollars
  • MS65= 350 dollars
  • MS66= 825 dollars
  • MS67= 47500 dollars
  • MS67= 60000 dollars sold in 2021 now value is about 70000 dollars

Rare 1942 Half Dollar Error List

Rare 1942 Half Dollar Error List

1942 (P) Half Dollar Double Die Obverse

This error comes when the die is stuck with the hub. That resulted in the double photo on the die, which is remade on coins during striking. Some coins made in P mint come with an obverse die error with a double image. The doubling effect is easily seen on the chin of Lady Liberty. With that, there is a blurred shadow of 2nd chin below the first. The double die error is also called FS101. Based on the condition, there is a high value for these error coins. AU55 grades can have a value of 40 dollars and in the MS63 grade, $75 with the MS65 has a value of $150.

  • AU 55 grade =40 dollars
  • MS63= 75 dollars
  • MS65= 150 dollars

Off-Center Strike Error

In this type of error, five to ninety-five percent part of the coins are off-center due to inaccurate die striking on the planchet.  Large off center value increases the worth of coins.

Die Break Error

It is a rare type of coin and comes when a broken die strikes in the inning process. The coins with this error can have a value of  $10,000 to $100,000. Coin with this error was sold at auction for $36,975.

Double Die error

The die struck more than one time on the planchet resulting in he double die error.  Based on coin type can quantity of this error can be found on coins

Why 1942 Walking Liberty Half-Dollar are Rare?

The Die Break error made the 1942 walking liberty half a dollar rare coins. Some are exiss with high value.

Which 1942 Walking Liberty Half Dollar Is Worth A Lot Of Money?

  • The most valuable 1942 Walking Liberty half-dollar
  • 1942 PR 66 CAM Walking Liberty half-dollar=  13513$ 2016
  • 1942 MS 68+ Walking Liberty half-dollar = 78000 dollars sold in 2021
  • 1942 D MS 68 Walking Liberty half-dollar = 72000 dollars sold in 2021
  • 1942 PR 68 Walking Liberty half-dollar = 60000 dollars sold in 2021
  • 1942 S MS 67+ Walking Liberty half-dollar = 60000 dollars sold in 2021

What is 1942 No Mint Mark Walking Liberty Half Dollar Worth?

  • Circulated Walking Liberty half-dollar= 10 to 25 dollars
  • MS= 30 to 600 dollars
  • MS68= 1800 to 26000 dollars
  • Auction value= 78000 dollars

What Is The Most Expensive Walking Liberty Half Dollar?

  • 1918 D MS 66+ Walking Liberty half-dollar = $340,750 in 2021
  • 1919 D MS 66 Walking Liberty half-dollar = $270,250 in 2004

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