1970 Nickel Value ( Errors, History, Type, “D” and “S” Mint Mark)

The value of 1970 S Jefferson Nickel in average condition is about five cents and in a Mint state can be about ten dollars. The design of Jefferson’s nickel was made by Felix. These coins were used as replacements of 1938 Buffalo nickel and US mint-made coins with similar designs until 2004. Here we will discuss the value of 1970nickel, its type, and its features. let’s get started with the 1970 Nickel Value 

Which 1970 Nickels Worth A Lot Of Money

1970 Jefferson Nickel Value Chart

1970 Nickel value MS60 MS64 PR65 MS66 PR69
1970 D Jefferson Nickel Value $1 $2 $27 $70
1970 D FS Jefferson Nickel Value 5,500$ 8,000$
1970 S Jefferson Nickel Value $0.30 $3 $84 $45
1970 S FS Jefferson Nickel Value $100 $500 $3,850
1970 S Proof Jefferson Nickel Value $1 $0 $1 $2 $200
Deep cameo- $350

1970 D Nickel Value

515,485,380 Jefferson nickels made in 1970 have a value range on the base of condition about 0.05 to 45 dollars. In Full Step, these coins can sold for $4,500 to $8,000. About five hundred coins with Full steps exist that are very high-value coins. In 2005 AUction 1970 D nickle sold for 719 dollars and Full Steps designation coins sold for 1208 dollars in 2004.

The value of 1970 D nickel for a different grade is as.

  • EF= 0.05 dollars
  • AU grade=$0.05 to $0.15
  • MS60 to MS62=$0.30
  • MS63= 0.50 dollars
  • MS 64= $1.75
  • MS 65=$12
  • MS 66= $45
  • FS MS65=$4,500
  • FS MS66=$8,000

1970 S Nickel Value

There were about 214 million 1970 nickels made by S Mint with an S Mint mark on the front side. There are very less numbers about 250 coins for MS65 and high grade. The value of 1970 S nickel for different grades is.

  • Mint state=5 cents
  • MS64=10 dollars
  • MS65=24 dollars
  • MS66=80 dollars
  • MS67+=$400 to $500
  • Full step MS60=$35
  • Full step MS63= $90
  • MS64 1970 full steps= $250
  • MS65 1970 full steps=500 dollars
  • MS66+ $3,850, 12 coins exists

1970 S Proof Nickel Value

The S mint made Jefferson nickel-proof coins from 1968 to 2019. The 1970 S proof nikesl with regular strikes are about $0.25 and $4.

  • Proof deep cameo 1970 nickels for PR69=$200
  • PR64 1970 Jefferson nickel = $1,725 in 2010

History Of 1970 Nickel

The 1970 nickels are part of the Jefferson Nickel coins series. These coins are called Jefferson’s nickle since has a photo of Thomas Jefferson on the front side. The Jefferson nickels were made as a replacement for Buffalo nickel. The five cent coins are called nickels their metallic part changed with time. Coins made in 1938 have a composition of about 75 percent copper and 25 percent nickel.

In 2nd WW the use of nickel increased for military purposes. So from 1942 to 1945 silver manganese was used for the creation of coins. At the starting time, Jefferson’s nickels were made from three mints P, S, and D. In 1970 P mint was not made coins just D and S minted coins. In 1971 the S mint did not make normal coins but they made proof coins for collectors. With composition, the design of Jefferson nickel also changed with the 1970 nickle design made by Felix Schlag The reverse design still exists but the original design changed with the design of Jamie Franki.

1970 Nickel Quantity
1970 D nickel 515,485,380
1970 S nickel 238,832,004
1970 S proof nickel 2,632,810
Total 756,950,194

Features Of 1970 Nickel

Obverse Of 1970 Nickel

The front side of the 1970 Nickel comes with a photo of Thomas Jefferson’s design made by Felix Schlag. Jefferson’s photo is facing the left. This design used until 2004 and at that time special coins were made for the commemoration of the Lewis and Clarke Expedition. In 2006 front design was again changed and replaced with the design of  Jamie Franki. The front side of coins also has the motto IN GOD WE TRUST with the word LIBERTY minting date and star. The mint mark D or S is also on this side below the minting date.

 Reverse Of The 1970 Nickel

The back side design of 1970 nickel comes with Monticello which is Jefferson’s house in Virginia. In this design building three quarters on, a portico and a tree. The word MONTICELLO is added on this side. The denomination and country name UNITED STATES OF AMERICA also there. The Latin Motto E PLURIBUS UNUM exists in that means From the many, one.
Some other features of 1970 nickels are
  • The weight of 1970 nickel is five grams
  • its diameter is 21.2mm and plain edge.
  • it is made with 75 percent copper and 25 percent nickel.
  • it comes with regular strike and Full steps coins

1970 Nickel Errors List

Double Struck & Broadstruck

This error occurred in 1970 S nickels that caused during strike coins not to come out from the machine and get 2nd strike. With that, it also has confines of the collar that should be at its position. That is called broad struck which means the metal is spread. The 2nd strike is caused by another type of planceht affects the front design.

COin with this error sold for 2000 dollars with MS67 grade and Full step designation

1970 Nickel Full Steps error

In this error, there are unbroken steps on Monticello’s stamped at the backside. The existence of 5 to 6 full steps on Monticello is preferred by collectors. For checking the full step how many incuse lines between steps 4 complete lines indicate 5 full steps and 5 complete lines mean coins have 6 Full steps.. The value of Full step coins is about more than time times the value of the regular coins.

Double Strike Error

The value of a 1970 double-strike nickle is higher than regular coins and has a value of about 350 dollars. This coins come with many imprints with 2nd strike 45 percent off center

1970 Jefferson Nickel Mint Mark Error

In this error mint mark is missed or not punched accurately. The S mint mark error coins is high value and have a value of 2000 dollars for MS67 grade and the 1970 D nickel with mint error is about 200 dollars.

Clash Die Error

This error commonly seen 1970 S nickles and causes the front side and reverse die to strike with each other without a coin in between to print the wrong design. Coin with some different shapes gets after minting on these dies. Coins have different values based on error.

Nickel Doubled Die Error

The double die error is the result of hubbing process. In this error, two off-set the same photos come. In 1970 D Jefferson nickel coins doubled the affect seen on the word LIBERTY, minting date and star with the motto IN GOD WE TRUST on the back side. In 1970 D nickles coins doubling effect was also seen on the back side on ”United States of America” or  ”E Pluribus Unum”. The error defines the value of coins


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How Rare Is A 1970 Nickel?

A large number of 1970 nickels exist. In uncirculated conditon coins for different grade are easily find. Full-step coins on the back side are rare and high-value

Is 1970 Nickel Have Silver In It?

There is no silver content in 1970 nickel and made with 25 percent nickle and 75 percent copper. The coins made in 192 to 1945 at the time of war have 56 percent copper 35 percent silver and 9 percent manganese. These coins can easily find their minting date and they have 1.75 grams of silver.

What are the valueable nickels from the 1970s?

  •  1970 S MS 66 FS Jefferson nickel =sold in 2016
  •  1970 S PR 64 Jefferson nickel = $1,725 sold in 2010
  • 1970 D MS 64 FS Jefferson nickel = $1,208 sold in 2004
  • 1970 D MS 67 Jefferson nickel = $719 sold in 2005
  • 1970 S MS 66+ Jefferson nickel = $660 sold in 2020
  • 1970 S NGC Genuine DCAM Jefferson nickel =$620 sold in 2021
  • T1970 S PR 69 CAM Jefferson nickel =  $265 sold in 2000

What is the value of No Mint Mark 1970 Jefferson Nickel?

The P mint made nickles from regular strikes not proofs in 1970 and we can get coins made from San Francisco and Denver mints.

What is High-value, Jefferson Nickels?

Some most valuable Jefferson nickels are listed here

  •  1954 S Jefferson nickel =$35,250
  • 1969 D Jefferson nickel = $33,600
  • 1942 D/D D/Horizontal D Jefferson nickel =$32,200
  • 938 D Jefferson nickel =$33,600
  • 1949 D/S Jefferson nickel =$32,900

How much copper is in a 1970 nickel?

Except for war nickels made from 1942 to 1945 all other nickel coins were made with 75% copper and 25% nickel.

How much is a 1970 S mint nickel worth?

The 1970 nickle in circulated conditions has a value of about 0.10 to 0.20 dollars and 1970 S nickel in uncirculated conditions is about $175.

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