What is 1963 nickel value? (P”, “D”, No Mint Mark, Error List & History)

Kenndey’s half dollars were first time made in 1964 after his assassination in 1964. In 1938 Buffalo nickel stopped making and Jefferson nickels were started. This coin’s name was given to Jefferson when his photo was added on the front side. They have been in circulation for over eighty years and are important for collectors. How much is a 1963 nickel worth?

1963 Nickel Value Chart

Grade D Nickel D Nickel Full Steps  No Mint Mark Nickel  No Mint Mark Nickel Full Steps
 Proof No Mint Mark Nickel
MS 60 $2 $150 $2 $10
MS 64+ $12 $4,000 $12 $50
MS 65+ $50 $7,500 $18 $185
MS 66+ $1,650 $125 $1,400
MS 67+ $3,500 $4,750+
PR/PF 70 DCAM $15,000

What is 1963 nickel value

History Of  1963 Nickel

The nickel 5C is part of a series of US coins that have silver components. it was added in 1966 when made in place of silver half dime. A hundred years later coins with pure copper core were made. In the 1966 Civil War, both gold and silver had a low supply due to being used in war. So US Mint made base metal coins and started  3C coins in 1865. After their public approval nickels were added. Also in the 1960s due to the high prices of silver people started saving coins. The coins are made with cupro-nickel composition. after 1965 years dime and quarts replaced Sivler with cupronickel cladding and Half Dollars in 1971. Total 458,756,750  1963 Jefferson Nickel made out of them  178,851,645 1963 nickel (No Mint mark), 3,075,645 1963 nickel (proof), and 276,829,460  1963 D nickel.

1963 No Mint Mark Nickel Value

The Philadelphia Mint made 178,851,645 1963 Jefferson nickels without a mint mark. This mint made a large number of coins but this year it made 100 million coins less than D mint. Their larger number makes them less costly coins have a value of about five cents.

  • The circulated condition value is 0.05 dollar
  • MS=11 dollars
  • MS 67+ sold for 3408 dollars in 2019
  • Full step coin sold for 3600 dollars

1963 Jefferson (Proof) Nickel Value

From the Philadelphia Mint, there is proof coins with no mint mark were made. There were 3,075,645 coins made. Their lower number is due to a difficult manufacturing process they needed proper working for smooth shine and texture. Based on condition their value can be from 0.25 dollars to 28 dollars or higher based on condition. The CAM and DAM grades coins are of high value. They were sold for 978 dollars in an auction in 2012.

  • 3,075,645 coins were made by P Mint in 1963.
  • Its thickness is 1.95mm and its diameter is 21.20 mm
  • Its face value is zero dollars.
  • The normal value is $0.05 to $978
  • Design made by Felix Schlag and has smooth edge and round shape
  • Its weight is five grams and made with 75% Copper, 25% Nickel.

1963 D Jefferson Nickel Value

There were more than 200 million coins made by D Mint. The D mint is a larger number of coins and is distributed to cllecto.rs and the coin market. The coins come with a D mint mark close to a photo of Monticello.

  • Good condition value is 0.05 to 16 dollars
  • MS66+ coins sold for $1,320 in auction 2019
  • Full step coins sold for 9200 dollars

Features Of The 1963 Nickel

Features Of The 1963 Nickel

Obverse Of 1963 Nickel

The front side of the coin has a photo of Thomas Jefferson third president of the USA. His face is facing left having the motto IN GOD WE TRUST also on this side. There is a star and date also added on this side.

 Reverse Of 1963 Nickel

On this side, there is a Monticello mansion added and its name is also on this side, and a mint mark exists. The motto  E Pluribus Unum with Denomination Five Cents and UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is also on this side.

Some other features of 1963 Nickel are:

  • It has a smooth reedless edge and a diameter is 21.21 mm
  • Weight is five grams and composition is 25 percent nickle and 75 percent nickel

1963 Nickel Errors

Double Die Error

Double die error occurs when the die is struck on a coin double. These coins come with doubling effects on letters of words, and mint marks. Coins with this error have value from five to ninety dollars.

Full Steps error

The 1963 nickels are not accurately struck on the steps at the Monticello entrance in some coins. That is due to that planchet alloy is hard. The design causes issues adjusting the die to high on both sides of the coins. The other reason for the weak step use of older and damaged dies. But we can find nickels having 5 or 6 seen steps marked called Full steps. Coins with this error are rare and high-value

  • The 1963 D with full steps error has a value from 20 to 3300 dollars and sold for 9200 dollars in 2008.
  • 1963 without mint mark sold for 3600 dollars in 2020

Double Struck & Cleaned Error

Mostly when we have older coins and try to clean them. This cleaning process will decrease value as cleaned coins are graded as genuine. it will reduce the coin’s value. The doubled struck-off center nickel comes with some part of design removed. Coins with this error can be sold for 115 dollars in mint state

Nickel Struck On  Cent Planchet

it occurs when workers of coins minted by mistake sue planchets of older minted coins for nickel mintae. We can define the 1963 nickels with this error through a light look and small dia. Coins with this error have a value of ten to three twenty dollars.

Off-Center error

it occurs when the die strike planchet is not configured in an accurate position and an empty area is created on coins. So some details on coins are not easy to notice. This can be sold from three to two fifty dollars.

Improper Annealing

Due to planchet cutter overheating copper and nickel composition separated. So in place of nickel copper layer is added on coins and makes it back colors. The dark look can be due to the addition of dust particles or grease struck on planchet during minting. The coins with this error are known as  Black Beauty Jefferson Nickel and have a value of about 100 to 150 dollars.

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Why1963 Jefferson Nickel Rare?

As of 1963 jefferon nickel has half a billion mintage making them circulation currently. These coins are normally common due to larger mint but black beauty coins error are of high value and rare

Are there any 1963 nickels worth anything?

Most Valueable 1963 nickels
Mint Mark Grade Price Auction House
D MS 65 Full Steps $9,200 sold in (2008) Heritage Auctions
MS 67 Full Steps $3,600 sold in  (2020) Heritage Auctions
MS 67+ $3,408 sold in (2019) LRC Auctions
D MS 66+ $1,320 sold in (2019) Heritage Auctions
PR 70 $978 sold in (2012) Heritage Auctions
PR 69 DCAM $881 sold in  (2013) Heritage Auctions
D PR 66 CAM $190 sold in  (2019) eBay

How much is a 1963 nickel worth with no mint mark?

The P mint made more than 178 million 1963 Jefferson nickels. Their high mintage affects their value and has a value of about 11 dollars.

What is the rarest Jefferson nickel?

1942-D D Over Horizontal D  is rare and high value comes with the value of $32,200

How much is a 1964 nickel worth?

In caution records the value of 1963 nickels can be of 9000 dollars and in the open market can have a value from five to three hundred dollars.

What does a 1963 nickel weigh?

  • 1942-1945 coins made with 56% Copper, 35% Silver, 9% Manganese and have smooth edges.
  • 1946-Present coins made with 75% Copper, 25% Nickel and have a diameter of 21.2 and weight of five grams, and a smooth edge.

Does 1963 nickel have silver?

There is no silver existing, it is a cupronickel coin so it is called nickel. it has 25 percent nickel and 75 percent copper with a diameter of 21.2mm and mass is five grams and a smooth edge. The composition of coins from 1942 to 1945 was  56% copper, 35% silver, and 9% manganese.

What is a 1963 D nickel worth?

The value of a Jefferson nickel 1963 in the circulated condition is from 0.10 to 0.20 dollars. The 1963 D nickels in, uncirculated condition have a value of $1000.

What year of nickels are worth money?

  • 1913 Liberty Head V Nickel=$3,737,500
  • 1918 7-D Buffalo Nickel=  $350,750
  • 1926 S Buffalo Nickel=$322,000
  • 1,916 Buffalo Nickel=$281,750


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