1935 Penny Worth Money – How Much Is It Worth and Why?

The value of the 1935 D wheat penny is about forty cents in average condition and mint state is about 35 dollars. The design of the 1935 pennies is similar to the pennies made in 1909 first time. The front side has a photo of Abraham Lincoln and the back side has two wheat stalks so it is known as a wheat penny. Here we will discuss its value, features, and other factors. Let’s get started with How much is a 1935 penny worth today?

1935 Wheat Penny Value Chart

Mint Mark Good Fine Extremely Fine Uncirculated
1935 No-Mint Mark Wheat Penny $0 $0 $0.50 $3.30
1935-D Wheat Penny $0 $0 $1 $13
1935-S Wheat Penny $0 $0.35 $2 $150


What Makes A 1935 Wheat Penny Valuable

History Of 1935 Wheat Penny

The wheat penny known as the Lincoln penny first made in 1909 at the 100th birthday of Abraham Lincoln. These pennies were made until 1958 and their design changed in 1959 at the 100th birthday of the president. These pennies are called wheat pennies since has two wheat stalks on the reverse side. The design of these coins was made by Victor David Brenner and these coins were made at the request of President Theodore Roosevelt for the president’s birthday celebration. The composition of these coins is 95% copper and 5% zinc. In 1982 composition changed to 97% zinc and about 2%. The design of pennies also changed in 1959 and the reverse side was replaced with the Lincoln Memorial. That design was used until 2008 and in 2009 again design and Union Shield were added on coins.

Features Of 1935 Wheat Penny

 Obverse Of 1935 Wheat Penny

The front side of the 1935 wheat penny comes with a photo of Lincoln facing right. The motto IN GOD WE TRUST is also on this side with the word LIBERTY, minting date.

Reverse Of 1935 Wheat Penny

The back side of the 1935 penny has two wheat stalks so the penny is called the wheat penny. The motto E PLURIBUS UNUM, is mentioned there. The denomination ONE CENT and country name  UNITED STATES OF AMERICA are also on this side.

Some other features of 1935 pennies are.

  • its diameter is 19mm and its weight is 3.11 grams. 
  • It is made with the use of 95% Copper and 5% Tin and Zinc 
  • It has a plain edge. and these coins are made of D, S, and P mint and have D or S mint marks.

Features Of 1935 Wheat Penny

1935  No Mint Mark Wheat Penny Value

245,388,000 pennies made by P Mint in 1935. Their high mintage makes them easily available. Their value is about face value due to a large number of circulation and worn or damaged surfaces.  The value of 1935 no mint mark for different grades is.

  • Circulated condition =$0.05 and $1.50 
  • MS65=$17
  • MS67= $50
  • Red coin with MS65 = 35 dollars
  • MS68 highly rare=10500 dollars
  • In 2022 1935 no-mint mark wheat penny sold for 55813 dollars

1935 D Wheat Penny Value

The Denver Mint made about twenty percent of pennies in 1935 with the D mint mark compared to the P mint. Their value is high as compared to no-mint mark coins. For different grades 1935 D value is

  • Circulated condition =$0.10
  • XF =$0.75 
  • Uncirculated condition = $2 to $2.75
  • MS66 1935 D wheat penny= 17.50
  • Red Brown penny=$42.50 
  • Fully red penny=$95
  • MS68 red color sold for $8,000

1935-S Wheat Penny Value

The S mint made 38,702,000 1935 wheat pennies less number than the P and D mint. These coins can easily get into different grades.

  • Circulated condition = $0.10 to $6.50,
  • MS67= 150 dollars
  • Full red coins MS67 sold for $6,100 

1935 Wheat Penny Errors

1935 Wheat Penny DDO Error

This error uses many hub strikes over the coins and the back side is affected by this error. Mintingae date has a doubling effect. Numbers 9,3 and 5 have doubling affect coins with this value of AU53 grade sold for 60 dollars an MS65 RD sold for 500 dollars.

 Penny Struck 30% Off-Center Error

When a coin strikes with a die and is misaligned, it causes an off-center error that is measured in percentage. 30 percent off-center occurs when coin desing shifted to thirty percent. On the front side the motto words IN GOD WE TRUST not easily be seen due to off-center error.  COin with this error MS60 brown grade sold for 264 dollars in 2019.

1935 Lamination Wheat Penny Error

This error occurs when the coin surface gets cracked.it is the result of alloy contaminations which caused the metal separation over the horizontal area. The coin with this error sold for 50 dollars.

Penny On Dime Planchet Error

In this error, penny struck dime design planchet that occurs in the minting hub. The dime planchet is smaller in size and the design shifted to a penny when struck.The coin with this error can sold for 500 dollars based on condition. 

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Why is 1935 Wheat Penny Valuable?

The 1935 wheat penny in the circulated condition is about face value. In full red gem, the uncirculated condition can be of high value. Full luster and red patina make the 1935 penny valuable.

Is 1935 Penny Rare?

The 1935 pennies are not rare since made in larger numbers. About P, D, and S mint made more than 300 million wheat pennies in 1935. They are in circulation and not rare. MS68 grade is not easy to find and rarity makes it high value.

What were pennies made out of in 1935?

Wheat pennies are mostly made with 95 percent copper and with tin and zinc composition. 

What is a 1935 penny worth?

The value of the coin is based on grade and condition. The 1935 wheat penny value is about  $0.05 to $6.50 in circulated condition. In mint state can be $10,000 for MS Red designation. The high-value 1935 Lincoln wheat penny sold for $34,000 in 2018 with MS68+ and red color

What Is Rarest Wheat Penny?

The 1909 VDB Lincoln wheat penny is the rarest. it is called VDB since has the initials of the designer on the backside.

What is the Oldest Wheat Penny?

The first penny made in 1909 which is considered an older wheat penny has two wheat stalks on the back side.

How much is a 1935s wheat penny worth?

The value of the 1935 S wheat penny is from $200 to upwards of $23,000 based on condition and grade. wheat pennies come in brown to brown red or red color. The red type is high value.

Is a 1935 D penny rare?

The 1935 D penny was made of about 47 million coins. The 1935 D wheat penny is easily found in circulated grade and the high mint state red penny is rare


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