1961 Nickel Value: D”, No Mint Mark, Error, Types, & History

Jefferson Nickel was made for the first time in 1938 as a replacement for the old Buffalo half-dime and used as a commemoration of Jefferson’s bicentennial in 1943. After their creation, they are famous collectors and have different values based on condition, rarity, and type. Let’s get started with the 1961 Nickel Value.

1961 Nickel Value Chart

1961 Mintmark Good Fine XF
 D Nickel  $0.10  $0.10  $0.10
$0.28 to $23
“No Mint Mark” Nickel Value  $0.10  $0.10  $0.10
$0.28 – $23
1961 No Mint Mark Nickel Proof $0.05 to $0.10 $0.05 to $0.10  $0.10 $3.30+
1961 Nickel Coins $0.50  $3  $35

History Of 1961 Nickels

Like the Lincoln pennies that have a photo of the president on the front side. At the start of 1938 there were competing arranges to add the photo of Jefferson on a nickel design and the back side of Monticello’s house. The design of Felix Schlag was selected and won a 1000-dollar award. There were  306,011,004 1961 nickel made out of them 73,640,100 1961 No Mint Mark nickel, 3,028,144 1961 proof nickel, 229,342,760 1961 D nickel.

There were some changes made in the selected design that was used for 80 years.  On these coins, there were no initials of the designer added just in 1966 FS initials were added on the back side.

1961 Nickel Value

1961 Jefferson Nickel Features

Obverse Of 1961 Jefferson Nickel

On the front side of 1961 nickel coins, there is a photo of Jefferson with the motto IN GOD WE TRUST added on this side. With that there is the word LIBERTY also on this side and the minting year 1961 on this side.

Reverse Of 1961 Jefferson Nickel

The monumental building of Monticello is added on the back side of the coin. The word MONTICELLO  is also at the entrance of the house on the backside. E PLURIBUS UNUM emblem is over the MOnticello. At the low rim country name UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, and the denomination FIVE CENTS is also added on this side.

Some other features of 1961 Jefferson are.

  • Its face value is 5 cents
  • it has a round shape with 0.17637 ounces and a thickness is  0.07677 inches
  • its edge is plain and dia is 0.83504 inches.
  • It is made with the use of  75% copper and 25% nickel.

1961 D Nickel Value

1961 D Nickel Value

The Denver mint made about 229,342,760  1961 nickel. That comes with a standard plain edge with a gram weight and diameter of 21.2mm. Their high number makes these coins less value can have a value of about 0.05 dollars and in uncirculated conditions can be 23 dollars.

1961 D Nickel Price
MS 60-63 $0.06 – $0.50
MS 64 $2
MS 65 $13.00
MS 66 $75.00
MS 67 $3,500.00
1961 D Nickel Price (with Full Steps)
MS 64 $4,800
MS 65 $12,500

1961 No Mint Mark Nickel Value

There were 76,668,244 nickels, coins made by P mint. They have value about face value in good condition about 5 cents.

1961 No mint mark value
Uncirculated $0.28 – $23
MS 65 $6
MS 66 $30
MS 67 $1,300
1961 No mint mark value (Full Steps)
MS 64
$1,300 – $1,500
MS 65
$3,000 – $3,600
MS 66
$9,000 – $11,000

1961 Proof Nickel

Its main details are listed here.

  • It is a Jefferson Five Cents type coin
  • It has a plain edge with a value of 0.10 to 100 dollars based on condition.
  • 3,028,144 were made and the designer is  Felix Schlag
  • It’s the proof value higher than normal coins
  • Its face value is zero dollars and made by P Mint.

1961 Nickel Errors

Missing Monticello steps error

It is a special type of error on nickles that causes the missing steps on the Monticello building. In good condition coins with this error have high value and wear coins have less value.

Doubled Die & Tripled Die Error

In this error, two images can be seen on coins at different points. This shifting occurs when error in hub processing. Coin with this error can sold from 2.5 dollars to 20 dollars.

Off-Center Error

If the design of the coin is not completely aligned at the middle point. That resulted in crescent-like shapes on coins. The design shifting percentage defines the value of coins. Fifty to sixty percent off-center has high value. The coin with this error has a high percentage and easily seen date and mint mark have a high value.

1961 Nickel With Full Steps Variety

In this error there is sharp stamping of the photo on Monticello can seen in the steps. If there are easily seen 5 or 6 steps that means nickel has a high value. This type of error can commonly be seen on 1961 D nickel, they are rare coins not easy to find.  The 1961 D nickle with full steps sold for 6000 dollars.

Die Cracks Error

If the die used for cons strike has cracked that shifted to the design of coins.  The striking design defines the value of coins. Coins with this error have different values based on error intensity

Double Denomination error

In this error, coins have 2 different denominations on any side. Coins with this error are rare and it occurs due to a manual minting process. Rarity defines the value of these coins.

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How much is a 1961 nickel worth?

The value of a 1961 nickle is based on condition, rarity, and features In circulated conditions they are five to fifty cents, and in uncirculated conditon have a value of more than $1,000.

Which 1961 nickels are worth the money?

The high value 1961 nickle type of proof type. That was made of a special type and has a frosted design on the mirror. 1961-proof nickles have a value of hundreds of dollars or higher.

How can you tell a proof of 1961 nickel?

These coins come with a frosted design on a mirrored background. That has a special look and they are made by P mint without a mint mark

What is the difference between a circulated and uncirculated 1961 Nickel coin?

Circulated 1961 nickles used in common uses and have marks of wear and tear and uncirculated coins not used in circulation and look like real structures. uncirculated coins are of high value

 Should we Clean 1961 Nickel?

The cleaning of coins can damage the surface and make it less valuable. Coins cleaning reduces design parts and affects the physical look which reduces the cost.

What is the difference between the Original Nickel Design and Current Nickel Design?

The design of nickle was first time made in 1938 and ended in the 2000s that called Jefferson Nickel. it has Jefferson’s photo on the front side and Monticello’s back side. From 2004 to 2005 series of nickles called Westward Journeynickles had different designs. Current used nickles started from 2006 have Monticello on the reverse side and the front side has Jefferson’s photo

Can we Find 1961 Nickels In Circulation?

A high number of these coins are made and exist in the market. We can find mostly in circulated coins at reasonable prices and in mint state, they are not easily found.

What makes a 1961 nickel rare?

The 1961-D Jefferson Nickels are weak due to dies worn out. The 5 steps coins are rare and have a vlaue from 10000 dollars to higher for FS certification.

Which 1961 Jefferson Nickels is high value?

1961 Jefferson Nickels High Worth
Mint Mark Grade Designation Sold value
D MS 65 FS
23000$ sold in 2004
D MS 67
3290$ sold in 2015
PR 67
1380$ sold in 2022
MS 66 FS
10800$ sold in2022
MS 67
6325$ sold in 2008
3408$ sold in 2021
300  sold in 2019

What is the most valuable Jefferson nickel?

Nickel Grade Designation value
1954 S MS 67 FS 35250 Sold in 2020
1938 D MS 68 FS 33600 sold in 2022
$1,969.00 MS 65 FS 33600 sold in 2021
1949 D/S MS 67 32900 sold in 2014

How much is a 1961 D nickel worth today?

Normally the value of 1961 nickel in the circulated condition is about 0.10 to 0.20 dollars and 1961 D nickel in the uncirculated condition has a value of $2750.

Is it a 1961 nickel silver?

The 1961 nickle like other nickles made from 1866 has a composition of 75 percent copper and 25 percent nickles. it is silvery gray color coins.

Why is the 1961-D nickel valuable?

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