How much is a 1993 20-dollar bill worth?

In this post, we will cover details of a 1993 20-dollar bill worth. Different notes used in US history have their importance and value. Let’s get started with How much is a 1993 20-dollar bill worth?

1993 20 Dollar Bill Value Chart

$20 Bill Series District Grade
Fr. 2079-A 1993 $20
Solid #6s Serial Number
Boston 66 EPQ Gem Uncirculated $2,220
Fr. 2079-E 1993 $20
Low Serial Number
Richmond  Uncirculated $441
Fr. 2079-F 1993 $20 Solid #5s Serial Number Atlanta 66 EPQ Gem Uncirculated $2,400
Fr. 2080-L 1993 $20 Radar Serial Number S 66 EPQ Gem $144
Fr. 2080-L* 1993 $20 S 67 EPQ Superb Gem Uncirculated $80

How much is a 1993 20-dollar bill worth

History Of 1993 20 Dollar Bill

In 1861 first the 20$ bill was released. These bill notes are larger. IN 1928 their size was reduced also designed changes with a Photo of Andrew Jackson who was the USA’s 7th president.  The details of the 7th president were used on notes after 83 years of his death.

Features Of 1993 20 Dollar Bill

Obverse Of 1993 20 Dollar Bill


On this side of the note, there is a photo of Andrew Jackson having a name. The District Seal exists on the left side and the Treasury Seal is on the right side of the photo. The upper part of the 20$ bill comes with the country name UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. At the lower end, TWENTY DOLLARS is written with the signature of Treasure over the TWENTY and the Secretary’s signature on the Dollars.

Obverse Of 1993 20 Dollar Bill

Reverse Of 1993 20 Dollar Bill

Reverse Of 1993 20 Dollar Bill

On the back side of 20 dollars, there is a photo of the White House. On the upper part of the note, there is the United States of America with IN GOD WE TRUST. The lower part of the note has THE WHITE HOUSE with twenty dollars written. It also comes with decorative components and 4 external corners having denomination 20.

Some other features of 1993 20 dollar bills are.

  • 1993 $20 dimensions are 156mm wider, 66.3mm in height, and weight is one gram.
  • it is made with 25% cotton and 75% linen.
  • $20 Bill circulates for seven years and nine months before replacement..

1993 20 Dollar Bill Errors

Fr. 2079-E 1993 $20 Misalignment Error

It occurs when printing papers shift design features applied to the wrong point. In misalignment error paper moved about thirty percent in result side margin moved to the center. The 3rd strike is normal that not affect seals and serial numbers. Gem UNcircualted 66EPQ sold for 4320 dollars in 2021 and 3120 dollars in 2023.

Fr. 2079-C 1993 $20 Misalignment Error

In this error note made by P mint 3rd strike shifted. District Seal serial number and Treasury Seal are lower shifted and moved to the left side. AU58 grade note sold for 660 dollars in 2023.

Fr. 2080-J 1993 $20 Mismatched Serial Number

The letter’s existing serial numbers have different details. Older notes come with the first letter meaning district. New notes with two letters, the first letter is the series year. 2nd is the district number. The right upper end has 256 and the lower left has 536. Note with this error sold for $432 in August 2022.

Fr. 2080-K 1993 $20 Fold Over Error

US notes are printed on sheets that have many notes. So face plate number has an alphabetical letter that shows the position of certain notes on an uncut sheet. In some conditon sheet folds before sliced in single notes Grade 65 EPQ Gem uncirculated sold for 1020 dollars in 2021.

Fr. 2080-L 1993 $20 Fold Over Error

The printed fold error is like a fold-over error. But for this error fold occurs on an uncut sheet in a result some design details are printed on the incorrect portion. In this error note part of the District seal and lower left serial number are printed on a reverse fold in the 3rd strike. AU55 S minted 20 dollars and sold for  $432 in December 2021.

How to Tell 1993 $20 Bill Is Real?

New printed note after 2003 there are many features added. Also on the 1993 20 dollar bill put a note lower a light source and check the internal plastic thread on the left side of the note. It was used in the 1990 series.

Are any old 20-dollar bills worth anything?

Check the star notes for shopping for Older US currency. Bills are made in sets that are called Series. The first series every year is Series A and it is high value. A 1988 Series A $20 bill is a highly sought-after note.

How do I know if my 20-dollar bill is worth money?

The only serial numbers on the currency that is high value are a lower number (00000397), consecutive numbers (12345678), and radar notes (87654321). Star (*) or replacement notesStar (*) or replacement notes are high value for collectors.

Is a 1950 $20 bill worth more than $20?

The circulated 1950 C 20 dolar bill in average condition is about a face value of 20 dollars. For an uncirculated condition, its value is about 50 dollars to a hundred dollars or higer.

Can a 20-dollar bill be worth more?

The high-value 20 dollars is an 1878 silver certificate that has a value from  $10,000 and $35,000. Recently made bill in 1996 have value about $500.

What $2 bill is worth $4500?

The uncirculated 1890 series 2-dollar bill of the brown seal has a value of about $4,500

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