What is a 1970 dime worth? Errors, “D”, “S” & No Mint

The 1970 Roosevelt Dime value for the average condition is about ten cents, in mint state, its value is about 29 dollars. These coins are part of the 1970 Franklin D. Roosevelt dimes. It is not silver coins. Silver dimes stopped to created in 1964. Roosevelt dimes are in circulation and a larger number of coins made to the current date. In circulation conditions, their value is about face value.  The error on these coins makes them hundreds of dollars according to condition. Let’s get started with What is a 1970 dime worth?

What Makes A 1970 Roosevelt Dime Rare

1970 Dime Value Chart

1970 Dime value Good Fine Extremely Fine Uncirculated Mint state 65 Proof 65
1970 Dime No-Mint Mark Value $0.15 $0.15 $0.15 $565 2.28
1970-D Dime Value $0.15 $0.15 $0.15 $75 2.28
1970 S Proof Dime Value $27 2.28

History Of 1970 Dime

The First Roosevelt dime was made in 1946 and they are still in circulation they are the longest circulated coins of the USA. Dime was made for the commemoration of Franklin D. Roosevelt. He died in 1945 after a battle with polio disease. This disease inspired him to take part in founding March of Dimes. At the start found by the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, March of Dimes worse for improvement and support heald of mothers and babies. Roosevelt not only contributed to the organization but also became a leader, who helped the USA to navigate the perils of the Great Depression and WWII.

After the completion of 25 years, the US Mint decided to replace the Mercury dime with a new coin to pay homage to Roosevelt.  John R. Sinnock made the design of coins and Roosevelt’s dime was used in circulation on January 30, 1946, Roosevelt’s 64th birthday anniversary. There were a larger number of coins made. At the start, these coins were made in silver but shifted to copper nickle alloy in 1965. However the design components on the front and reverse of the Roosevelt dime were not varied.

Type Quantity Produced
1970 D Roosevelt Dime 754,942,100
1970 P Roosevelt Dime 345,570,000
1970 S Proof Roosevelt Dime 2,632,810
Total 1,103,144,910

What Is the 1970 Roosevelt Dime Made Of?

The 1970 dime was made with the use of 75 percent copper and 25 percent nickel. Its core is made with pure copper and its surface is covered with nickel. The 1970 dime was also used in USA. Its value is about ten cents, mass is 2.27 grams and diameter is 17.91 mm with a reeded edge.

Regular Roosevelt dime is created with copper and nickel composition and still silver dimes created for collectors since 1992.

1970 Dime (P) No Mint Mark Value

The Philadelphia Mint made about 345,570,000 Roosevelt dimes in 1970.  These coins not come with mint mark. The coins made in 1970 are like the first minting coins in 1946. The larger number of coins with not mint marks make them common and many exist for different grades.

  • Circulated condition =$0.15 to $0.35
  • MS65= $10
  • MS66=$75
  • MS67=65 dollars
  • Full Band graded MS68 = sold for $2,295 in 2018.
1970 No Mint mark dime Vlaue
Extra fine $0.10
AU $0.10
MS 60 to MS62 $0.15
MS 63 $0.20
MS 64 $0.50
MS 65 $0.75
MS 66 $40
MS 67 $950

1970-D Dime Value

The D mint made 754,942,100 Roosevelt dimes in 1970. These coins have a value ranging from  $0.50 to $1,  Full Bands MS67 grade are high value and can be 1600 dollars.  1970 D MS 68 FB Roosevelt dime Sold in 2014 for 646$. 1970 FB D dime MS67 grade value is 1600 dollars or higer

Condition 1970 D dime
Extra fine $0.10
AU $0.10
MS 60 to MS62 $0.12
MS 63 $0.15
MS 64 $0.20
MS 65 $0.50
MS 66 $1
MS 67 $45

1970 S Proof Dime Value

The San Francisco mint made proof coins of about 2,632,810 half dollars in 1970. These coins are only for collectors and coin enthusiasts and are made with the use of a special type of dies for high quality and good shine with a frosted surface. About 2000 coins of 1970 S proof dimes do not have the mint mark S on the front side over the date. about 0.8 percent of 1970-proof dimes do not have mint marks making these coins odd and also for collectors.

The 1970 proof S mint mark coin is common and easily accessible due to its large number. But Cameo and Deep Cameo coins are rare and not easy to find.

  • 1970-S proof coin graded MS69= about 27 dollars
  • Cameo grade=$90
  • Deep Cameo = 300 dollars

1970 Roosevelt Dime Errors

1970 & 1970 D Roosevelt Dime With 1968 S Proof Reverse

The 1970 Roosevelt dimes made at P and D mint have 1968 S proof reverse. This error is known as a traditional error since mostly combines obverse dies with reverse made for the previous or common year. But it can also be caused by mistakes and that is the case for 1970 dimes. In result, dime was created without a well-defined torch flame. The coins with this error 1970 D Rev 68 MS 66 FS Roosevelt dime sold for 485 dollars in 2018.

1970 No S Proof Roosevelt Dime Error

The S mint made coins proof not 1970 dime for regular strike. About 2000 Roosevelt dimes were made without mint mark by S mint. These coins without the S mint mark have a value from 500 to 1600 dollars. These are proof coins and not used for circulation and collectors can get these coins

1970 Roosevelt Dime With 1968 Dime Reverse Error

By mistake, a mint person struck planceht with the 1970 reverse having the 1968 reverse die. The 1968-proof reverse die is two years older and was to show a weal strike. it poured for a 1970 dime for which weak 1968 die used to strike the back side. As a result, the details of the Liberty Torch and inscription became dull and not easily seen. Coin with this error value is 20 dollars and can be 50 dollars for mint state.

1970 Doubled Die Reverse Dime Error

It is commonly seen error on coins. In this error some or all components of design such as different words, photo come with a doubling effect. The doubling effect is due to the design shifting on the die at some other angle makes the easily seen doubling effect. A doubling effect can seen on any side of coins, but in 1970 dimes were mostly seen in the reverse. The doubling effect in the 1970 dime is on the country name UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and its denomination. The double-die reverse dime has a value of 20 to 30 dollars and can be 90 dollars in mint state.

Broad-Strike Dime Error

This error is due to the result of mint outside of the retaining collar. In this error, there is no collar to come in striking and coins are thin and wide structured. Their value is about ten to 20 dollars.

Features of 1970 Roosevelt Dime

1970 Roosevelt Dime

Obverse Of  1970 Roosevelt Dime

The front side of the 1970 Dime comes with a photo of the president facing left. Word LIBERTY was also added there with the motto IN GOD WE TRUST and minting date 1970. The coins also has designer initials JS below the  President’s neck bottom line.

Reverse Of 1970 Roosevelt Dime

The 1970 Roosevelt dime has a torch of liberty in the middle, with an olive branch at the left and an oak branch on the right. The torch is a symbol of freedom, the olive branch is a peace symbol and the oak branch is a victory sign. Country name UNITED STATES OF AMERICA also with denomination ONE DIME. The motto E PLURIBUS UNUM is also on this side.

Some other features of the 1970 dime are

  • Its face value is ten cents with the composition of 91.67% copper with nickel
  • it weighs 0.08007 ounces and diameter of 0.70472 inches.
  • Thickness is 0.05984 inches with a round shape and a reeded edge.

Rare Roosevelt Dimes Worth a Lot of Money

1999-D Roosevelt Dime Type 2 Clad Regular Strike: Sold for $14,375 in 2009

 1949 Type 1 Full Band Silver Roosevelt Dime Business Strike: Sold for $13,200 in 2018

 1946 Type 1 Silver Roosevelt Dime Regular Strike: Sold for $12,650 in 2004

1975 No S Proof Type 2 Clad Roosevelt Dime: Sold for $456,000 in 2019

 1968 No S Proof Deep Cameo Type 2 Clad Roosevelt Dime: Sold for $47,000 in 2020

1966 SMS Special Strike Type 2 Clad Roosevelt Dime: Sold for $12,500 in 2021

11983 No S Proof Deep Cameo Type 2 Clad Roosevelt Dime: Sold for $10,560 in 2014

1951 Proof Deep Cameo Type 1 Silver Roosevelt Dime: Sold for $23,500 in 2014

1956 Proof Deep Cameo Type 1 Silver Roosevelt Dime: Sold for $19,975 in 2016

1950 Proof Deep Cameo Type 1 Silver Roosevelt Dime: Sold for $18,800 in 2014

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What makes a 1970 dime rare?

Error on this coin series makes them valuable. The 1970 No-S proof Roosevelt dime is rare. They can be of high value. it sold with a cameo and a deep cameo for 3000 dollars.

Which 1970 Roosevelt Dime is valueable?

  • 1970 PR 69 CAM No S Roosevelt dime =sold in 2004 for $6,038
  • 1970 PR 69 DCAM No S Roosevelt dime=  sold in 2007 for $5,750
  • 1970 S PR 69 DCAM Roosevelt dime  =sold  in 2003 for $288
  • 1970 S PR 68 Roosevelt dime =sold in 2021 for $110
  • 1970 S PR 69 CAM Roosevelt dime = sold in 2020 for $91
  • 1970 NGC Genuine Roosevelt dime =sold in 2019 for $2,720
  • 1970 PR 69 No S Roosevelt dime = sold in 2003 for $1,610
  • 1970 MS 66 FB Roosevelt dime = sold in 2018 for $2,295
  • 1970 D MS 68 FB Roosevelt dime = sold in 2014 for $646
  • 1970 D MS 66 Roosevelt dime =sold in 2005 for $546

How Much Is The 1970 No Mint Mark Roosevelt Dime Value?

The 1970 Dimes with no mint mark are low cost and can have value from $0.10 to $1. But high-value 40 to 950 dollars coins with Full bands have a value of $600 to $1,500 at auctions.

Are There Any Rare Roosevelt Dimes?

There are only 2 1975 PR68 No S dimes that exist, which are the rarest coins in the USA. One sold for $456,000 in 2019 Auctions.

How to Know that 1970 Dime Is Worth Money?

Normally 1970 dimes have a value about face value from $0.15 to $0.35.  Dime with error can be of high value and comes with professional grading. The dime that has full bands on Liberty Torch are high-value coins.

What Is A 1970 No S Dime?
This interesting dime in this dime series. According to the name, these coins is proof coins that come with good luster and design but do not have an S mint mark on proof dimes About 2000 and 1979 no S dime was made making these coins highly valuable.

How Much Is 1970 Roosevelt Dime Worth Today?

The face value of 1970dime is ten cents. Melt value of $0.0240. The normal circulated 1970 dime value is $0.15 to $0.35. Proof 1970 dime is high value and value started from seven dollars. Here some 1970 dimes sold in different auctions can seen.

170 Dime (Superb Gem Uncirculated) Grade Value
1970 no-S Proof Roosevelt Dime PR 69 – Deep Cameo $6,038
1970 P Roosevelt Dime NGC GENUINE $2,720
1970 D Roosevelt Dime MS 68 (Full Band) $646
1970 Proof Roosevelt Dime PR 69 – Deep Cameo $288

How much is a 1970 D Roosevelt Dime worth?

Roosevelt Dime from 1970 in the circulated condition is worth between $0.15 and $0.35.

What Roosevelt dimes are expensive?

The 1968 S dime without mint mark S is a proof coin that is high value. There are only 18  1968 No-S Proof Dimes. Heritage Auctions sold a single coin $40K in 2008

What dime is worth 2 million dollars?

1894-S Barber Dim

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