What is Value of 1977 20 dollar bill?

In 1976 the US Mint made a Bicentennial Set of three coins half dollar, quarter, and one dollar. It increases the interest of coin lovers and collectors. IN 1977 bank notes 20 dollar bills were introduced. Here we will cover their value, features, history, etc. Let’s get started with What is the Value of a 1977 20 dollar bill?

History Of 1977 20 Dollar Bill

The bicentennial is celebrated 200 years from the date when they gained independence from the British. Coins normally come with a single minting date but bicentennial coins have two dates 1776 to 1976. The bank notes are different in this aspect. In the case of coin date of coin manufacturing is mentioned but for notes design approved is written. BEP introduced the serial number press for notes in 1977. That is used on 20-dollar bills. On the 1977 20$ bills, there is original design components that come with a south-facing view of the White House.

What is Value of 1977 20 dollar bill

1977 $20 Bill Value

1977 $20 Bill has sign of Treasury Secretary Werner Michael Blumenthal and US Treasurer Azie Taylor Morton. Fr. 2072-D 1977 $20 sold for 1800 dollars in 2023 August. It has Gem Uncirculated 65 PPQ and #1s Serial Number.

  • Fr. 2072-A Choice Unc. 63 with serial #5s sold in 2012 for $1,495.
  • A face-to-back 2072-G (Chicago) graded 63 EPQ Choice Unc.= sold for $432 in August 2021
  • The 2072-B face-to-back = sold for $408 in March 2023.
  • 64 PPQ 2072-L (San Francisco) back-to-face note sold for $216 in January 2023
  • 64 EPQ 2072-K (Dallas) face-to-back= sold for $312 in March 2021
  • 5 EPQ Gem Uncirculated 2072-E*=  sold for $100 in January 2022

 1977 $20 Bills Serial Numbers

If this number is not the same increases their value. Low numbers below 100 and higher that start with 9 are high-value notes. A serial number can be as #23456789, a repeating number such as #45454545, book ends like #50000005, and mirrors like #14633641. Star notes come with a star suffix for replacements. it denoted that if the note is damaged in the machine and torn away and the note is made with the same serial number, has the last letter with star replacement. They are high value as compared to regular bank notes.

1977 20 Dollar Bill Errors

Fr. 2072-L 1977 $20 Bill Pre-Face Foldover Error

The printing note can be folded during the creation process. it affects both design and  cost. Font folded before printing that is called butterfly fold. If you unfurl the font can check blank spots. Grade AU58 note of Smint sold for $1,320 in August 2023.

Fr. 2072-C 1977 $20 Bill Printed Foldover Error

The difference between butterfly foldovers and printed foldovers is ink. Butterfly folded cover with ink that ends up the blank. printed foldovers have ink, not an accurate point. This note has a treasury seal and serial number upside down on the back fold. The 64 PPQ uncirculated condition sold for 432 dollars in 2023 and in 2022 for 480 dollars.

Fr. 2072-G 1977 $20 Bill Printed Foldover Error

This error is like the previous one with different positions and districts. In the above error top right is folded push treasury seal at back side of the note.  Here lower left folded result is the district seal and serial number on the back of the Chicago $20 Bill. Graded 65 EPQ Gem Uncirculated, sold for $423 on 3rd May 2017.

Fr. 2072-D 1977 $20 Bill Printed Foldover And Missing Partial Overprint

If a note has many errors, increase the value of the note.  This note comes with a low grade of EF40. It is folded in mid print resulting district seal missing the point and the top right serial number being shifted partially at the back end of the note. Coin with this error of one serial number sold for $1,116.25 on 10th August 2012.

Fr. 2072-E 1977 $20 Bill Overprint On Back

In this error, the complete note flipped after the front swipe. Both seals and serial numbers are shifted to the backside. Graded 65 EPQ Gem Uncirculated, this 1977 $20 overprint mistake sold for $360 in April 2018.

Fr. 2072-B 1977 $20 Bill Missing Back Error

In this error, two sheets stuck with each other so the ink impression prints one. In case of a die cap error front is normal but the back is blank. Coin with 63 choice unc, sold for $288 on 18th April 2018.

Features of the 1977 20 Dollar Bill

 1977 20 dollar bill Features

 Obverse Of 1977 20 Dollar Bill

The front side of the note has the name below the photo of Andrew Jackson. At the top, there is the Federal Reserve Note followed by The United States of America. The lower end has Twenty Dollars, and the US Treasurer’s signature is over twenty on the left side of the president. At top serial number, legal tender statement, and District seal are mentioned. At right serial dae and Secretary’s signature are above Dollars. Over that Treasury, Seal overlays Twenty with Washington DC and the serial number written

 Reverse Of The 1977 20 Dollar Bill

On this side, there is a southern view of the white house. The upper side of note has a country name and motor IN GOD WE TRUST. The lower end has  $20 bill, The White Hous, with TWENTY DOLLAR denomination. The 4 external corners come with 20 in numerals and the internal lower right has a back plate number.

Some other features of 1977 20-dollar bills are;

  • its dimensions are 156mm by 66.3mm
  • Its weight is one gram and made with the use of 75 percent linen blended with 25 percent cotton.
  • Their bank bundles are wrapped with violet straps.
  • 20 dollar bills are mostly used in US note currency.

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How Much Is A $20 Bill From 1977 Worth?

The solid 1s Serial number has a value of about 2000 dollars based on district. The star note is about 100 dollars. Error notes have a value of more than 1000 dollars sold in 2023 August.

Is my old $20 bill worth anything?

Circulated notes are 20 dollars, uncirculated have a value ranging from 60 dollars for green seal series and $900-2000 for a bill with a brown seal

How do I know if I have a rare 20-dollar bill?

On banknotes, serials check add 20 dollar bill serial number and other details like denomination an series number and can know that it is common or rare.

What year 20 dollar bills are worth money?

The most valuable 20$ is an 1878 silver certificate that has a value ranging from $10,000 and $35,000. The recently printed bill 1996 has a value of about $500.

What year is the most valuable dollar?

  • 1890 $1 Treasury Note: $1,000.
  • 1928 $1 Bill: $1,000.
  • 1923 $1 Bill: $1,000.
  • 1896 $1 Silver Certificates: $2,000.
  • 1886 $ 1 United States Note: $2,500.
  • 1869 $1 United States Note: $2,500.
  • 1917 $1 Legal Tender Note: $1,150.
  • 1899 $1 Silver Certificate: $1,500.


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