How Much Is A 1965 Silver Dime Worth?

The 1955 Dime has a value of 2.50 dollars on average and mint state coins have a value of fifteen dollars. The worn or damaged dime has a vlaue of ten cents. Roosevelt dimes have in created since 1946 and they are easy to afford and easily can get in circulated and uncirculated grades. But many Roosevelt dimes that are rare have high value. The US Mint started the creation of Roosevelt’s dime with copper-nickel clad in 1965 and some of the 90 percent silver dime planchet used for striking 1964 dimes have stamped 1965 dies. Let’s get started with How Much Is A 1965 Silver Dime Worth?

History Of The 1965 Dime

How Much Is A 1965 Silver Dime Worth

Roosevelt dime’s 6th variation of this category of the coin in this series was used in circulation in 1946. The US Mint made 89.24 percent silver in 1792 and 5 different ten coin types such as

Design Years
Draped Bust 1796 – 1807
Capped Bust 1809 – 1837
Seated Liberty 1837 – 1891
Barber 1892 – 1916
Mercury/Winged Liberty Head 1916 – 1945

The last made dime was used as an honor to President Roosevelt after his death on April 12, 1945. Since he was a war leader and took part in the war against polio. He founded and supported Dimes March and helped hundreds of families with children how suffering from different health problems. The first coin was released in the next year based on John R. Sinnock’s design. It is thought that JS initials were added on the front side of these coins as a dedication to Russian leader Josef Stalin. There were 1,654,500,570 1865 dimes made out of them 1,652,140,570 were made by P mint without mintmark and 2,360,000 made 1965 dimes from Special Mint Set by P mint. The 1965 Roosevelt dimes were the first in this series created without copper.

What is the 1965 Dime Value?

The problem with hoarding silver coins meant dimes were less provided by 1965. So 1965 mintage with less cost composition was made in larger numbers. More than 1.6 billion coins were made. So they are easy to get in these days. Most 1865 dimes do not have a value higher than their face value. In mint state, excellent condition can have a high value.

  • MS66= 26 dollars
  • MS67+=200 dollars
  • MS68= 1250 dollars

1965 Dime Full Band Value

The 1965 dies that are known as full band are rare. They have high-quality strikes and are to first coins made with the use of a new die. it is that helps band on the torch at the back side to complete and clear shown. There are 151 1865 dimes with full band exists. They are very high-value coins.

  • MS63 = $15
  • MS63 FB = $45 (3x MS63)
  • MS68 FB PCGS = $4,000
  • MS69 FB NGC=  $1,528 recorded in (2017)

1965 No Mint Mark Dime Value

1965 Roosevelt Dime value

1,652,140,570 dimes with regular strikes made at P mint and all do not have mint marks. Their value is based on preservation level and detail accuracy and the Full band is high value. Currently, many 1965 dimes are still in circulation in the USA. These coins have a value of about ten cents or face value. While some mint state coins are high-value.

  • MS 60 to MS62=  $0.20
  • MS 63 = $0.25
  • MS 64= $1
  • MS 65= $2.25
  • MS 66 = $9
  • MS 67 = $75
  • MS 68 = $500

1965 SMS Dime Value

P mint also made he special mint set of 1965 Roosevelt dimes. They made about 2,360,000 coins with excellent tones. Their value can be from a range of two to fifty dollars based on quality and rarity. The value of a 1965 SMS Dime is

Grade Type  Value (USD)
MS 63 $2
MS 64 $2
MS 65 $3
MS 66 4
MS 67 5
MS 68 15
MS 69 150
Special Mint Strike (SMS) CAM
MS 63 – MS 66 $15 – $50
MS 67 $125
MS 68 $500
MS 69 SMS CAM $2,000
MS 67 (Deep Cameo) Rare 1965 Dime $2,500

1965 Dime Errors list

Transitional Off-Metal Error

In 1965 first time dimes were made with the use of copper core having cupronickel cladding. The change in composition resulted in the error of 1965 dimes created with silver planchet that was used for older coins. This error is called transitional off-metal error and is very rare. it means every silver 1965 dime in any condition is high-value Some change bands have values from $3,000 and $6,000. If there is fine quality can have high value. Coin with this error for MS62 grade sold for 9000 dollars in the auction 2019.

Die Break Error

It occurs that mint used dies for a longer duration and gets broken off with pieces. That causes 1965 dimes to miss some details. The coin value with this error can be about twenty dollars for the MS65 grade.

Cladding Errors

The use of a new metallic composition is chance that coins have cladding errors. The 1965 dimes with this error have a range of these made without a front side and some have partially clad. The 1965 dime with MS64 grade with this error sold for 90 dollars.

Broad struck 1965 Dime

This error occurs when a collar that holds a planchet is not struck at an accurate position. There is a rim and edge of the coin made by the collar. So with this error edge is not accurately created and a full design exists on both sides. The 1965 dime with broad struck error and grade of MS65 sold for 80 dollars in auction.

Features of 1965 Dime

 1965 Dime Obverse

The front side of the 1965 Dime comes with a photo of Franklin Delano Roosevelt US president. The initial of this coin designer JS is also at the lower part of the photo and the minting year is also on this side. There is word LIBERTY is written in capital letters on the left side of the photo. The motto IN GOD WE TRUST is also on this side.

 1965 Roosevelt Dime Reverse

On the reverse of the 1965 dime, there is a torch in the middle of the coin. In well-preserved condition, all details like flame, vertical grooves, and horizontally placed bands can seen. A torch is added to show the liberty symbol that is the US’s greatest achievement. On the left side of Liberty, there is an olive twig that denotes peace. There are oak leaves on the reverse side that show the independence and strength of the young nation. Over the torch and things there is a letter written UNITED STATE OF AMERICA.

Some other features of the 1965 dime are.

  • They have a face value of about ten cent
  • it is round a coin with  91,67% of the copper content
  • Its thickness is 1.3 mm, dia is 17.91 mm and 2.27 g  weight with a reeded edge

Is a 1965 P dime worth anything?

There is no dime made in 1965 that comes with a mint mark so if there is no mint mark it does not mean a coin was made at P minit. Mslty coins have value about their face value. Coins in good condition have a high value. if you see details of two sets of bands on the torch that exists on the backside. if they are complete and seen it means the coin is full band dime. In the mint state, they have about five to thousand dollars based on condition.

How can you tell if a 1965 dime is silver or not?

For this check the edge of the dime and if there is copper colored strip it means the coin is copper clade and if there is not copper it means the coin is silver coin. The silver dime weight is heavier than a dime that has a copper core. The silver coin will weigh 2.5 grams. Copper-clad coins have about 2.3 grams to 2.268 grams.

  • 1965 Dime vlaue for different grades
  • S68 Full Bands = $3,818
  • MS62 = sold in 2019 for $9,000
  • MS62 = sold for $16,450 in 2012
  • AU55 PCGS = $5,175 September 2010
  • AU55 ANACS = $4,025 January 2011
  • AU58 PCGS = $6,600 August 2018
  • AU55 NGC = $7,800 August 2019
  • AU58 NGC = $8,400 September 2019

1965 Roosevelt Silver Dimes Auction

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How can you tell if a 1965 dime is rare?

There are 1,652,140,570 Roosevelt dimes made at P mint with a regular strike in 1965 and currently high grades many coins exist. Rare coins are just that have errors and coins with Full Band in high ranks.

What is a 1965 dime worth today?

Roosevelt dime 1965 with circulated condition has a value of 0.15 dollars to 0.35 dollars. Some coins sold for 3000 dollars.

What are the most valuable Roosevelt dimes?

  • AU 55 $8,625 = sold in January 2006
  • MS 68 Full Band = $4,000 sold in July 2018
  • SP 66 (SMS) $2,000= sold in May 2022
  • SP 68 (CAM, SMS)=  $2,585 sold in January 2014
  • MS 67 (DCAM, SMS) = $2,128 sold in July 2003

How Much Value Set Aside For  1965 Roosevelt Dime?

The circulated, worn out, or less damaged and collectible 1965 Roosevelt dime value is about ten cents. Based on coin condition can sold for 0.20 to 500 dollars. The value of a 1965 full-band dime is about $22 to $2,500.

What is the composition of the 1965 Roosevelt Dime?

According to the Coinage Act 1965, the compound of dime changed from 90 % silver and 10 percent copper to a clad  “sandwich” of copper between two layers of an alloy of 91.67 % copper and 8.33 % nickel.

What dime is rare?

1796 Draped Bust dime is extremely valuable and is worth about $2,600 also in the heavily worn grade of Good-4

What year Roosevelt’s dimes are valuable?

1946 to 1964 are valuable because of the silver content.



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