1967 dime no mint mark Value (Price Chart, Error List, History & Varieties)

The Us mint made billions number of Roosevelt domes from 1946 to to current date and they are available in mint mark, condition. The value of the 1967 dime can be different based on different factors like condition the value of the 1967 Roosevelt Dime in average condition is about twenty-five cents and in mint state is about seven dollars. These coins do not come with silver so are preferred by collectors. The melt value of a copper-nickel blend dime is about two cents. Let’s get started with 1967 dime no mint mark Value (Price Chart, Error List, History & Varieties)

Is A 1967 Roosevelt Dime Worth Anything

History Of 1967 Dime

The Rooselvet domes were used in circulation in 1946 as an honor to US 34 President Roosevelt.  There were  2,245,870,664 1967 dimes made out of that 2,244,007,320 were 1967 No Mint mark dimes, and 1,863,344 were 1967 SMS special strike dimes. The coins made from 1946 to 1964 were made with the use of 90 percent silver and 1967 Roosevelt dimes were made with the use of 91.67% copper and known as cupronickel coins. 

1967 No Mint Mark Dime Value

2,244,007,320 dimes were made by P mint in 1967 so they are very common coins due to their larger numbers, and larger numbers affect their value. Their composition is 98.67% copper and 2.33% nickel.

The 1967 Dime is part of the Roosevelt Dime series. This coin has an interesting history in that it is the only dime in the extensive history to be minted at the Philadelphia Mint.

A total of 2,244,007,320 dimes were struck that year, making this coin pretty common, a factor that eventually affects its value. The coin is made of 98.67% copper and 2.33% nickel.

1967 No Mint Mark Dime With Full Bands Value

  • This coin is a Roosevelt dime and has a face value of about 0.10 dollars
  • Its melt value is 0.02 dollars
  • The average circulated value is $0.25
  • Face Value vs. Melt Value Ratio has a ratio of 12/1
  • MS-68 grade has the highest value of 400 dollars

1967 No Mint Mark Dime With Full Bands Value

The dime from the regular strike with Full Bands number is not known but coins of this type are important for collectors. These coins come with good struck and identifiable lines on torch struck on the back side of the coins.

1967 no mint mark dime for full band grade have value

  • MS66= 24 dollars
  • MS67= 150 dollars
  • MS68= 1200 dollars

Coins with MS67 grade sold for 1440 dollars in 2020

1967 Special Mint Set Value

In 1964 there was a large shortage of coins that urged US Mint to make coins with low cost. The mint stopped the creation of proof coins that come with a clear, high-definition finish and so have a high value that needed a certain type of planchet and die. The production of proofs stopping helps the mint to make a larger number of coins for common circulation. The mint made SMS set coins in place of proof coins. The value of SMS coins was less than proof coins but was higher than circulation coins. The SMS coins were made from 1965 to 1967 years. The SMS coins are made with the use of 98.67% copper and 2.33% nickel. A total of 1,863,344 SMS coins were made by S mint, as they are made by S mint but not have a mintmark.

  • MS 60= 1$
  • MS 63 and MS64= 2$
  • MS65= 3 dollars
  • MS66=4$
  • MS67= 5$
  • MS68= 15 dollars
  • MS69= 200$
  • MS69= 339 dollars

(MS CAM) grade 1967 Special Mint value

  • MS63= 3 dollars
  • MS64=4 dollars
  • MS65= 5 dollars
  • MS66= 10 dollars
  • MS67 = 15 dollars
  • MS68=75 dollars

1967 Dime Error List

Doubled Die Obverse error

Double die obverse error is a very common type of error in dimes and also in 1967 dimes were minted. Coins with this error have a value of about 10s of dollars and AU condition has a value of about  $600 in 2019.

Die Adjustment Strike Error

For different adjustments during the minting of dimes recalibrated machines were used so in this process die adjustment strike dimes occurred in the 1960s due to a mistake. Coins with this error have a value of about one hundred to one fifty dollars.

Blank Planchet

During the minting process of some Roosevelt dimes, there were no designs on the front, back, or both side of the coins. The blank planchet is minted error and has a value of about tens of dollars.


If die collars are not accurately configured the planchet rim to struck at improper position. Due to this error photo and letters on both sides of the coins is deformed and look stretched out. Coins with their error have a value of about five to ten dollars.

Struck 50% Off-Center Error

When the planchet ends off-end in the minting process some part of the design is missing. The coins that have fifty to fifty-five percent off-center are high value and coins with this error nut minting date is missing have a value of about $30 to $100.

Clipped Planchet

This type of error exists in many Roosevelt coins. This error occurs when the planceht is not accurately fed in the striking hub resulting coin missing some part close to the edge. Coins with this error sold for $30 to $40.

What makes a 1967 dime rare?

The 1967 Dimes are a common type of coins and some are of high value. But they are easily available like other coins.

What is the most valuable 1967 dime?

most valuable 1967 dimes are

  • SP 68 (DCAM SMS)= $9,988 sold in 2014
  • AU 53 (DDO)=$600 sold in 2019
  • MS 69=$500 sold in 2023
  • SP 69 (SMS) =$339 sold in 2005
  • MS 68 (FB) =$1,440 sold in 2020.

How much is a 1967 dime worth with no mint mark?

The mint in P mint has value about their face value and some coins in good condition have value about $0.15 to $12.The coins with MS68 grade sold for 250 dollars

What is the most expensive dime?

  • 1975 PR 68 No S Clad Dime =$456,000 sold in2 ,019
  • 1968PR 68 No S PR Clad Dime = $48,875
  • 1951PR 68 Silver Dime= $23,500
  • 1956PR 69 Silver Dime (DCAM)= $19,975
  • 1950PR 68 Silver Dime= $18,800
  • 1999D MS 65 Clad Dime= $14,375
  • 1946MS 69 Silver Dime= $12,650
  • 1949MS 68 Silver Dime (FB)= $13,200
  • 1966SP 67 Clad Dime (SMS)= $12,499.99

Features of 1967 Dime

Obverse Of 1967 Dime

The front side of this coin comes with a photo of Roosevelt facing right. The word LIBERTY is written on this side of the coins and right side of the photo. With that motto IN GOD WE TRUST also mentioned on this side of the 1967 dime. There are designer initials shwon at the lower side of the photo which is JS. The minted date 1967 is also written on the coins at the front side.

 Reverse Of 1967 Dime

The back side of the coins comes with a torch with olive branches on every side. The torch is the symbol of liberty and olive branches are added to show peace for Roosevelt’s presidency. The words E PLURIBUS UNUM are also on this side of the coins. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA are written over the edge of the coin, denomination ONE DIME is at the lower end of the coin.

Some other features of 1967 dimes are

  • it is made with use of 91.67% copper, 8.33% nickel and not have silver component
  • Its diameter is 0.7 inches
  • its edge is reeded.
  • it is made by three mints.

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Is A 1967 Roosevelt Dime Worth Anything?

Mostly 1967 Dimes are worn or damaged. If these coins are graded, mostly are of lower grade than MS60, and a dime less then this grade does not have a value higher than face value. The coins in circulated condition have a value of about 0.15 dollars. The SMS 1967 mint coins have values from  $1 and $350, depending on their condition.

What is special about a 1967 Dime?

The 1967 dime has no mint mark and just one in the Roosevelt dime series is mint at P mins. Not anything other makes these coins special. Not any special minting error it has.

Did 1967 dimes have mint marks?

This coin does not have mint marks the coins made at P mint are without mint marks and special 1967 mint set coins are made by S mint but still they are without mint marks.

What are the 15 most valuable dimes?

  • 1894-S Barber Dime= $1,997,500
  • 1792 Silver Dime= $998,750
  • 1796 Liberty Dime= $881,250
  • 1873-CC No Arrows Dime= $632,500
  • 1871-CC Seated Dime= $270,250
  • 1789 Small 8 Dime= $253,000
  • 1919-D Mercury Dime= $218,500
  • 1874-CC Arrows Dime= $216,000
  • 1860-O Seated Dime= $192,000.00
  • 1800 Dime= $192,000.00
  • 1873-CC Dime With Arrows= $552,000
  • 1975 No S Roosevelt Dime= $456,000
  • 1822 Cameo Dime= $440,625
  • 1797 13 Stars Dime= $402,500
  • 1841 No Drapery Dime= $312,000

What is JS on a 1967 dime?

The JS on Roosevelt Dime are initials of coin designer John Ray Sinnock, the chief engraver of the United States and designer of the coin that changed the Mercury Dime in 1946.

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