How much is a 1926 nickel worth? (Errors, “D”, “S” & No Mint Mark Worth)

The Buffalo Nickel is a famous coin in US history. This feature was added on 50 dollar Gold Bullion coin from 2006 to date. The 1926 Buffalo Nickel is a unique and preferable coin for collectors. This coin comes with an American Biason on the front side and a Native American design on the backside. Let’s get started with How much is a 1926 nickel worth?

1926 Buffalo Nickel Value Chart

1926 BUffalo nickel Good 


Very Good 




Very Fine  (MS-60) (MS-63)
1926 Buffalo Nickel No Mint Mark Value 1.42$ 2$ 2.81$ 5.70$ 36$ 83$
1926 “D” Buffalo Nickel Denver Mint Value 11$ 20$ 31$ 121$ 399$ 533$
1926 “S” Buffalo Nickel San Francisco Mint Value 24$ 51$ 112$ 427$ 5128$ 10,502$

How much is a 1926 nickel worth

History Of 1926 Buffalo Nickel

The Buffalo nickel is the preferable coin due to the weird way its nicknames are misplaced. It is known as Indian Head NIckel that not been used for a longer time. Now it is also called Native American Head Nickel. Buffalo nickle is not accurate as its reverse does not have buffalo but has bison. They are the same animals that are part of cows. Buffalows live in Africa region and Asia but bison exist in America. Both look alike having larger fluffier heads, hunched shoulders, and small horns. The Buffalo Nickel was made from 1013 to 1938. Its design was made by James Earle Fraser. Older coins are made by an in-house mint designer. Different are from England where they get training as medal markers.

Buffalo Nickel Important Dates

These coins are made with proper care and delicacy, which results in the fading of different details such as bison tail, date, and cheekbone when the coin is used in circulation. The coin also needed more time for extra struck to complete design shifting, as a result die expired fast and needed to be replaced. Fraser and Mint adjust the coin design by flattening the hill at the back side, but it makes some errors. 1926 is half an important date for Buffalo Nickels since many D and S minted coins face this problem. The 3 ½ legs and two feather error come in this year and can sold for about thousands of dollars. It is not this year’s coin that has an error. It also comes on coins made in 1927 and 1936 also in 1937.

In 1937 Buffalo Nickels, the complete front leg did not exist, it is known as 3-legged bison. This minting error comes on the die as compared to the coin, so it is a repeated error and becomes varity with many flawed coins.

1926 Buffalo Nickel Details

1926 Buffalo Nickel Details

1926 No Mint Mark Buffalo Nickels Value

44,693,000 Buffalo Nickels made by P mint in 1926 without a mint mark.

  • MS 67+ coin sold for $16,450 in 2018
  • MS 67+ sold for $10,575 in 2020 and in 2021 April sold for $9,120. In July 2021 its value became $7,800
  • PCGS has 14 Buffalo Nickles MS67+ grade value is 10000 dollars

The value of 1926 Nickel without mint marks for different grades is written here.

  • Good=$0.45 to $0.60
  • Very good= $0.65 to $0.85
  • Fine= $2 to $3.60
  • Very fine= $4 to $7
  • Extra fine= $8.50 to $13
  • AU= $16 to $24
  • MS 60= $22 to $26
  • MS 62= $36 to $43
  • MS 63= $60 to $72
  • MS 64= $85 to $102
  • MS 65= $150 to $180
  • MS 66= $375 to $450

1926 D Buffalo Nickels Value

The D mint made 5,638,000 Buffalo nickels in 1926. These coins are considered collectible coins and have a value of $7 to $330 in circulation condition. In high quality, they can be sold for $290 to $8,000. MS67 coins grade of $45,000 to $54,000 in 2020 auction sold for $70,500.

Condition/Grade 1926 D nickel Value
Good $7.25 to $12.50
Very good $13.50 to $22
Fine $22 to $43
Very fine $65 to $96
Extra fine $135 to $204
AU $255 to $330
MS 60 $290 to $348
MS 61 $300 to $360
MS 62 $335 to $400
MS 63 $475 to $575
MS 64 $1,050 to $1,300
MS 65 $3,200 to $3,700
MS 66 $ 6,900to $8,000

1926 S Buffalo Nickel

The San Francisco mint made  970,000 coins with an S mint mark on the front side and they are preferred by collectors. The 1926 Buffalo nickel made in S mint is a highly featured coin of serires that shows the craftsmanship of American currency. These coins are made with 75% copper and 25% nickel which provide a luster look. The average value of these coins in circulated condition can be 20 dollars for low-grade and high-grade coins have a value of about 300 dollars. In uncirculated condition can sold for $10000.00. With conditon their value is also based on errors such as Full Steps, Doubled dies, and Repunched mint marks.

Full step error comes with steps on the back side that show that the coin has been made carefully with detail. These coins have value ranging from $50.00 to $900.00, according to condition.

1926 S nickel Value
$18 to $29
Very good
$40 to $57.60
$60 to $108
Very fine
$135 to $372
Extra fine
$600 to $1,140
$1,650 to $3,600
MS 60
$4,200 to $5,040
MS 61
$4,800 to $5,760
MS 62
$6,000 to $7,200
MS 63
$7,400 to $8,800
MS 64
$8,400 to $12,600
MS 65
$68,000 to $95,000
MS 66
$115,000 to $135,000

1926 Buffalo Nickel Errors List

1926 (P) Buffalo Nickel DDO & DDR Error

Double die reverses and front are caused due to hub doubling that occurs when the hub strikes the die. If 2nd strike is not accurate point the shifting of each coin created with that die. It is rare to occur error on both sides. Doubling effect can seen on different words and letters with a minting date of the coin. MS56 grade coins with this error sold for 3120 dollars in 2018.

1926 Buffalo Nickel 2 Feather Error

This type of error in 1926 Nickle is highly preferred. These coins are rare as compared to 3 feather error coins and have feathers in headdresses. It is thought that these coins were struck with the use of the reverse die used for a normal Nickel design that comes with 3 feathers. This error was solved and nickles after 1926 did not have two feathers error. Their rarity makes these coins thousands of dollars.

3 1/2 Legs Nickel

The Buffalo nickels made at D Mint have this error. This error can be found on the back side of the coin bison comes with 3 complete legs and one front leg is partial.  It resulted in the coin having missing leg bison. Due to this error by mistake removed part of the reverse die due to excess polish. These coins are rare also in circulation and can have a value of $75 to $1,200.  MS66 grades are high price and can sold for $9,000 to $10,800.

1926 Buffalo Nickel Features

Obverse Of 1926 Buffalo Nickel

On the front side of 1926, Buffalo Nickel comes with Native American but it is configured on the bases of 3 different indian chiefs. The designer James E. Fraser configured the 3 person faces for desing that are Sioux (Iron Tail), Cheyenne (Two Moons), and Seneca (Big John Tree). The mint date and word LIBERTY are also on this side written

 Reverse Of 1926 Buffalo Nickel

The complete 1926 buffalo nickel back side has American bison. It is thought that this design comes from Black Diamond from New York City’s Central Park Zoo, but there is no official confirmation about this. In this design, the bison stands on a mountain of dirt having FIVE CENTS denomination. The country name UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is also on this side with the inscription E PLURIBUS UNUM.

Some other features of 1926 Nickel are.

  • Its face value of 5 cents
  • It has a round shape and is made with 75% copper with nickel
  • It has 0.17637 ounces and its thickness is 0.07677 inches.
  • Its diameter is 0.83504 inches  and has a plain edge

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What Makes A 1926 Buffalo Nickel Rare?

Differnt errors like 3 1/2 legs Buffalo nickels and 2 feathers make coins rare and high value. The regular strike coins with high ratings are rare and high value.

Which 1926 Buffalo Nickel is valuable?

  • 1926 S MS 66 Buffalo nickel = sold for $322,000 In 2008,
  • 1926 D MS 66 3 1/2 Leg Buffalo nickel=  sold for $9,400 In 2015
  • 1926 MS 65 DDO and DDR Buffalo nickel = sold for $3,120 In 2018,
  •  1926 D UNC detailed two-feather Buffalo nickel = sold for $545 In 2021,
  • 1926 D MS 67 Buffalo nickel=  sold for $70,500 In 2020
  • 1926 MS 67+ Buffalo nickel =sold for $16,450 In 2018

What is the value of the 1926 No Mint Mark Buffalo Nickel?

The value of Buffalo nickels is $0.45 to $24 and in good condition can be $20 to $450. high-grade coins are of $1,300 to $2,500.

Do 1926 Buffalo nickels contain silver?

All Buffalo nickels are made with the use of 75% Copper and 25% Nickel. Checking their history details they get a nickname for their high nickel content, that made in 1866. Before that, they known as half dimes or half dismes and were created with silver

Where Is Mint Mark On 1926 Buffalo Head Nickel?

The mint mark on the 1926 Buffalo Head Nickel on the back side below the FIVE cents denomination

What Buffalo Nickel is rare?

The 1926 2 feathers error and DDO/DDR Errors are liked by collectors and rare buffalo nickels. They are rare and have high value. The 1926 D 3-legged error coins are preferred by collectors but are less vlaue than 2 feather coins. The 1927 D is a famous buffalo nickel that comes with complete details and high grade is preferred by collectors.

How to tell Buffalo Nickel Is Rare?

The simple technique is to check the conditon and mint mark. Coins having no mint mark are desirable and they are made at P mint. D mintmarks are high-value coins. Check scratches and signs of wear to find coin grade. Buffalo nickels in extremely fine conditon are rare and high value. A coin that has 7 digits below the last digit 8 in date is high value since they have less number mintage.

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