How much is a 1943 Walking Liberty Half Dollar worth?

The value of 1943 Walking Liberty Half Dollar in average condition is about 9 dollars and in mint state is about 90 dollars. The 1943 half-dollar is created with the composition of 90 percent silver and the value is about seven dollars.  Value can vary based on the condition and type of coin. Let’s get started with How much is a 1943 Walking Liberty Half Dollar worth?

1943 Half Dollar Value Chart

1943 Half Dollar Good Fine MS65
1943 No Mint Mark Half Dollar Value $24 $45 $155 $42-$59
1943 “D” Mint Mark Half Dollar Value $24 $60 $200 $800 MS67
1943 “S” Mint Mark Half Dollar Value 24$ 50$ 250$ $9000 MS67

How much is a 1943 Walking Liberty Half Dollar worth today

1943 Half Dollar Error

Off-Center Strike Error:

If the die strike is not accurately made design off-center from the accurate point. This error is defined based on a percentage of normally off-center design percentage is five to ninety-five percent. Normally the coins have fifty to sixty percent off center and clear visible mint marks and the date is high-value

1942 Half Dollar Struck on 25C Planchet

In this error die strikes a quarter planchet. Coin with this error weight 5.670 grams and the standard weight of quarters made after 1964. This error can easily seen with naked eye.

Struck on a Peru 1/2 Sol Planchet

The US made much coinage for Peru and this leftover Peruvian half-cent planceht exists in crush form between 1943 Walker Half Dollar Dies. Coin with this error sold for 20000. These coins exist in the most valuable top hundred coins made by US Mint.

1939 Half Dollar Double Die Obverse Error

This error occurs when the coin strikes with the die and during striking shifted from the previous point and 2nd strike occurs at a different point and causes the doubling effect.The doubling effect can be seen on the motto IN GOD WE TRUST and minting date 1943. 1939 S half a dollar with this error of MS64 grade sold for 190 dollars. MS65 + with DDO error sold in 2014 for $1,370

Re-Punched Mint Mark Error

In this error die strikes the mint mark in the hubbing process causing a doubling effect on the mint mark. This error is mostly seen on 1939 D half Dollar. 1939 D half dollar with re-punched mint mark sold for 1295 dollars with MS64+ grade and in 2020 sold for $1,090.

History Of  1943 Half Dollar

The Walking Liberty Half Dollar was first made in 1916. They called Waliking liberty due to the heads on the front side. These coins were redesigned with dimes and quarters. But these three mints’ similar design configuration causes the misunderstanding.  The design of these coins was selected by arranging the competition and the design of Adolph A. Weinman. was selected. The striking of these coins were difficult during vending machines and their production stopped. To solve this issue design modification was made latter on. IN 1943 77,986,000 Liberty half dollars were made out of them 53,190,000 P minted, 11,346,000 1943 D half dollar, and 13,450,000 1943 S half dollar.

Features Of  1943 Half Dollar

Features Of  1943 Half Dollar

Obverse Of The 1943 Half Dollar

On the front side of 193 Half Dollar, there is a photo of  Walking Liberty clothed in a flowing dress to her knees, the US flag is on her shoulder and her right hand is toward the rising sun. That is a symbol of freedom. On this side of the coin, there is the word LIBERTY, mint mark 1943, and Unfolded Stars.

1943 Half Dollar Reverse
The back side of 193 Half Dollar comes with a US bald Eagle. The wings of the eagle are spread and resting on a rock which is a representation of fearless and US spirit power. WIththat motto E PLURIBUS UNUM is written that means out of many one.  With that country name and denomination Half Dollar also on this side exists.
Some other features of 1943 Half Dollar are
  • It is part of the Walking Liberty Half-Dollar series of coins.
  • A total of 53,190,000 coins were made. Its design was made by Adolph A. Weinman.
  • it has a reeded edge with a diameter of 30.6mm and a thickness is 1.8mm.
  • its weight is 12.5g with 90% Silver, 10% Copper composition

1943 No Mint Mark Half Dollar Value

The 1943 half-dollar made at the Philadelphia mint does not have a mint mark. There were about 53 million half dollars made by the Philadelphia Mint in 1943. Currently, about 2,750,000  coins exist.

  • Mint states they have 60 grades out of 70. About 250000 are of that grade and 60000 are gem quality of 54 grade.
  • Poorest conditon value=about 20 dollars
  • XF45= 24 dollars
  • MS60= 45 dollars
  • MS65=155 dollars
  • Half dollar MS67=800 dollars and sold about 2250 dollars
  • MS68=25000 dollars

1943 D Half Dollar Value

11 million 1943D half dollars were made by D mint. They have a D mint mark on the back side below the olive branches. In good condition, their value is about 17 dollars

  • Uncirculated = about $70
  • MS68= sold in 2006 for $51,175.

1943 S Mint Mark Half Dollar Value

13,450,000 Walking Liberty half dollars made in 1943 with an S mint mark on the backside. Their vlaue in average conditon is same as D and P-minted coins.

Normally their value is about 14 dollars and uncirculated condition coins are high value. In this conditon, they can sold for 5000 dollars, and MS67+ grade coins sold for $66,000 at an auction.

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Is1943 Walking Liberty Half-Dollar Rare?

There were about 78,000,000 1943 half-dollar made and their larger number made these coins common and it is difficult to find rare coins.

Which 1943 Walking Liberty Half-Dollar Is Most Valuable?

  • 1943 D MS 68 half dollar=  $51,175 sold in 2006
  • 1943 MS 68+ half dollar = $120,000 sold in  2021.
  • 1943 S MS 67+ half dollar=  $66,000 sold in 2021
What is the value of 1943 No Mint Mark Walking Liberty Half-Dollar?
The circulated condition 1943 half dollar from P mint in average conditon is about 8 dollars and in the mint state can have value from $28 to $25,000 according to condition.

What Is The Rarest 1943 Walking Liberty Half-Dollar?

The 1943 S Walking Liberty half a dollar struck on Peru 1/2 Sol planchet is a rare coin. Two coins exist for this grade and can be sold for 20000 dollars.

How to Check that A Half Dollar Is Made From Real Silver?

For this check the edge of the coin. If it is created with a real silver edge will come with a solid silver stripe and if there is a copper stripe on the coin edge than it is silver on the external layer.

What Year Of Half Dollars Are Rare?

The 1838 Philadelphia-produced half dollars are very rare and sold for$632,500 in 2005 and 2008 respectively at auction. The only surviving Orleans minted in 1838 is one of the rarest of all American coins.

Is a 1943 Walking Liberty silver?

yes, in 1943 half dolar is created with the use of 90 percent silver and 10 percent copper.

What year-half dollars are valuable?

The high-value Kennedy half dollars are made in 196. In pristine condition, they can sold for 108000 in 2019. The Kennedy half dollars made before 1971 are high value.

How much is a 1943 Walking Liberty Half Dollar worth today?

Value of  1943 Walking Liberty Half Dollar in different grades
1943 Walking Liberty Half Dollar $13 $15
1943 Walking Liberty Half Dollar (D) $13 $16
1943 Walking Liberty Half Dollar (S) $13 $16

What year is the rarest Walking Liberty Half Dollar?

The 1916 S Walking Liberty is the rarest coin.

What are the key date Walking Liberty half dollars?

The main dates are 1916 s, 1921, 1921-D, and 1921-S and 1938-D. The 1921 S is top grade MS66 sold for $250,000.

What is a Walking Liberty Half Dollar made of?

Edge reeded
Composition 90% silver 10% copper
Silver 0.36169 troy oz
Years of minting 1916–1947

Are Liberty half dollars pure silver?

Walking Liberty half a dollar comes with 12.50 grams of. 900 fine silver and . 100 fine copper with a total weight of. 36169 ounces of pure silver.

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