1999 Quarter Value: Georgia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey,

In 1999 year 50 statehood quarter program started to make coins that became very famous in US history.  The first 5 coins were dedicated to states that first ratified the constitution.  The 1999 quarter started to make for honoring the US 5 states and their contribution to the country. The States honored in 1999 are Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia, and Connecticut. Let’s get started with the 1999 Quarter Value

1999 Quarter Value Chart

1999 Quarter Value: How Much Is It Worth Today?

1999 Quarter Value: Georgia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut


1999 Quarter Value Details

  • Category – 50 States quarter
  • Mint – Philadelphia, Denver, San Francisco
  • Mintage – 4 453 532 620
  • Obverse designer – John Flanagan
  • Reverse designer – William Cousins, John Mercanti, Alfred Maletsky, T. James Ferrel
  • Composition – copper and nickel clad
  • Weight – 5.67 g (0.2 oz.)
  • Diameter – 24.3 mm (0.95 in)
  • Thickness – 1.75 mm (0.06 in)

History Of The 1999 Quarters

The US Mint started the fifty-statehood quarter program in 1999 by adding the five states on the backside to honor the us state. Delaware state quarters made for circulation on  January 4, 1999, that used first in a series. Pennsylvania State Quarters is 2nd in a series that was used for circulation on March 8, 1999. New Jersey state quarters is 3rd in a series that was used in circulation on May 17, 1999. Georgia State Quarters is the fourth in a series used for circulation on July 19, 1999. Connecticut state quarters si 5ht and made for circulation on October 12, 1999.

1999 Washington Quarters Types

Different types of 1999 Washington quarters on the base of their mintage is listed here

1999 Quarter Mint Mark
Cupronickel Silver proofs
Delaware State coins
 P 373,400,000
D 401,424,000
 S  proof 3,713,359 $804,565
Pennsylvania State coins
 P 349,000,000
 D 358,332,000
 S Pennsylvania proof 3,713,359 804,565$
New Jersey State coins
 P 363,200,000
 D New Jersey 299,028,000
 S New Jersey proof 3,713,359 804,565
Georgia State coins
 P 451,188,000
 D 488,744,000
 S 3,713,359$ 804,565
Connecticut State coins
 P 688,744,000
 D 657,880,000
 S Connecticut proof 3,713,359 804,565
Total 1999 Washington quarters of 5 states
4,449,506,795 4,022,825

1999 Quarter features

Overse of 1999 Quarter

The front side of the 1999 quarter has a photo of the president that was added to quarters since its creation in 1932. The design of the coin was made by  John Flanagan. With that the country names UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is also on this side with the word liBERTY. There is a motto IN GOD WE TRUST also on this side with a mint mark and denomination QUARTER DOLLAR.

Reverse of 1999 Quarter

There are five reverse designs of the 1999 quarter based on states. Those are listed here

1999 Delaware Quarter Design

It is the first series of quarters that honor the Delaware state made the Delaware quarter. Delaware is considered as USA’s first state. On the back side of the coins, there is Caesar Rodney. He was famous due to horse riding for 80 miles in bad weather conditions to cast a vote for independence of Delaware. That vote became the deciding vote. With the photo, there is the horse’s name written. The words THE FIRST STATE on this side of the coin are written. At the upper end of the coin, there is DELAWARE, written with its foundation date  1787. The minting year 1999 also on this side with the motto, ET PLURIBUS UNUM.

1999 Pennsylvania Quarter Design

As we know the Pennsylvania quarter design was introduced in March 1999. it has a photo of the Commonwealth statue built in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in 1905. State name also on this side with foundation date 1787. The words VIRTUE, LIBERTY, and INDEPENDENCE are also on this side of the coin. At the lower part of the coin, there is the emblem ET PLURIBUS UNUM.

1999 New Jersey Quarter Design

This coin design was introduced in May 1999. It has the design of Washington in army in 1776 during the war between the USA and the British This design is inspired by Emanuel Leutze’s painting. On these coins, there’s the state name and foundation year written as NEW JERSEY and  1787. The words CROSSROADS OF THE REVOLUTION, also on this side

1999 Georgia Quarter Design

In July 1999, the Georgia quarter was introduced and due to the nickname of the state the peach exists in the middle of the coin. The tree of state is oak which is also added to the design of the coin. The words WISDOM, JUSTICE, and MODERATION refer to Georgia’s motto, which also on this coin exists.  With that like other quarters state name and foundation date 1788 exist.

1999 Connecticut Quarter Design

It is the last quarter of the 50 States 1999 program. These coins were made in October 1999.It has an oak tree, that is called a charter oak tree due to legends called this tree Connecticut’s charter from the British king back in 1662. The words THE CHARTER OAK are written on this side with the state name and its foundation year 1788 also on this coin.

1999 P Quarters Value

The value of a quarter made by the Philadelphia Mint is about 0.25 dollars or face value. The MS64 grade coins are 0.30 dollars due to good condition and the MS65 grade are 0.50 dollars.

  • High-grade coins are of 3 to 8 dollars for all five states for MS68 grade. High-quality 1999 quarters for different grades for 5 states are
  • $900  Delaware quarter=   $4,888  MS 66
  • $700 Pennsylvania quarter= $10,200 for MS 67
  • $1,200  New Jersey quarter= and auction value $2,354 for MS 68
  • $500  Georgia quarter, auction price$4,200 for MS 65-rated coin
  • $450 = Connecticut quarter an auction record of $4,362 MS 68

1999 D Quarters Value

The 1999 Denver quarter is made with quarters for all 5 stars. That has D mint mark and MS66 grade coin has a value of $5,000, though 1999-D Quarters from Pennsylvania can sometimes of $7,500 or higher

1999-S Clad Quarter Value

The S mint makes only proof coins. These coins are made with the use of a special type of planceht and die.  The S-minted coins have the same value for each state.  PR 70 DCAM sold for 40 dollars

1999 S Proof Quarters Value

The 1999 cupronickel-proof quarters have a dollar value for PR 65 to PR 67  and silver coins have a value of $4. The Delaware DCAM silver coins value is about 8 dollars.

  • PR 68 grade = $3 to $12
  • PR 69= $7 to $8
  • Silver coins of Delaware state are 30 dollars
  • Pr70 is high value coins=  $50 to $80, based on state
  • Delaware DCAM silver=$450 in auction sold for $17,250 in 2007.

What Is the Value of a 1999 Connecticut State Quarter?

The value of the 1999 Connecticut State Quarter started from 25¢,. The P mint made 688,744,000, D mint made 657,880,000. The value of raw 1999 Connecticut state quarter in Mint State is about 25¢ face value. The market value of 1999-P or 1999-D Connecticut State quarter for uncirculated conditon is $1 and $3.00.

Coins from grading P and mint state have grades from MS60 and MS69. MS67 grade sold for 40 dollars. The value moves to  $500 for MS68. The auction record value for the 1999-P Connecticut State Quarter was $4,362 in 2006.

1999 Connecticut State Quarter Features

  • It has P,D, and S mint mark
  • its mintage is 1,350,337,359 (clad); 804,565 (silver) and its composition is 75% copper, 25% nickel (clad); 90% silver, 10% copper (silver).
  • its weight is 5.67 g (clad); 6.25 g (silver) and its diameter is 24.30 mm
  • Front design made by John Flanagan | William Cousins and reverse made by Andy Jones | T. James Ferrell

1999 Quarters Errors List

1999 D New Jersey Quarter Clip Error

In this error, coins are clip-off such as a chipped planceht error on Delawar quarter. In this error back side of the coins and some parts of the boat are chopped off. With that mostly part of a word, LIBERTY is chopped off and Q is on the front side. In graded state can sold for 70 dollars with this error. Georgia Quarter featured an off-center error and double-curved clips in 2021 and MS62 grade for 325 dollars.

 Rotated Die Error

For accurate design creation of quarter it must have obverse and back side design must be uniform. If it is not accurately aligned coins has rotated die. This error make coins  hundred dollars.

1999-P Connecticut Quarter Reverse Clad Layer Missing

In 1999 quarter series of 50 sate is made with cupronickel instead of having silver proof. Clad coins come with a pure copper core coated with 75 percent copper and 25 percent nickel. If there are no clad layer coins will show the copper color of the core.  With this error of MS61 grade sold for $430.

1999-P Die Cap Brock Double Struck Quarter

When a quarter is minted it does not retained in a machine but sticks with a die and when the die strikes a new coin make stamps on those coins. This error is known as die cap terror and has a value for an MS63 grade of about 173 dollars. Due to moving the planchet double strike will obtained. The MS65 grade quarter with brock and double strike, error sold for $1,200.

Quarter Struck 20% Off-Centre on 53% Scrap

This error occurs when the planceht is automatically punched and placed in the hopper after that. If there is enough cut the coins get an accurate circular design. Due to this error some parts of the misses caused scrap in the machine and struck with die

1999 Quarter Mated with Bonded Pair Error

Two blanks are put in machines at the same time and pressed with each other. In this process, one part gets front designs and other gets reverse, and two blank internal parts.  In some cases, this becomes a double strike on coins that overlap making mated pairs have a vlaue of 2000 dollars. it also becomes a triple strike when two coins are mashed with each other and can be sold for $3,120.

1999 Delaware Die Adjustment Strike

In some conditon die moves to have an accurate design. But if the die is not accurately set causes the adjustment error on coins with barely imprinted. In some cases, all details of the design were removed or became dime. Coin with this error sold for  $150 with an MS60 grade.


What are main Error On A 1999 Quarter?

The 1999 quarts come with 5 different designs so many errors can exist. The common error is Spitting Horse on the Delaware quarter. It is a minting error that causes the horse is spit and like look as crack in the die shifting a slash below the mouth of the horse. Coin with this error can sold for 40 dollars with MS65 grade

Is something Special About The 1999 Quarter?

The 1999 quarter series is special since it was the first out of ten years of the 50 States program of US Mint.

What is the value of the 1999 All Silver Quarter?

The 1999 quarter made with silver introduced by S mint is called proof coins. Their value is several dollars due to silver content. The MS67 or higher grade of several hundred dollars.

How Many Different Types of 1999 Quarters Are There?

There are main 5 different types of 1999 quarters  that are Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia, and Connecticut quarters

Which 1999 quarter is worth money?

Circulated conditon 1999 Connecticut clad quarter is about face value that is 0.25 dollars. In uncirculated condition, it is high value and near perfect conditon is rare coins.

 Is the 1999 quarter silver?

Circulated quarters do not have silver content while proo coins are made with 90 percent silver. So regular 1999 quarters do not have silver but special coins have silver content

How rare are gold quarters?
Gold quarters are rare since they are made of collectors and not used for circulation.  The Standing Liberty Centennial Gold Coin made in 2016 was used as a commemoration coins, and there were 91,752 coins made for circulation.

Which 1999 Quarters Are most valueable?

  • 1999 S PR 70 DCAM Delaware silver quarter =  $17,250 sold in(2007)
  • 1999 P MS 67 Pennsylvania clad quarter=  $10,200 sold in (2006)
  • 1999 S PR 70 DCAM Georgia silver quarter =  $6,038 sold in (2007)
  • 1999 P MS 66 Delaware clad quarter =  $4,888 sold in (2008)
  • 1999 P MS 67 Connecticut clad quarter =  $4,362 sold in (2006)
  • 1999 S PR 70 DCAM Connecticut silver quarter=  $1,610 sold in (2007)
  • 1999 D MS 64 Delaware clad quarter = $1,380 sold in (2003)
  • 1999 S PR 70 DCAM Delaware clad quarter=  $1,323 sold in (2007)
  • 1999 S PR 70 DCAM Georgia clad quarter =  $1,150 sold in (2003)
  • 1999 S PR 70 DCAM Connecticut clad quarter =  $1,035 sold in (2003)
  • 1999 D MS 68 New Jersey clad quarter =  $978 sold in (2008)
  • 1999 D MS 67 Pennsylvania clad quarter = $855 sold in (2010)
  • 1999 S PR 70 DCAM Pennsylvania clad quarter =  $834  sold in (2004)
  • 1999 P MS 65 Georgia clad quarter = $4,200  sold in (2022)
  • 1999 S PR 70 DCAM New Jersey silver quarter = $2,530 sold in (2007)
  • 1999 P MS 68 New Jersey clad quarter =  $2,354  sold in (2023)
  • 1999 D MS 68 Connecticut clad quarter=  $2,300  sold in (2018)
  • 1999 S PR 70 DCAM Pennsylvania silver quarter = $1,725 sold in  (2009)
  • 1999 S PR 69 DCAM New Jersey clad quarter = $500 sold in (2004)
  • 1999 D MS 68 Georgia clad quarter =  $329 sold in (2013)
How Much Are 1999 Quarters Worth?
For low-grade P minted quarters are of face value. They can sold for 0.30 to 8 dollars and MS65 grades are  $450 to $12,000, according state

What Are high value Washington 50 States Quarters?

  • 1999 S PR 70 Delaware silver quarter = $17,250 sold in (2007)
  • 2003 S PR 69 Alabama quarter = $10,999  sold in  (2019)
  • 2004 D MS 67 Wisconsin quarter (Extra Leaf Low) =  $6,000 sold in (2020)
  • 1999 P MS 67 Pennsylvania quarter=  $10,200  sold in  (2006)
  • 1999 S PR 70 Georgia silver quarter = $6,038  sold in  (2007)

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