What is a 1998 quarter worth? P”, “D”, “S” Mint Mark Worth

The 1998 quarter is best-considered coins for collectors due to its value. Either it is not part of the 50 State Quarters program but it gets special importance for collectors. The 1998 Washington Quarter is a modern coin with errors it has high value. Let’s get started with What is a 1998 quarter worth?

What is a 1998 quarter worth

History Of 1998 Quarter

The 1998 quarter is part of the Washington quarter series that was made from 1932 to the current date. Its design was made by John Flanagan for the commemoration of the USA’s first president and high working as a Founding Father and politician. In the early years of the 1930s Bicentennial committee was established to create Washington’s bicentennial birth anniversary. In this committee, it was discussed to replace Walking Liberty half a dollar for an anniversary.  So as a result, the Standing Liberty Quarter was replaced with a Washington Quarter. On these coins, the photo of the president was added on the front side, and the national photo on the back side. New coin manufacturing started in 1932 July and by August, the Mint released quarters for circulation.  These quarters were made with the use of silver until 1965 when the mint started to use copper-nickel cladding with an increase in silver prices. The photo of the president on the front side still exists but there were many changes made in reverse design with time.

1998 Quarter Value Chart

Condition 1998 P quarter 1998 D quarter 1998 S clad proof quarter 1998 S silver proof quarter
Good $0.30 $0.30
Fine $0.30 $0.30
MS 65 $8 $8
Proof 65 $5 $11

1998 P Washington Quarter Value

The 1998 P Washington Quarters made by the Philadelphia Mint is part of quarters made first time in 1932. it comes with 91.67% copper and 8.33% nickel, the weight of 1998 P quarters is 5.67 grams and the diameter is 24.3 millimeters. it comes with 25 cents face value and a reeded edge. More than one billion P mint coins were made. With the P mint also made 1998 P quarter in circulation, proof and silver proof coins. The proof coins come with a frosted date with a mirrored background and polished planchet used for striking these coins and silver proof type coins made with the use of  90% silver and 10% copper.

The value of the 1998 P proof quarter in perfect condition is about 15 dollars. While circulated coins come with the value of 25 cents or higher.

  • Uncircualed MS63= 1.50 dollars
  • MS65= 5 dollars or higer
  • MS70=  thousands of dollars

1998 D Washington Quarter Value

The D mint made 821,000,000 quarters in 1998. Their circulated condition value is $0.30 to $0.85. The 1998 D quarters were not easy to find for an MS68 grade or higher, which can have poor strikes in the late 1980s and 1990s. The uncirculated condition coin value is 100 dollars.

1998-S Silver Proof Quarter Value

The S mint made 872,792 Washington silver proofs. These prof coins look good with strike best as compared to the 1998 quarter. They do not get a premium due to high mintage and less attraction of collectors.

The 1998 S-proof silver-proof coins have a value of 65 dollars for rare MS70. The high-value coins sold in 2021 for 930 dollars

1998 S silver proof DCAM quarter Value
PR 67 $8
PR 68 $9
PR 69 $12
PR 70 $32

1998 S Clad Proof Quarter Value

The S mint-made proof quarters with a cladding of about 2,086,507 come with S mint mark. These coins are considered as high value due to low circulation. But the value of 1998S clad quarter proof is low about 1 to 12 dollars for DCAM grade. The DCAM 1998 S PR70 quarter sold in 2005 for 219 dollars.

Grade 1998 S clad proof DCAM quarter Value
PR 67 $1
PR 68 $3
PR 69 $6
PR 70 $12

1998 Washington Quarter Errors

1998 Washington Quarter Die Crack

When the die is used in the minting process comes with many cracks on the surface. So many wears can see its surface. When this die is used for coin striking make small bumps on coins. These marks are valuable and increase the value of the coin. The 1998 quarter with die crack is about 60 dollars and the value is 100 dollars for large errors that can seen with the eye.

1998 Washington Quarter Doubled Die Error

It is a common type of error that mostly exists in quarters. This error occurs when a working die strikes the planchet two or more times at different angles making a doubling effect on coins. The double effect can be seen on different words of coins like IN GOD WE TRUST, LIBERTY, and minting date on the front side, and on the back side doubling exists on denomination.  COin with this error has a value of 50 to 150 dollars

1998 P Wide AM Reverse

In this error, there is a distance between the A and AM words on the back side of the coin in the county name. It is due to a change in design that made in the die used for coin striking. About 20000 coins with this error made and have importance in mint state. Circulated coins of this error are a hundred dollars in value, uncirculated condition value is about thousands of dollars or higher. MS70 grade is rare and has a value of thousands of dollars or more.

1998 Off-Center Quarter Error

This error occurs during the manufacturing of coins. This error is due to the misalignment of coins in the minting press causing an off-center strike error.  This error can exist for P and D mint mark coins. Off-center strikes can be based on a percentage of misalignments from the center. High off-center is more valuable coins.  The 1998 P quarter with 20 percent off center with MS64 grade sold for 431 dollars in 2021. 1998 P quarter with 30 percent off-center MS66 sold for 2040 dollars in 2021.

1998 Washington Quarter Broad Strike Error

This error is due to damaged collars that prevent metal from expanding over effect to make coin rim and edge. These coins are wider than normal coins and have difficult-to-read details close to the rim and smooth edge.

1998 Washington Quarter Capped Die Error

In this error metal struck to die when it regularly hit new coins. In this condition, a planceht connected with a die gets a bottle cap-like shape. Due to this structure damaged coins are called capped die and they are also called Mushrooms.

Features of 1998 Quarters

1998 Quarter Features

1998 Washington Quarter Obverse

On the front side of the coin, there is a photo of the USA’s first president washingtwon. With that word LIBERTY also on this side and mint mark according to mint also on this side. The motto IN GOD WE TRUST also added.

1998 Washington Quarter Reverse

On the back side of these coins, there is the national symbol of the USA. we can see a bald eagle with its head facing left and spread wings. It has an arrow bundle with both claws and a symbol of war. Below the talons, two crossed olive branches are peace symbols. Below the branches the QUARTER DOLLAR denomination and motto E · PLURIBUS · UNUM exist Country name also on this side exists.

Some other features of the 1998 quarter are

  • Its face value is 0.25 dollars and round shape
  • its diameter is 0.957 inches and its composition is Copper and nickel-clad coin with a copper core.
  • Its weight is 0.200 ounces and thickness is 0.069 inches and its Reeded edge.

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What Makes A 1998 Quarter Rare?

There were 1.7 billion 1998 quarters their larger number makes them not rare coins. So there are no special coins from this series is rare due to the large number. But some errors and high grades can be rare and high-value

Which 1998 Quarter Is Most Valuable?

  • 1998 D MS 67+ quarter =$1,528 sold in 2015)
  • 1998 P MS 68 quarter =$1,380 sold in 2007)
  • 1998 S PR 70 quarter with deep cameo contrast =$219 sold in 2005
  • 1998 S silver PR 68 with deep cameo contrast = $930 sold  in 2021
  • 1998 D MS 67 PL quarter = $375 sold in 2022

What is the value of1998 P Quarter?

The high number of 1998 quarter with P mint make them common. In average conditions, they are not more than face value. Mint states they are high value about 8 dollars or higher. In action 1998 P quarter sold for $1,380.

What Is The Most valueable Washington Quarter?

Washington quarters are older in USA history as their manufacturing started in the 1930s. So it is not easy to find them in mint state for older coins and make these coins high value. The 1932 D Washington is a rare coin sold for $143,750 in Auctioni. 1998 quarter in 2015 sold for $1,528.

Are 1998 Silver Quarters Worth Anything?

The 1998 silver quarters made as proof at S mint are affordable value. The 1998 silver quarters are of 13 dollars.

How to know the Valuable 1998 Quarter?

The uncirculated 1998 quarter in mint state is not more than the face value of the circulated condition. Check full luster on both sides of the coins. Read high points on both sides of the coins to have a wear sign, the uncirculated 1998 quarter is of high value and has wear and dullness.

Is A 1998 D Quarter Worth high?

The 1998 D quarter is valuable in uncirculated grades. For MS67 value is 100 dollars.

What Is The Most Valuable 1998 Quarter?

1998 S proof quarter is high value with deep cameo finishing has a value of 10 dollars in perfect condition.

 What Does The Obverse Of The 1998 Quarter Show?

The front side of the 1998 quarter has a photo of President George Washington.

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