1973 quarter worth $35,000? (Price Chart, Error List, History & Varieties)

The coins were made to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the first president of the USA. Many parameters affect the value of the 1973 quarter, such as condition, mint mark date, and value of copper. The value of the 1973 D Washington quarter in average condition is about twenty-five cents, and in mint state, it will have a value of twenty dollars. Let’s discuss the 1973 quarter worth $35,000. (Price Chart, Error List, History, and Varieties)

History of the 1973 Quarter

The quarter, aka twenty-five cents, is very commonly used in the US. It is best for seignorage, which is the difference between coin creation cost and face value. Firstly, these coins were made as commemorative coins for Washington’s birth. The anniversary was in 1932, when Congress started to make plans for the celebration earlier. President Calvin Coolidge was chairman of the commission, but it was relatively inactive until the next president took office and the commission was formed in 1929. There were P mints that made 346,924,000 coins and D mints that made 232,977,400 coins; the 1973 S proof quarter was 2,760,339; and a total of 582,661,739 were made.

1973 quarter value

1973 No-Mint Mark Quarter Value

The P mint comes with a larger mintage of Washington Quarter in 1972 than other mints. These coins can easily be found since they do not have any mintmarks. There were 346,924,000 coins made in P.M. without a mintmark, and their larger number decreases their importance. The circulated coins’ value in average condition is not equal to their face value and can be bought for twenty-five cents. In mint state, it will have a high value. Such as the coins having MS65 grade will have prices of about six dollars.

  • MS67 grade value is 1486 dollars
  • The auction recorded a value is 550 dollars in 2023.
  • MS_67+= $1,300,
  • Grade_2= MS 66 200 coins exist and have a value of 45 dollars

1973-D Quarter Value

The DMint created 232,977,400 1973 quarters with a D mint mark. MS 68 was available for $2,750 on August 29, 2022. It is the only known coin in this grade and is in good condition.

  • Circulated condition= $0.25
  • MS 65 = $7.00
  • MS 67 = $250.00
  • MS 67+ = $1800.00
  • MS 68 = $2750.00

1973-S Proof Quarter Value

2,760,339 quarters were made in 1973 with an S mint mark on the front side. These coins are of low value since there are a large number on the market. The 1973 S-proof coins are about 25 cents in average condition. In some conditions, we can buy with a PR rating of more than 4.5 dollars. The prices of marked CAM and DCAM are high based on grade. The highly rated coins can cost about two thousand dollars. The deep cameo contract of 1973 in Washington will have a price of $6,000 at auction. This type of coin was sold for $5,875 at Heritage Auctions in 2017.

1973 quarter worth $35,000

1973 Washington Quarter Errors

Flip-Over Double-Struck Quarter in a Collar

This coin was punched once, flipped over due to a mistake, and struck once more. It resulted in a photo of the front on the backside. There are some coins with these errors that can have a value of a hundred dollars or a thousand dollars.

1973 (P) Quarter Triple Struck Off-Center

Normally, coins are struck about two times for a complete shifting of design. But blank can result in causes due to strikes resulting in the next import to another location and causing images to overlap. Second strikes were 85 and 95 percent misaligned and changed the shape of the coin, and the MS62 grade will have $1,000 worth.

1973 Quarter Struck On A Penny

It also causes mechanical mint errors if coins are struck on the blank with another coin denomination. It was a penny with 9.05mm across instead of 24.3mm, which means some design details were removed. Its weight is about 3.1 grams. The business strike P quarter-graded MS65 sold for about $1,495 and the 1973-S proof-graded PF 67 RD sold for $3,100.

1973-S Proof Quarter Double-Struck On A Penny

is like the previous error since here planchet is used for 1c coin. Since this planchet shifted between strikes, it is double-struck and comes with overlapping images. It is a rare error on proof coins as this coin minting process is performed under restricted supervision. Due to this error, coins became 3.13 grams instead of 5.67 grams. The graded PF68 RB was sold for $4,600.

1973-D Quarter Struck On A Dime Planchet

In this error, the blank was made of 10c coins. That is smaller than a penny, about 17.91mm, which caused the larger details of the coins to cut off. It was a larger size than the 5.67-gram expectation. Liberty and the upper part of Washington’s head were removed, and the MS64-graded coin’s price is $1,900.

1973-D Quarter Struck on a Nickel Planchet

In this error, quarte struck on the 5C planchet. Normally, some words are cut on the coins, and the weight becomes less than five grams, then 5.67 grams. but coins are low-grade for AU58. That means an uncirculated condition for 50 to 58 and sold for $145.

1973 Washington Quarter Features

The obverse of the 1973 Washington Quarter

The photo of the Washington president was taken on the front side of the quarter. Here, the photo is towards the left side. In this coin, the important thing is bow-tying hair tall like the male hairstyle of that time. There is a mint mark on the coins based on mintage, either S or D mint. The word liberty is over the head of Washington put on the upper rim, and the mintage year is below the photo. In front of the throat of Washington, there is the phrase In God We Trust.

Reverse of the 1973 Washington Quarter

The back side of the coin shows the USA bald eagle with its head turned to the left side and spread wings. This eagle denotes the national bird of the USA, and we can get it on the seal of the president. The eagle has a bundle of arrows in its claw, and two crossed olive branches are below. The QUARTER coin denomination is below this bird talon, and the Latin phrase E PLURIBUS UNUM is made on heat. The upper coin edges come with the word the United States of America.

  • Some more features of the quarter are
  • the face value of $0.25
  • The composition is copper (75%), nickel (25%), and a clad core.
  • 0.2 ounces in weight, 0.95669 inches in diameter, and 0.06889 inches in thickness.
  • It has a rounded shape.

Which 1973 Washington Quarter Is Worth A Lot Of Money?

Most valuable 1973 quarter for different grade value

1973 quarter Mint Mark Grade Designation Price Year Sold
S PR 70 DCAM $5,875 $2,017
D MS 68 None $2,750 $2,022
None MS 67 None 1,486 2,013
S PR 69 CAM 45$ 2,022$
S PR 68 None 40$ 2,022$

What Is the Rarest Washington Quarter?

Washington quarters of older types are not easy to find currently. Most of these types of coins were in circulation for many years, so getting coins in a mint state is not easy. Collectors prefer the coins made in 1930 when their creation started. The 1932 D. Washington quarter is rare, and high prices in series can come with auction prices of $143,750.


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