2017 Penny Value: “P”, “D”, “S” Mint Mark

The 2017 penny is historically important and liked by collectors as compared to other coins. These coins were made on the 225th Anniversary of P min, so it single Lincoln penny that has a P mint mark. These coins are the latest Penny coin that was made in 2010.  Let’s get started with the 2017 Penny Value.

2017 Penny Details

  • Category: Lincoln Shield penny
  • Mints: Philadelphia, Denver, San Francisco
  • Total mintage: 8 billion+
  • Thickness: 2.5 millimeters (0.10 inches)
  • Composition: 97.5% zinc, 2.5% copper
  • Obverse designer: Victor David Brenner
  • Reverse designer: Lyndall Bass, Joseph Menna
  • Edge: Plain
  • Diameter: 19 millimeters (0.75 inches)
  • Weight: 2.5 grams

2017 Penny Value Chart

Mint Mark Uncirculated
Proof (PR / PF 65)
2017 “P” Penny $0.34
2017 “D” Penny $0.34
2017 “S” Penny Proof $6 $5
2017 “S” Penny Enhanced Uncirculated $20

2017 p penny value

History Of 2017 Penny

The 2017 penny is part of the Lincoln penny series the first time made in 1909 on the 100th birthday of Lincoln’s president. Victor David Brenner, the designer made the design of these coins that come with a photo of the president on the front side and the reverse side has two wheat stalks. This design was used until 1959 the 100th birthday of the president two wheat stalks on the reverse changed with the Lincoln Memorial.

In 2008 again design changed and on the back side of coins, Union Shield was added. In 2017 pennies came with the P mint mark at the 225th anniversary. These coins have first-time P mint marks on the front side with a Union Shield design.

2017-P No Mint Mark Penny Value

There were 4,361,220,000 Pennies made in 2017 by P Mint. These coins were made to celebrate the 225th anniversary of P mint and have a P mint mark. The value of coins with different grades is as.

  • 2017 MS 70 BN =  $66 in perfect grade
  • MS 68 RD sold for $712.80 in December 2020,
  • 2017 RB coin graded Genuine by NGC sold for $55 in May 2018
  • PO1 RD coin sold for $4,500 in 2018.
  • According to PCGS MS 68 RD’s value is $475.

2017-D Penny Value

The D mint made 4,272,800,000 pennies in 2017. Their larger number makes these coins easy to find. Full red coins are rare for high grades. MS68 full red coins have a value of about 500 dollars. Some pennies from low to middle-mint states are easy to get. Such as 2017-D graded MS65 is 2.50 dollars and MS67 is about $15 or higer.

Circulated coins have a value range of $0.05 to $0.10. The high-value 2017-D penny is a fully red gem graded MS68. It was sold for 1595 dollars in 2021

2017 S Penny – Copper Plated Zinc Proof Coins

There are 979,498 coins made by S mint in 2017 and designs made by Victor David Brenner, Lyndall Bass, and Joseph Menna. These coins come with an S mint mark and are copper-plated zinc zinc-proof type. proof coins specially made for collectors and come with a shiny mirror-like appearance. These coins are not used for business circulation. Their face value is about 0.01 dollars and their uncirculated condition value is 5.84 dollars.

2017 S Penny – Enhanced Uncirculated

Uncirculated coins come with satin finish P, D, and S circulating denominations. These coins also known as PDS sets and contrary to proof coins burnished planceht not used. They are business strike coins that have a more shiny look and make use of these coins by a minting person. Before normal coins were used in circulation some high-grade coins coins selected from coin machines and packaged with different packing. These coins sold for high value.

2017 Penny Errors

 Penny DDO Error

Double die obverse error occurs when die shifts between hub striking in resulting second impression occurring at different points. This error can seen on each coin strike with this die. There were a larger number of coins made with this error. But it is not a high-value error. Coin with MS 65 grade has a value of about ten dollars.

2017 Strike-Through Penny Error

In this error, some external components between die and planchet and the materials shifted to coins design. Circulated 2017 penny sold for 70 dollars in circulated conditon.

Heavily Clashed Dies Error

In this error on the 2017 P penny, both side designs are not accurately printed resulting in designs looking like waves or rings. Coin with this error sold for 150 dollars

Penny Off-Centre Error

This error occurs when the planceht shifted before the first die strike. As a result, part of the coins is blank when the coin is removed from the press and the off-center percentage defines the value of the coins. The value of off-center error is based on percentage. MS64 RD grade coin has a value of about  $300.

2017 Penny Features

Obverse Of 2017 Penny

The front side of the 2017 P penny comes with Abraham Lincoln president on the front side facing right. The motto IN GOD WE TRUST is written. The mint mark and date are also on this side. The initials of designer VDB are also on this side.

Reverse Of The 2017 Penny

The back side of the 2017 penny has Union Shield designed by Lyndall Bass in 2010. The country’s name and motto E Pluribus Unum also on this side. ONE CENT denomination on this side with designer initials LG and JFM can seen there.

Some other features of 2017 Penny are

  • It has 97.5% zinc coated with 2.5% copper composition.
  • Its diameter is about 19.05mm with unreeded edge and its weight is 2.5 grams.

2017 p penny value features

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How Much Is A 2017 Penny Worth Today?

The 2017 penny comes with 2.44 grams of zinc so the value is defined according to zinc value and in MS its melt value is about 3 cents. 2017 S and 2017 Enhanced uncirculated coins have values $5.84 and $20 respectively, But circulated 2017 pennies come with a cent face value.

What Is Special About A 2017-P Penny?

The 2017 P Lincoln penny is first coins that come with P mint mark. That makes it special coins.

How Much Copper Is In A 2017 Penny?

The 2017 penny comes with copper plated zinc plancet. The zinc component is about $97.5 percent zinc and 2.5 percent copper.

Why Do 2017 Pennies Have P Mint Mark?

Normally the coins made at P mint do not come with a mint mark. The 2017 is the first coin that has P mint mark added for the celebration of the 225th anniversary. It is only coins that come Union Shield pennies struck in Philadelphia with the mint mark P.

Are 2017 Pennies Rare?

These pennies are not rare but some coins with errors can be rare. Some common errors of high value are doubled die or off-metal errors, and struck-through errors.

How many 2017 p pennies were made?

There were 1,182,800,000  coins made by P mint.

Are 2017 Lincoln Cents For Collecting?

These coins are preferred by collectors and they are easily available in different conditon. Error coins are proffered by collectors.

What year of penny is 100% copper?

1957 was the last year that came with 100 percent copper. In 1964 penny composion changed to 95 percent copper alloy and five percent tin or zinc added. The 1943 steel penny also pennies until 1982 were 95% copper alloy.

How much does a 2017 penny weigh in grams?

Pennies made after 1983 come with a weight of 2.50 grams and older pennies of copper has weigh 3.11 grams.

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