1957 Nickel Coin Value, Errors List, “D” & No Mint Mark Worth

The nickels are 5-cent coins with a photo of Jefferson on the front side. These coins were made from 1938 to the current date without any changes in design. These coins made from 1946 to 2003 by P, S, or D mint.

These coins are easy to afford and some rare coins have high value. Their millions of mintae make these coins common. Here we will learn the features and other details of the 1957 Nickel. So let’s get started with How much are 1957 nickels worth?

History Of 1957 Nickel

The 1957 nickel is part of Thomas Jefferson nickel coins that were first time made in 1938. These Jefferson Nickle were replaced with Buffalo or indian Head Nickels, which were made in 1913 by USA Mint. The Jefferson nickel was made in place of Buffalo nickels that were used for 25 years of circulation since these coins needed more dies for coins.

The competition was arranged for the design of nickels and the design of Felix Schlag, a sculptor was selected. In 1938 October the P Mint, D, and S Mint started to make Jefferson nickles. In 1957 just D and P mint made nickel and regular coins with proof coins.

There were a total of 176,484,852 coins made in 1957 out of that 1957 No Mint mark nickel 38,408,000, 1957 proof nickel 1,247,952, 1957 D nickel 136,828,900.

1957 Nickel Value

1957 Nickel Value Chart

Mint Mark Good Uncirculated PR 65 MS 60 MS 65
1957 No-Mint Mark Nickel Value $0.10 $480 $3.30 0.56 $17
1957-D Nickel Value $0.10 $200 0.56 $17
1957- Proof Nickel Value $110

Features of 1957 Nickel

Obverse Of 1957 Nickel

The 1957 nickle comes with Thomas Jefferson photo on the front side facing left. In this photo, the president has black hair in a low ponytail with a high coat collar. The country motto IN GOD WE TRUST also added on this side. On the right side, the of coins word LIBERTY is written and the minting date is also there with 5-star

Reverse Of The 1957 Nickel

The back side of the 1957 nickle comes with Monticello which is the home of Jefferson. The word MONTICELLO is also written there. The denomination FIVE CENTS with the country name written. The motto E PLURIBUS UNUM is also on this side.

Some other features of 1957 Nickel are

  • its weight is five grams and its diameter is 21.20 millimeters
  • its composition is 75% Copper and 25% Nickel  with plain edge
  • Just 1957 Jefferson nickel made at D mint has a mint mark

1957 nickel features

1957 No-Mint Mark Nickel Value

There were a total of 38,400,000 1957  Jefferson nickels made. Mostly these coins used in circulation are commonly found.  The 1957 nickle coins come with weak strikes like the nickles made in the 1950s. These coins made on dark planchet cause the drab-looking 1957 no-mint mark nickel.

The 1957 no Mint mark value for different grades is

  • circulated condition=$0.10 to $0.20
  • MS65= $22.50
  • MS67=$480
  • Coins with full steps are rare and high value. Na be sold for 1250 dollars.
  • In 2006 no mint mark nickle sold for $4,313 in Auctions

Proof 1957 Jefferson Nickel Value

The P mint also made proof coins with regular 1957 nickels. A total of 1,247,952 coins made there were for collectors and mostly in good condition. They have value in different ranges and value range is about $0.25 to $120, based on quality.

  • CAM quality nickels are=$60 to $720
  • DCAM has a value range $2,250 to $6,500
  • In 2010 The PR68 grade 1957 DCAM nickle sold for $7,475 at Heritage Auctions
Grade 1957 PR nickel CAM 1957 PR nickel DCAM 1957 PR nickel
PR 66 $8 $58 $2,250
PR 67 $15.00 $86.00 $3,000.00
PR 68 $30 $440 $6,500
PR 69 $120 $720 /

1957 D Nickel Value

There were over 138 million nickels in 1957 made by D mint with the D mint mark. Circulated conditions these coins can be of face value and grade one coins can be of 10 dollars.

MS60 grade coins are two dollars without full steps and five dollars with full steps.

MS65 grade has a value of about  $20 and $110.

Full step MS66+ value is $2,500  and MS67 grade is about 15000 dollars.

16 coins have a grade of MS66+ FS and 2 sold for  $1,200 and $1,528 respectively in 2020 auctions. MS67 FS nickle sold in 2021 for 1020 dollars.

1957 Nickel Errors List

1957 Full-Steps Nickel Error

The coins hs complete 6 steps easily visible are called Full Step nickels or 6FS and coins that has five steps are 5FS. The full step is not considered an error, it is defined that the coin is accurately struck. But it considered as high-value coins for collectors.

The FUll step P or D minted coins can have a value of 150 dollars. Some coins in good conditon can be sold for thousands of dollars.

In 2006 Full Step 1957 nickel MS66 grade sold for $4,303.

Re-Punched Mint Mark Nickel Error

The 1957 nickles were made with the use of manual minting of mint marks. So in this conditon, double or triple mint marks can printed due to misalignment.  If the re-punched mint mark is not easily seen can have a value of $3 to $5. If the re-punched mark is clear has a value of about  25 to $50. This error comes in 1957 D nickles since these coins have a mint mark

1957 (P) No Mint Mark Nickel Struck On A Cent Planchet

This error occurred in 1957 P minted coins that used one cent planceht for striking. The coin strike with one cent planchet weighs 3.11 grams and that must be 3.32 grams.  Coins of MS62 with this grade sold for 863 dollars in 2011.

1957 Doubled Die Nickel Error

This error is commonly seen in Nickles coins. This error occurs when the die strikes the design more than one time at different angles. It results from the design part overlapping and making a doubling effect. Double affect can seen on different words and letters of coins. Normally doubling effect can seen on the FIVE CENT denomination and MONTICELLO word. Doubling can also seen in Jeffeson’s eye. The 1957 double die nickle coins have a value of about 50 dollars and the doubling effect if seen has a value range of 10 dollars or higher.

 Off-Center Error

This error occurs when the die strikes at different angles instead of the center and misses some parts of the design. The value of this error is based on percentage. 1 percent to 3 percent off-center are common and has less value and five to ten percent off-center has a value of about 10 to 25 dollars. fifty percent off-center is a high value can be 100 dollars.

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Is There Anything Special About A 1957 Nickel?

The noticeable thing about the 1957 nickel is the star between LIBERTY and 1957 on the front side is enlarged. The enlarged star used in only 1957 and 1958 years, makes these coins special. After 1957 normal sizes of stars were added to coins.

Where is the mint mark located on a 1957 nickel?

Just 1957 nickels come with a D mint mark. The mint mark can seen on reverse side of the coins. The coin made at the Philadelphia Mint does not have a mint mark.

How Much Silver 1957 Nickel Have?

1957 Jefferson nickels do not have silver. These coins come with a silver-ish look that can be due to nickel metallic coin composition. The 1957 nickle has 75% copper and 25% nickel.

Are there any rare 1957 nickels?

The 1957 error jefferon nickles coins are considered as rare. Coms coins with Full Steps in high grade are rare. These coins are considered rare and high-value

What is the most valuable 1957 Jefferson Nickel?

  • 1957 PR 68 Jefferson nickel DCAM= $7,475 sold in January 2010
  • 1957 D MS 66+ Jefferson nickel Full Steps =$4,600 sold in  2011
  • 1957 MS 66 Jefferson nickel Full Steps = $4,313 sold in 2006
  • 1957 D MS 67 Jefferson nickel =$460 sold  in September 2010
  • 1957 PR 68 Jefferson nickel CAM = $2,990 sold in 2008)
  • 1957 PR 69 Jefferson nickel = $2,450 sold in 2019)
  • 1957 MS 67+ Jefferson nickel = $1,550 sold in 2022
  • 1957 PR 67 QDO Jefferson nickel = $566 sold in 2012

What Is the value of no Mint Mark 1957 Jefferson Nickel?

Their value range is $0.07 to $0.15 and in mint state can be of $0.20 to $400.

What Are The Most Costly Jefferson Nickels?

Most Valuable Jefferson Nickels are

1938-D Full Steps $33,600
1949-D D Over S Full Steps $32,900
1964 Special Mint Set Full Steps 32,900$
1942-D D Over Horizontal D $32,200
1940 Reverse of 1938 $28,750
1953-S Full Steps $24,000
1950-D Full Steps $17,250
1943/2-P Full Steps $16,675
1952-D Full Steps $16,450
1951 Full Steps $16,450
1979 Susan Be. Anthony Dollar Over Jefferson Nickel $15,275
1953 Deep Cameo $15,275
1939 Reverse of 1940 $23,500
1964 Full Steps With Satin Finish $22,800
1962 Full Steps $21,150
1939 Doubled Monticello $20,562
2000-P Two-Headed Nickel $20,520
1964-D Repunched Mintmark $19,800
1941 Proof Minting $18,800
2007 George Washington Dollar Over Jefferson Nickel $17,625

What Is A 1957 Nickel Made Out Of?

The 1957 nickle was made with the use of 3-quarter copper and one-quarter nickel. This composition was used since 1938 for the first nickels. In 1942 195 different compositions were used. These coins are made with use of 56% copper, 35% silver, and 9% manganese.

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