1946 Wheat Penny Value: are “D”, “S”, No mint mark worth money?

The 1946 wheat penny value is considered moderate since there is a larger number in the market. But still, they’re in circulation and used. But in some wear conditions, they are of high value. In a good mint state, S mint can have a value of six dollars, D mint five, and P mint four dollars. It is the last 1956 coin that was made with a composition of 95 percent copper and five percent zinc. This composition was changed during World War II to save copper for war purposes. Let’s get started with the 1946 Wheat Penny Value: Are “D,” “S,” or no mint mark worth money?

1946 Wheat Penny History

The penny made in 1946 is part of the Wheat Pennies series. Since it has a photo of two ears of wheat on the backside, This design has been used since the Lincoln pennies were made in 1909. Lincoln pennies are the first to have photos of a person. Older coins come with Lady Liberty on the side of the coins. In 1909, at the birth of the president, the photo was added to the coin. This penny is the last that was made during WWII. Its metallic composition changed from cropper to steel coated in zinc in 1943. But steel pennies were not used for a longer period, and in 1944, again, copper-looking coins were made. All 1956 pennies are made with five percent zinc and 95 percent copper.

More than 1.5 billion wheat pennies were made in 1946; most were made at the P mint, and more than three hundred million were made at the D mint. About two hundred million are made at S. Mint.

1946 Wheat Penny Value

1946 Lincoln Wheat Penny Features

1946 Lincoln Wheat Penny Obverse

The front side of this coin has the same design as one made on the birthday of Lincoln in 1909. That comes with a photo of the president in the right direction. On the top part of the photo, there are words IN GOD WE TRUST, and the back side of President Liberty is written. Below the shoulder of the president, there is the VDB of designer initials added to the coins.

1946 Wheat Penny Reverse

On the back side of these coins, there are two wheat stalks with left and right rim parts. This design has the phrase E PLURIBUS UNUM on the upper part of the coins, and there are the words ONE CENT UNITED STATES OF AMERICA written between wheat ears in 4 lines.

Some more features of the 1946 wheat pennies are.

  • ($0.01 is its face value with a round shape.
  • It is made with 95% copper and zinc or tin.
  • 0.03937 inches in thickness and 1.75 inches in diameter,
  • 0.10970 ounces of weight and plain edges

1946 (P) No Mint Mark Wheat Penny Value

1946 (P) No Mint Mark Wheat Penny Value

There were 991,655,000 pennies without the MInt mark made in 1946. They can easily be identified by the base of their colors. Red-colored pennies are rare and have a value of $0.55 to $85; high-minted pennies can have a value of $515 to $600. In 2006, a price of $14,950 was given for these coins. Red-brown coins can have a value of $0.35 to $55. That in the auction was sold for MS 64 grade for $135. Low-cost brown penny value is $0.25 to $45 and MS67 grades Lincoln cent prices were $736.

  • Red Penny value =
    • Low value= $0.55 to $85,
    • High value=$515 to $600  and Auction value:$14,950
  • Red-brown value:
    • Low value= $0.35 to $55
    • High value=$135
  • Brown:
    • Low value= $0.25 to $45
    • High value=$736

1946 D Wheat Penny Value

More than 315 million pennies were made with the D mint mark, and some coins have value about their face value. For MS65 grades, their value is about $24. The red coin for MS66+ grades has a value of $75, and some pennies for MS67 grades have prices of $225 and $1,150. In the 2014 auction, the value of MS67 RD grades 1946 D wheat penny was $2,585. In action 2021, the RED brown with D mint was sold for $145.

  • MS65=24 dollars
  • MS66+ 75 dollars
  • MS67=225 dollars
  • MS67+=1150 dollars
  • MS67 RD=2585 dollars In auction 2014
  • Red, brown, and mint= 145 dollars in Auction 2021

1946 S. Wheat Penny Value

Normally, 198,100,000 pennies were made in S. mintae. For a normal brown color, the value is $0.55 to $47. The priced coins had a grade of 67 and sold for 135 dollars in the auction. Red-brown pennies have prices of 0.65 dollars in MS63 grades. High-quality coins have a value of $1 to $57, and the very high price given for the 1946 S RB cent was $204. The price of a red 1946 penny has a value of $0.85 to $174. In an auction in 1946, an S-graded MS67 was sold for $16,800 in 2022.

Brown :

  • Low value= $0.55
  • High value=$47.0
  • Grading value: 67$ and 135 Auction value

Red-brown :

  • Low value= $0.65
  • Grading value:63 dollars

High-quality Coin value

  • Low value= $01
  • Grading value: $57.0

Very High: $204.0

Red 1946 value:

  • Low value= $0.85
  • High value=$174.0

1946 S MS67

  • 67 dollar is grading value and auction value is 16800 dollars

1946 Wheat Penny Errors List

Re-punched Mint Mark

The 1946 wheat pennies made at D. Mint come with mint re-punched. On this coin, there is a blurred shadow of the D mint mark over the new one. The MS64-graded RD coins were for 60 dollars, and the MS67 have prices of $280.

Off-Center Strike Error

The 1946 wheat struck-off center coins were made at P.M. and sold for $50 for AU58 grades. There is one coni of ten percent off center, and MS64 grades have prices of $150.

Overmintmark: S over D error

In this error, a mint mark is struck on the letter D, which is a common type of error. These error coins are also low-ranked and have a value of $11 to $144, and some good mint states can have a value of $260 to $465. 1946 S/D MS 67 brown penny sold for $3,181

L On Rim Error

The pennies that have an L engraved on the rim of the coin are called 1946 L on-rim error coins. The L is shifted from the word liberty on coins, and it has a higher value than normal coins.

Clipped Planchet Error

In this error, the missing part of the coin can easily be found over the edges.

What are the Costliest 1946 Wheat Pennies?

  • S MS 67+ Lincoln Wheat red penny = $16,800 in 2022
  • MS 67 Lincoln Wheat red penny = $14,950 sold in 2006
  • S/D MS 67 Lincoln Wheat brown penny (over mint mark) =$3,181 sold in 2023
  • S/D MS 66+ Lincoln Wheat red penny  = $3,173
  • D MS 67+ Lincoln Wheat red penny = $2,585
  • MS 67 Lincoln Wheat brown penny = $736
  • D AU 50 Lincoln Wheat brown penny = $470
  • S MS 66 Lincoln Wheat red penny (inverted mint mark)= $468
  • S/D MS 63 Lincoln Wheat red-brown penny (over mint mark) = $341 23rd February 2014
  • S MS 67 Lincoln Wheat red-brown penny = $204 30th March 2021
  • S MS 62 Lincoln Wheat brown penny =  $179 11th March 2019
  • D MS 67 Lincoln Wheat red-brown penny = $145
  • S MS 67 Lincoln Wheat brown penny = $135
  • MS 64 Lincoln Wheat red-brown penny = $135

What Wheat Pennies Won The Auction Records?

  • 1943 Bronze D MS64 brown Lincoln penny (January 2021) = 840000$
  • 1909 PR67 None Lincoln penny (August 2014) = 258500$
  • 1944Steel MS64 None Lincoln penny (June 2021) = 180000$
  • 1943Bronze MS62 brown Lincoln penny (February 2021)= 372000$
  • 1943Bronze S MS63 brown Lincoln penny (November 2020) = 504000$
  • 1944Steel S MS66 None Lincoln penny (August 2021) = 408000$

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