1964 Dime Coin Value, Error, Types & Mint Mark

Roosevelt dimes were made more than 70 years ago and are used for celebrating the president’s services through the Great Depression and World War II. But US dime does not have a high value for collectors. But 1964 is special they are the last coins made with 90 percent silver. The 1964 dime in uncirculated condition can be of hundreds of dollars and the full band can be of high value. So let’s get started with the 1964 Dime Coin Value.

1964 (P) Dime Value

The billions of dimes made in 1964 by P Mint. The larger volume makes them easy to find. The dimes made at the Philadelphia Mint do not have mint marks.

The extremely fine condition is about three dollars. Uncirculated coins are of high value. The MS60 grade low-grade coins for mint state are about four dollars. MS65 grade is 15 dollars and MS67 is 50 dollars.

The common example without a full band is MS68 sold for 384 dollars in 2021. The full-band designation coins are of high value. For lower mint state grades, the difference is minor, about a dollar up to MS65 grade.

MS67 grade 1964 P dime sold for 300 dollars for the full band.

1964 Dime Coin Value

1964 (D) Dime Value

There were 1,357,517,180 coins made by D mint which are larger number of coins and can be purchased for silver base value. The 1964 dime for good condition sells for three dollars and mint state can be high value.

Value-based on condition full band coins are of high value. Many coins of D mint saved for mint state. So there are many options for collectors and come with different values.

MS67 grade D mint coins are about 30 dollars and the full designated full band is about 300 dollars.

MS68 full band dime sold for $6,500 in 2018

MS63 grade is about 7 dollars and M67 can be about 45 dollars.

The 1964 D MS64 sold for 3600 dollars and the full band of MS68 auctioned price $6,495.

1964 Proof (P) Dime Value

The 1964 proof dime graded PF60 has a value of about 2.75 dollars and the PF64 grade is about 10 dollars. PF70 grade is about 150 dollars for a high grade.

Cameo-proof dimes come with a shiny surface and have a value of PF70 grade 650 dollars. Ultra cameo dime with grade 64 dollars is about 22 dollars and PF70 is about$5,000.

1964 SMS Dime Value

in 1964 special strike dime made called SMS. These coins were made where there were no proof coins. These coins were made for collectors and coins for each denomination made in that year. These coins are rare coins just 20 to 50 coins of 1964 SMS exist. They are high-value coins and these coins do not have mint marks since made at P mint.

SP64 grade coin is about 4000 dollars and can be 20000 dollars for 1964 SMS dime graded SP68.

History Of 1964 Dime

The 1964 dime belongs to the Roosevelt dime series and is made to commemorate America’s most popular presidents. The dime name was given after the March of Dimes, a vibrant movement FD Roosevelt his fight for polio. He contracted polio and fought to remove the disease. He was died in 1945. In 1945 May coins creation started to commemorate the fallen president.

New Roosevelt dimes were replaced with Mercury dimes that circulated for 20 five years. Some counteversary were created for Dime’s design some said FDR should added on coins and some not though to add. So dime was made in 1946 and used for circulation. These coins are made with 90 percent silver and 10 percent copper content

The 1960s is important in the USA for coinage history. In these years silver got shorted due to hoarding silver coins and some people melted coins to get silver. As a result, the silver supply decreases. So US Mint stopped the creation of silver coins in 1964 and then used base metals for coins. From 1965 until now, Dimes were made with copper core and copper-nickel clad. Congress froze the 1964 date on coins alow date 1964 coins to be minted in 1966. It contributed to the high mintage.

Features Of 1964 Dime

Obverse Of 1964 Dime

The design made by Chief Engraver John R. Sinnock has been unchanged since 1946. The front side of the coin comes with a photo of President Roosevelt who was the 32nd US president.

The word LIBERTY is also written there and the motto IN GOD WE TRUST written there. The mint date 1964 is also on this side. The initials of designer JS are also there.

Reverse Of 1964 Dime

The back side of the 1964 dime comes with a blazing torch and olive and oak branches. A blazing torch denoted liberty and an olive branch is a symbol of peace. The oak branch is a symbol of strength and independence. The torch comes with horizontal bands at the top and lower and vertical also. These bands are important since they define the value Roosevelt dime.

On the back side of the coins there motto E PLURIBUS UNUM and the country name and denomination ONE DIME is also on this side

Some other features of 1964 dimes are

  • The 1964 dime comes with 90 percent silver and 10 percent copper. its weight is 2.50 grams and its dimensions are 17.90 millimeters in diameter.
  • The coin has a silver weight of about 0.0723  and a fineness rating is 0.9. It has a reeded edge.
  • The 1964 dime was made by three mint P, D, and S. P and S minted coins do not have mint marks.

1964 Dime features

1964 Dime Errors

1964 D Dime Struck Through Reeding

This error occurs when the strip around the edge of the coins is removed. It then got when next coins struck, and make pressed on the obverse. The coin AU58 grade sold for 348 dollars in 2018

 Dime Struck On Defective Planchet

The dime struck in P mint was made on a defective planchet. and metallic discs used for coin creation. In this error, the upper right part of the planchet is missing. Make coins with a weight of 2.2 grams rather than 2.5 grams. MS65 grade coin sold for 306 dollars in 2015

Double Die Error

Double die error can seen on D-minted coins. There are some letters struck on the reverse side and these letters are in larger dimensions, making coins seem overlapping clearly. The uncirculated and mint condition coins with MS65 grade of double die error are about 160 dollars. The coin having a clear doubling effect is high value. The doubling effect can seen in the words the United States of America, One Dime, and E Pluribus Unum.

1964 P Dime With Curved Cap S

After minting coins are not removed then connected with the die and struck many times. It will result in edges in a curved cap shape. Certain coins with the error of MS66 grade and full torch designation is about $460.

1964 Doubled Die Obverse Dime Error

Doubled die error is common for the 1964 Dime series. it occurs due to the use of a worn-out die that makes a doubling effect on any side of the coins.

Coins with striking hubs can be of wear and tear. In 1964 dime double die error can easily seen on IN GOD WE TRUST and the date. The PF 68 grade coins sold in 2019 for $1,100.

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Is The 1964 Dime Worth Anything?

Vlaue if 1964 dime can be different based on condition and mint mark. High-grade coins can be hundreds or even thousands. There are many varieties of 1964 Roosevelt dimes and value can be defined by doubling and repunched mintmarks. The 1964 SMS dime is thousands of dollars.

Are All 1964 Dimes Silver?

The 1964 dime is the last year that was made with 90 percent silver.

Are Dimes Before 1964 Worth More?

Before 1964 dimes were not of high value since they come with 90 percent silver and 10 percent copper. Coins come with the same obverse and reverse images as the 1964 dimes. The 1955 dime comes with a low mintage and rarity helps to increase its value. No more special difference that was made before and in 1964.

How Much Silver Is In The 1964 Dime?

The 1964 dime comes with 90 percent silver that weighs about  0.072 ounces. The 10% is copper, which was added to enhance the coin.

How to identify 1964 SMS dime?

The fields are properly struck, and clean, and do not have any special scratches. The edges for mostly 1964 SMS coins are square and sharp. Busts and legends are highly detailed and sharp in some coins, as compared to circulation strike coins.

How much is a 1964 dime worth today?

  • The 1964 dime for circulated condition is about  $2.65 and $3.15. uncirculated condition sell for as much as $900.

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