1905 Indian Head Penny Value, Error, Types, & Mint Mark

Indian head pennies are made from 1901 to 1909 and they are very famous for collectors. The 1905 indian penny is also part of this series of coins and has a high value in gem uncirculated condition. The mint state can be hundreds of thousands of dollars. So let’s get started with the 1905 Indian head penny Value.

1905 Indian Head Penny History

Indian pennies are also called indian head cent. These coins were made from 1959 to 1909 and more than 80 million coins were made by P mint. The 1905 Indian head penny belongs to the 1850s when there were many changes faced in copper prices. The US mint made copper coins but higher prices insisted on changing the composition.

There were compositions changed and alloys of different metals with copper were used. These changes made the Flying Eagle cent heavy weight and thick but the size remained the same as the copper Lincoln cent had.

The new design comes with 12 percent nickle and 88 percent copper. Nickel was only used between 1856 to 1857 since a new companion was introduced that could easily made on copper-nickel alloy planchets.

The new design was selected in 1958 and produced new indian head coins in 1959. This new design was liked by people and there were more than 80 million coins made till 1905. Coins made from 1905 to 1909 are high value in uncirculated condition.

There were 80,719,163 coins made in 1905 and out of that are 1905-proof penny 2,152. 

1905 Indian Head Penny Coin Value

Condition 1905 Indian Head Penny No Mint Mark Value
Poor  $1
Fair $1 to $2
About Good $2 to $3
Good $2 too $4
Very Good about$6
Fine $8 to $12
Very Fine about $30
Extremely Fine $50 to $75
About Uncirculated $100 – $150
Mint State (60 to63) $200 – $900
Mint State (64+) $1 000 +

Features Of 1905 Indian Head Penny

Obverse Of  1905 Indian Head Penny

The front side of the indian head penny comes with left facing photo of Lady Liberty having a Native indian headdress. The work LIBERTY is also on this side and the country name  UNITED STATES shown on the left side and AMERICA is around the right edge

Reverse Of 1905 Indian Head Penny

The back side of the coins comes with an oak wreath 3 arrows tied with ribbon and a shield at the top. 13 strips in the shield denote colonies. ONE CENT Denomination is also there.

Some other features of coins are

  • its face value of one cent
  • its diameter is 19.05 mm and round shape
  • its thickness is 1.47 mm and its composition is an alloy of 95% copper with traces of zinc or tin
  • its weight is 3.11 grams and its plain edge
  • 1905 Indian Head Penny  features

1905 Indian Head Penny Grading

number Grade
1 Basal State-1
2 Fair
3 Very Fair
4, 5, 6 Good
7, 8, 10 Very Good
12, 15 Fine
20, 30 Very Fine
40 Extremely Fine
50 About Uncirculated
60 MS
65 MS
70 MS

1905 No Mint Mark Indian Head Penny Value

There were 80,717,011 1905 pennies made by the P mint. Moslty these coins used for circulation and some has lost features and that has affect on their value measuring features.  Red color 1905 penny is high value and value based on condition and grade.

  • MS61 grade is about 60 dollars and higher ranked are high value
  • MS62 has a vlaue of 85 dollars
  • MS63 is 160 dollars
  • MS64 is bout 350 dollars
  • MS65 is 650 dollars
  • MS66 is 1650 dollars

MS67 grade is high value and has a value of about 17000 dollars and coins of this grade sold in 2013 for $19,975.

  • 1905 brown penny circulated conditon is about two to 46 dollars. perfect condition is easy to afford.
  • MS60 to MS66 grades of a brown penny is $50 to $475, and MS67 grade has a value range of $1,350 to $1,680
  • MS65 grade 1905 brown penny sold for 960 dollars in 2022.
  • Red-brown 1905 penny value is about 55 to $850, MS 67 grade can cost $1,700 to $2,100.
  • In 2011 1905 RB MS 66 penny sold for $1,726.

1905 Indian Head Penny Proof Value

With regular strikes, the P mint made 2,152 proof coins. These coins made for collectors with use of many striking with best quality dies and make these coins having shiny luster and brilliant strike.

The 1905 indian head proofs red gem conditon coins are high value, and brown are also high-value.

Based on condition 1905 indian head-proof coins has value $150 and $1900.

PR67 grade sold for $11,750 in 2014.

Value for different grades are

  • $225 = PR 60
  • $250 =PR 61
  • $275= PR 62
  • $350 =PR 63
  • $650 = PR 64
  • $1,150 =PR 65
  • $2,250 = PR 66
  • $8,150 =PR 67

1905 Indian Head Penny Errors List

Clipped Planchet Error

This error is due to the die cutting off from the planchet edge at the time of sticking. it occurs when the metallic piece is not correctly configured at the time of minting. Coin with this error sold for 90 to 100 dollars based on condition.

Strike-Through Indian Head Penny Error

It is a common error, at the time of coin striking die and planchet must clean and not have any debris for accurate strike when die and planchet strike at smae time. Dust or debris comes between the die and planchet causing the design to miss some parts. Coin with this error can sold for 20 to 30 dollars based on condition.

Doubled Die Obverse

Double die error comes comes on pennies when die not accurately stike and doubling affect can seen on coins at different parameters. The value of coins with this error is about 45 dollars. Sometime the doubling effects not seen so a coin magnifying glass used

Off-Center Error

In this error comes the part of the design shifts from the central point and causes the off-center. The value of coins based on a percentage of off-center design 30 to 50 percent missing design is about  $450 to $460. Coin with clearly seen minting date and mint mark is high value

Re-Punched Date

In this error, the date is not struck on the coins at the accurate point. Based on coin wear or damage we check this fact easily. brown 1905 XF 40 RPD coin, sold for $396 in 2013.

Die Breaks

it is a common error for 1905 pennies. Dies are stamps coins on both sides and added design. If the die used is older, the design on the coins is accurate resulting in the coin’s irregular design and missed part of the picture. The error of this type of coin has value based on condition.

Most Valuable 1905 Indian Head Penny

  • 1905 PR 67 Indian Head cent with CAM = Sold for $23,000 in July 2009,
  • red 1905 MS 67 Indian Head cent= Sold for $19,975 in April 2013,
  •  red 1905 PR 67 Indian Head cent =Sold for  $11,750 in March 2014,
  •  red-brown 1905 PR 67 Indian Head cent=Sold for $5,405 in May 2018,
  •  brown 1905 XF 40 Indian Head cent with re-punched date =Sold for $396 in July 2013
  •  brown 1905 PR 67 Indian Head cent =Sold for $3,335 in February 2005,
  • red-brown 1905 MS 66 Indian Head cent =Sold for $1,726 in October 2011,
  • brown 1905 MS 65 Indian Head cent =Sold for $960 in June 2022,

High value Indian Head Cents

  •  1864 PR 65 Indian Head cent with L On Ribbon error=  ($161,000,  sold in 2011
  • 1877 MS 66 Indian Head cent= $149,500, sold in 2007,
  •  red 1902 MS 68 Indian Head cent =$144,000, sold in 2022,
  •  DCAM 1897 PR 67+ Indian Head cent =$108,000, sold in  2021,
  • 1872 MS 66 Indian Head cent =$126,500, sold in 2007,
  • red 1899 MS 68 Indian Head cent =$108,000, sold in  2019

How Much Is  1905 Indian Head Cent Worth?

The indian head coins value is based on conditon and color. Their value range is about 80 to 1540 dollars and MS67 grade is about 15000 dollars to $18,750.

The 1905 brown pennies for a circulated condition are about $1 to $30, and mint state coins is about $32 to $1,680.

How rare is a 1905 Indian Head Penny?

The P mint made more than 80 million coins for circulation in 1905. These coins are common and easy to find. But red coins in high uncirculated condition are rare and high-value

What is the mintage of a 1905 Indian Head penny?

Year Mint Mintage
1905 (P) 80,719,163
1906 (P) 96,022,255
1907 (P) 108,138,618
1908 (P) 32,327,987

Which years of Indian Head pennies are the most valuable?

  • The 1877 penny are known due to its low mintage high preference for collectors and high value.
  • 1909-S is lart year of indian head pennies, that is low mintage and made it high value.
  • 1864 L  has L as the initial of the designer which makes it a rare and high-value

Which pennies are valuable?

  • 1944 Steel Wheat Penny: $408,000.
  • 1943 Copper Wheat Penny – $250,000.
  • 1856 Flying Eagle Penny – $25,000.
  • 1924 S Wheat Penny – $12,000.
  • 1873 Indian Head Penny – $10,000.
  •  1858 Flying Eagle Penny – $10,000.

What is the error on a 1905 Indian Head Penny?

  • The 1905 Indian head penny comes with different error like Doubled Die on Reverse (DDR), Doubled Die on Obverse (DDO), and Repunched Mint Mark (RPM.

What is the lowest mintage Indian head penny?

  • The 1909 S indian head penny comes with a low mintage of all indian head pennies for 309,000 coins. 1,825,000 1909-S Lincoln Cents and 484,000 of the rare 1909-S VDB Key Date Lincoln Cents

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