What is 1922 silver dollar worth today? Errors, “D”, “S” & No Mint Mark Worth

The 1922 Silver Dollar was made by the USA Mint at the start of the 20th century. Still, many coins exist in circulation and are liked by collectors.  Silver dollars made in 19922 are called Peace Dollars. Different errors and types of 1922 silver dollars were made. Here we will cover their details. Let’s get started with What is 1922 silver dollar worth today.

1922 Silver Dollar Value Chart

1922 Silver dollar Good Fine  (EF) Uncirculated
1922 No Mint Mark Silver Dollar Value (Low Relief)
14.98 USD  15.44 USD 17.96 USD
20.10 USD
1922 No Mint Mark Silver Dollar Value (High Relief)
137,776 USD
1922 “D” Silver Dollar Value 14.98 USD  15.44 USD  17.96 USD
 24.11 USD
1922 “S” Silver Dollar Value 14.98 USD 15.44 USD  17.96 USD
 24.11 USD
PR61 PR63 PR64 PR65
1922 (P) Proof Silver Dollar, Low Relief, Value (Matte finish
1922 (P) Proof Silver Dollar, High Relief, Value (Matte finish)
 $100,000  $150,000  $230,000

History Of 1922 Silver Dollar

The 1922 silver dollar coins were made to honor the World War I ending that was ended in 1918. The U.S. government asked the mint to make coins to celebrate peace in the USA and all over the world. These coins are part of USA silver dollar coins. These coins are known as peace dollars. Designed by, Anthony de Francisci who used the high relief technique for designing the 1922 silver dollars. In this technique design of coins appeared raised over the fields. The details look like are protruding.

This type of coin circulated in the 1920s, 1034, and 1935. In 201 the US government decided to make mostly 1922 peach silver dollars. The coin was made in 2022 to celebrate the 100 years of Anthony’s beautiful coin design. The mintage made coins from 1922 to 1928. in 1934 and 1935 more coins were made and circulated for traders’ hands. Three mints P, S, and D made these coins. The mint made about 51,737,000 in the low-relief category. With 35,401 high-relief 1922 silver dollar coins made.

The S mint made 17,475,000 coins and the D mint made fewer coins about 15,063,000. There were about 11 dozen proof coins made by P mint. These come in January and February with high-relief art. The 1922-proof silver dollars were never used for circulation.

1922 Silver Dollar Value

Features of 1922 Silver Dollars

 Obverse Of 1922 Silver Dollar

On these coins, there is Lady Liberty burst facing the left side. The word LIBERTY can also seen there and minting years at the lower end. The motto IN GOD WE TRUST is also on this side.  The word TRVST is added as a design part. that attracts the collectors.

Reverse Of 1922 Silver Dollar

On this side, an American Eagle is sitting on a stone and clutching an olive branch in its talons.   The olive branch shows the peace. There are rays behind the eagle. it shows the starting of the USA’s new life after World War 1. The word country name “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA also written there. The motto E. PLURIBUS UNUM” is added there. The word PEACE and denomination ONE DOLLAR are also on this side.

Some other features of the 1922 silver dollar are.

it is made with 90 percent silver and 10 percent copper.

Its weight is 26.73 grams and its diameter is 38.10 millimeters.

The Denver mint coins have mint mark and P minted not have a mark

Features of 1922 Silver Dollars

1922 Silver Dollar Without Mint Mark value

The P mint made about 52 million silver dollars. These coins do not have mint marks. Now about 10 million coins exist. But in good condiotn are very less or rare. The 1922 Philadelphia silver dollars about 2 quarters are in circulation condition.  Other quarters are grade 60 or higher that are in mint state. 65 grade has 75000 coins and upwards are gem quality coins.

The 1922 silver dollar grade 1 coins are 34 dollars and grade 2 are 3 dollars.

Mint state coins are bout 52 dollars and MS64 are 110 dollars or higher.

MS66 grade or above are rare. The 1922 P silver dollar is about 725 dollars of higher.

MS66+ sold for $2,500 apiece.

Fine MS67 53 coins exist that can be $10,000 per coin.

1922 Silver Dollar Without Mint Mark (High Relief) value

These coins are of high value due to their 3-D look and higher definition. These coins are proof coins due to their high quality and rare nature. They come with special coins and have a value of about 137,776 USD

1922 “D” Silver Dollar Value

The D mint made about 15,063,000 1922 Silver dollars. These coins come in uncirculated condition and can be sold for 18.38 dollars. MS65 grade is about 2591 USD.

1922 “S” Silver Dollar Value

The S mint made about 17.5 million coins in 1922. About two million exist currently and have an S mint mark. Coins grade 1 and 2 are about 34 dollars. Circulated conditions are 34 dollars to 64 dollars for three to thirty-five grades.

  • MS62+ is about 110 dollars.
  • MS65= 1450 dollars
  • MS66 are rare coins has a value about $21,000.
  • MS66+ grade value is about $55,000.

1922 Silver Dollar Errors

1922 Silver Dollar Die Break-In Reverse

This error occurs on coins die to pressure application during the minting process. In this error metal blob below the eagle’s chin can seen. This error can easily seen. The coin with this error is about 125 dollars and the break can also seen on“ONE DOLLAR.”

Satin Finish, High Relief, Reverse Of 1921 Error

The proof silver 1922 dollars comes with a high relief and satin finish. With that comes the reverse of the 1921 dollar. This error can seen on PR60 grade coins. it can sold for a high value about six figures.

1922 Silver Dollar Double Die In Reverse And Obverse

The 1922 silver dollar double die coins were struck with a die that mistakenly misaligned during the minting process and left a double design on any side of the coins. These coins are high value and can be sold for about 179 dollars or higher

“Moustache” Variety, VAM12A Error

The most famous 1922 silver dollar coins are the Moustache” variety. It comes with code VAM12A, and die crack comes with the look of moustache on Lady Liberty’s upper lip. Very less coins with this error exist. The most coins with this error are in AU55 and MS63 grades.  Their value is about 450 dollars or higher. MS65 grades are high value and can be $1,500 each.

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How Rare Are The 1922 Silver Dollars?

The rarity of coins is based on mint marks, errors, and types. The high relief 1922 silver dollars are rare. Currently, about 11 high-relief versions exist.

Which 1922 silver dollar is worth the most?

The high relief 1922 silver dollar of PR65 or higer is high value. High-value coins sold for 137.776 USD.  1922 S Silver Dollars in pristine, uncirculated condition has a value about $40000.

What is 1922 silver dollars worth?

Circulated condition coins is about 30 to 40 dollars. Grade 1 or 2 in identifiable is about 100 dollars. PR67 grade sold $458,250 in 2017

How Many 1922 Silver Dollars Are There?

Year Philadelphia San Francisco
1921 1,006,473
1922 51,737,000 17,475,000

What is a 1922 silver dollar with trust spelled trvst?

Each peace dollar comes with TRUST spelled as TRVST. That is a sign of the nation’s victory in World War I.

How Do I Know If My Silver Dollar Value Is Valuable?

Vlaue and rarity nature of the SIlver dollar is based on some factors like its current conditon, error and mintage. The trusted coins. The weight of coins is an important factor that tells that silver coins is of high value.

Where Is The Mint Mark On A 1922 Silver Dollar Coin?

The mint mark on the back side of 1922 silver dollar coins is between an eagle and the “ONE DOLLAR” inscription.

How much is a 1922 silver dollar trvst worth?

The peace dollar 1922 circulated condition is about $33 and $42. 1922 D Silver Dollars in pristine, uncirculated condition is about $25000.

How many 1922 silver dollars exist?

There are about 10 million coins existed in 1922 peace dollars according to PCGS. 2.5 millions of them are of MS60 to MS64 grade and 75,000 are grade MS65 or higer


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