1969 Penny Value Guides (Rare Errors, “D”, “S”, and No Mint Mark)

Lincoln pennies faced many compositional changes in 1969, their composition changed from 95 percent copper to a new copper-zinc combination. Due to this compositional change, there is a sixty-year-old copper copper-enriched alloy that looks reddish. Mostly 1969 pennies are common, and some rare pennies are proffered by collectors. In this post we we will cover the details of 1969 pennies features, errors, and importance for collectors. So let’s discuss the 1969 Penny Value Guides (Rare Errors, “D”, “S”, and No Mint Mark).

1969 Penny Value

How much is a 1969 Penny worth?

The value of a 1969 penny in the average circulated condition is one cent and for a certified mint state, its value is 12 dollars.

1969 Penny Specs & Design

  • Its mass is 2.5 grams and its diameter is 19.05mm with a thickness is 1.52mm.
  • it has a smooth edge
  • The composition is 95% copper before 1982, 97% copper 3% zinc after 1982.
  • Its back side design was made by Lyndall Bass  and front side was made by Victor D. Brenner

Compositional Change in 1969 Penny

The design of longer used Lincoln wheat penny minted from 1909 to 1858 and made with bronze alloy has 95 percent copper and five percent zin and tin composition. it provides the coin’s deep red-brown look that was used till the introduction of the Lincoln Memorial in 1959. However, the cost increases the copper in the 1960s changing the completion to copper zin c to 95 percent and five percent zinc. This new alloy was used as a test till 1965 and in 1969 officially accepted.

History of the 1969 Penny

The historical factors of 1969 are important for coin collectors and coin lovers. in 1969 there was a design change in the reverse side by the US government of pennies. The designer Frank Gasparro changed the design from 2 wheat sheaths to Lincoln Memorial Hall. With that 3 US Mint struck more than five billion 1969 pennies and Philadelphia made  1,136,910,000 units. D mint made about 4,000,832,000 pennies. S mint made 544,375,000 units of 1969 pennies and 2,934,631 proof coins. Proof coins were not commonly used. They were available to the Mint office and some coin collectors. So S mint 1969 pennies are now rare and have high worth. its value is high due to the use of copper

1969 Penny Value Chart

Mint Mark Uncirculated Extra Fine Fine Good
1969 No Mint Mark penny 0.50 Dollars 0.25 Dollars 0.25 Dollars 0.10 Dollars
1969 S Penny 0.60 Dollars 0.40 Dollars 0.25 Dollars 0.10 Dollars
1969 D Penny 0.40 Dollars 0.20 Dollars 0.25 Dollars 0.10 Dollars
1969 S Proof Penny
1 Dollar

Features of the 1969 Penny

1969 Penny Obverse

On the front side or reverse of the 1969 penny, there is an image of Abraham Lincoln bust. The face direction is toward the right. The front side of this penny is a remembrance of the 100th anniversary of Lincoln. There is a word written on the upper part of the front side that is IN GOD WE TRUST which is the USA motto. If on the coin there is less or no wear then the sign of Vicros David on some 1969 pennies can seen. The symbol VDB is mentioned below the shoulder of Lincoln. That is honoring the designer.

Liberty word written is on the left side of the coin. That is peace and unity guidelines for the US people. On the lower part of the coin, there is the date of the coin written.

1969 Penny Obverse 

1969 Penny Reverse

On the back side of the coin, there is a photo of Lincoln Memorial Hall made in 1922 in honor of Lincoln’s president. The reverse design is made by Frank Gasparro. In the image we can see that Lincoln is seated, showing the 19-foot statue made in a real memorial in the National Mall in  Washington, D.C. There is a country name written on the back side at the top time and ONE CENT is mentioned at the lower part. motto E PLURIBUS UNUMcan seen at the upper part of Memorial Hall. Close hall stores there is FG written that shows the designer Frank Gasparro.

Features of the 1969 Penny

About 1,136,910,000 Lincoln pennies were made by the P Mint in 1969. Many coins were used in circulation, so they are easy to use and find. We can also get a 1969 Lincoln penny that is graded MS65. But coins of grade MS68 and larger are rare.  The value is different based on mint MS65 which has a value of about 2.50 and 7.50 dollars. The red-colored pennies are favorable and come with some scratches and coin details can seen clearly. There is no known red penny but they are in mint state and have a value of $300 at grade MS67. The high prices1969 red penny was graded MS67 and sold in 2010 for about 5,750 dollars

1969 D Penny Value

The mint mark D or Denver Strcuk made 4,002,832,200 1969 D pennies that are very common and do not have the interest of collectors.  1969 D pennies like the other 1960s pennies were struck poorly and have low quality. Coines in mint state are not easy to find and considered rare. The brown-colored 1969 D Lincoln penny has a value of about 0.05 dollars for circulated conditions.  The Grade MS65 prices are 2 dollars and the MS67 grade is 7.50 dollars.  Highly processed 1969 D penny sold for 191 dollars in 2020. Some red 1969 pennies in the mint state have 15 dollar value for MS66 grade. In 2010 highly rare penny was sold for $7,475.

1969 S Penny Value

The Sna Fransicon mint or S mint made both normal and proofs pennies in 1969.  almost  544,375,000 pennies were made and they were used commonly. The value of brown collared is 0.05 dollars on circulated condition. The pennies of grade MS68 become rare. For MS67 grade we can get a 1969 S Lincoln penny for about $7.50. Red-colored pennies are difficult to find in circulated condition and some are valuable in mint grade and have a value of about 400 dollars for MS67

1969 S Penny Value (Proof)

There were 2,934,631 proof Lincoln pennies made by S mont. These coins are valuable for collectors due to their satin finish, and good contrast. 1969 S-proof pennies come in red, cameo, and deep cameo, and the deep cameo is considered as high value. The red Lincoln-proof penny grade has a value of about 28 dollars.  Cameo Linclon proofs are high value then OF69 graded has prices about 65 dollars. deep cameo can be sold for about $625.

Rare 1969 Penny Error List

Some common errors related to the 1969 penny are listed here

1969 S Double Die Obverse Penny Error

is very common and highly sought after an error in the Lincoln series.  it was first found by Bill Hudson and Ceil Moorhosues in 1970, and this error is the result of many forgery attempts. To eradicate counterfeit money, the U.S. Secret Service once confiscated 1969 S pennies and claimed they included a double die fault. After that, they gave the pennies to their owners, and they also delimited many pennies as this error. The coins with this error are very rare about 40 to 50 may be known. In 2007  last collectors were found. The doubling effects can be seen around the wor LIBERTY, on penny data and word IN GOD WE TRUST. The MS64 red-colored coin grade by PCGS coins has a value of about  $126,500.

1969 D No FG Penny Error

As above discussed the reverse side of the coins is made by Frank Gasparro and there is writing FG on the right side of the memorial Hall close to the staircase.  Due to minting errors made in 1969 D mint does not add the FG on coins. These coins are called 1969 D No FG pennies. based on coin grade, their value can be $210.

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