1943 Nicke Value, Errors, “D”, “S” & “P” Mint Mark

The Jefferson Nickel was created in 1938 by the US Mint for the first time before starting World War II. Wartime nickels were of five-cent nickel and came with silver copper and manganese since nickel was used in war instruments. The 1943 nickel is of high value since has silver content in composition. Let get started with the 1943 Nickel Value.

What Is 1943 Jefferson Nickel Made Of?

The 1943 Jefferson nickel is called the war nickel. Normally nickle coins have 75 percent copper and 25 percent nickel. But Jeffeson nickel was made from 1942 to 1945 coins series and has the composition of  56% copper, 35% silver, and 9% manganese. Their demand in World War II US mint reduces nickel content in five cents. Their design composition is such that has Jefferson on the front side design made by Felix Oscar Schlag.

How Much Are The 1943  Nickels Worth

1943 Jefferson Nickel Value Chart

1943 Nickel Mint Mark value Good Fine Extremely Fine Uncirculated (MS 60) Mint State (MS 65)
1943-P Nickel Value $1 $2 $3 $6 $23
1943-S Nickel Value $2 $2 $3 $6 $23
1943-D Nickel Value $2 $2 $4 $7 $23
1942 P nickel (3 Over 2) $24 $41 $115 $322 $739

History Of 1943 Jefferson Nickel

The design of Jefferson’s nickel selected in competition was made by Felix Schlag. The US Mint replaced Buffalo nickel and celebrated the Jefferon birthday in 1943. Clad Nickle made since 1938 has a composition of copper and nickel. These coins were made after the 200th birthday Anniversary of the president. Their short minting duration and silver in these coins make them high-value. A total of 390,519,000 1943 coins were made out of that 1943 D nickel 15,294,000, 1943 S nickel 104,060,000  and  1943 P nickel 271,165,000

1943-P Nickel Value

The P mint made about 271,165,000 1943 Silver Nickels and these coins come with mint marks. These coins have minting years on the front side with regular strikes due to the non-creation from 1942 to 1950. Their value range is from one to two dollars. Uncirculated coins have a value range of three to sixty dollars.

  • MS68= 800 dollars in AUction and 1943 P MS 64 coins sold in 2013 per coin vaue is 9400 dollars
  • The 1943 P nickel with Full step has a value range of 10 to 240 dollars and the MS68 grade value is about $10,000. $14,688 sold in the auction for 2020.

1943-S Nickel Value

The S mint made 104,060,000 coins in 1943 with an S mint mark and MS65 grade value is 10 dollars.  MS65 1943 S coins have a value of about $1,500 to 2800 dollars. 1943 S sold for 9000 dollars in 2017 for MS68.. The 1943 S MS 64-ranking nickel sold for$9,775 in 2006.

1943 Nickel Error List

1943/2 P Nickel (3 Over 2) Overdate

The overdate error occurs when one minting date is printed over the previous minted date. In this error, some coins have the number 4 over the 2 on the front side. More than 1000 coins exist with this error that are valuable. They have a low value ranging from 35 to 200 dollars in wear surface and can have value of 250 to 850 dollars in good condition.
The MS 67 grade coin value is $1,300 to $1,600.
MS68 with this error sold for 4300 dollars in 2001.
1943/2 P MS 67 nickel with Full Steps sold for $16,675 in 2008.

1943 Nickel DDO Doubled-Eye Error

In this error doubling effect is seen on the front side in the eye of Jefferson’s photo. This error exists in P-minted coins and has a value of MS67 grade of about 840 dollars and $5,405 in MS 67 FS and one coin with this feature sold for $11,000.

 Nickel Struck On Wrong Planchet

If the coin is struck with the wrong planchet such as the Australian six-pence planchet, cupronickel planchet or penny planceht. Coin with this error has a high value. The easy method to find coins with other planceht struck is that their weight will be about 3 grams since coins nickel has a five-gram weight.

1943 Nickel Retained Lamination Flap Error

In this error, some part of the coin surface is chipping off having lamination. Chipping on a photo of the president is a common error.

1943 Nickel D/D RPM Error

Mint marks were made manually printed until 1989 and it result the extra large mint marks on nickles. During the striking process coin moves there is a doubling effect or tripling seen. This error is known as a repunched mint mark and has a value of 200 dollars for M66 5 Full step.

1943 Nickel Struck Off-Centre

In this error planchet shifted during a die strike that affected some design printing off-center. Based on the percentage of off-center coin value is defined. Fifty to 60 percent off-center with a clear minting date and mint mark is high value.

1943 Nickel Struck On Australian Six-Pence Planchet

In the UK and Australia, there are pence used then cents that is one pence is a penny. In this error coins minted on Australian 6p blank. It comes in the right color since 6p is sterling silver. Tips of words are sliced off and coins have a truncated look. AU58 grade sold for 1055 dollars in 2013.

Features of 1943 NIckel

Obverse Of  1943 Nickel

The front side of the 1943 nickle comes with a photo of Thomas Jefferson facing left. With that motor IN GOD We TRUST also and word LIBERTY written. The minting date on this side. The coins made from  1965 to 1967 have mint marks and the 1968 to 2004 coins have mint marks on the front side with a date.

 Reverse Of The 1943 Nickel

The reverse side of the 1943 nickle has Monticello and a mint mark exists with the motto E Pluribus Unum. The word Monticello is also written. Five cents and a country named United States of America running along the lower collar.

Some other features of 1943 nickels are:

  • its diameter is 21.21 mm and 1.95mm thickness with weight of five grams.
  • its composition is 56% copper, 35% silver, and 9% manganese.
  • Their edge is a smooth

1943 nickel features

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What Makes 1943 Nickels Rare?

The rare and high-value 1943 nickle are with error. The famous overdated coins have doubled the eye on the face of Jefferson. They can have a value of 3 to 4 digits and in good condition, coins can sold for 10 thousand dollars in Auctions.

What is the most valuable 1943 nickel?

  • 1943 P MS 67 nickel (Full Steps, 1943/2 error) = sold for $16,675 in  2008
  • 1943 P MS 68 nickel (Full Steps) = $14,688 in 16, 2020
  • 1943 P MS 67 nickel (Full Steps, DDO) = $11,500 sold in, 2009
  • 1943 S MS 64 nickel=  $9,775 sold in 14, 2006
  • 1943 D MS 67 nickel (Full Steps, RPM, D/D error) = $725 sold in 2021
  • 1943 P MS 66 nickel (Full Steps, DDO) = $720 sold in 2020
  • 1943 P MS 66 nickel (DDO) = $650 sold in  2022
  • 1943 P MS 64 nickel =$9,400 sold in 1, 2013
  • 1943 S MS 68 nickel (Full Steps) = $9,000 sold in, 2017
  • 1943 D MS 67+ nickel (Full Steps)=  $6,600 sold in 2020
  • 1943 P MS 68 nickel (1943/2 error) =  4,300$ sold in 2001
  • 1943 P MS 67 nickel (DDO) = $3,738 sold in 2006
  • 1943 P MS 66 nickel (DDO) =$1,925 sold in 2023
  • 1943 D MS 64 nickel =$1,840 sold in  2008
  • 1943 D MS 67 nickel (RPM, D/D error) = $995 sold in  2021

What is the value of a 1943 P War nickel?

The Jefferson nickel 1943 in circulated condition is about 1.25 to 3 dollars. But 1943 P nickel in uncirculated condition value is 1175 dollars. MS 68 grade coin is $10,000.

What Jefferson Nickels Are high value?

  • 1954 S MS 67 FS nickel =$35,250
  • 1969 D MS 65 FS nickel =$33,600
  • 1940 PR 68 (1940 reverse of 1938 error) nickel =$28,750
  • 1939 D MS 68 (1939 D reverse of 1940 error with Full Bands) nickel  $26,400
  • 1938 D MS 68+ FS nickel =$33,600
  • 1964 SP 68 (SMS, Full Steps) nickel =$32,900
  • 1949 D MS 67 (D/S error) nickel= $32,900

How can you tell if a 1943 nickel is silver?

The simple method to find nickel made with silver check minting year. Copper silver manganese composition was used from 1942 to 1945. They can identified with mintmark. SIlver nickel comes with a mint mark on the back side  on top of Monticello

How many 1943 nickels were made?

Mintage: 104,060,000
Alloy: 56% Copper, 35% Silver, 9% Manganese
Weight: 5.00 g
Diameter: 21.21 mm

What is special about a 1943 nickel?

The 1943 S Jefferson Nickle belongs to Wartime silver nickle that was made from 1943 to 1945. There were more than 100 million coins made and mostly them are uncirculated by collectors. According to PCGS, many coins of MS66 grade exist.

How can you tell the difference between silver and nickel plating?

Silver plate and nickle have the same color and brightness. Though nickel can be brighter. The main difference is that tarnishing features of silver while nickle does not have tarnish so there is no polishing required.

What Is The Melt Value Of A 1943 Nickel?

The melt value of 1943 nickel is about 131 dollars. That is higher than the face value of 0.05 dollars of coins and less than the average 275 dollars for 1943 nickels in fine condition.

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