How Much Is a 1952 Wheat Penny Worth?

The 1952 Lincoln wheat penny was made during the tenure of Harry S. The value of the 1952 wheat penny for the average condition is about fifteen cents and in the minute state can be about 18 dollars. Here we will discuss features errors and types of 1952 wheat penny. Let’s get started with How Much Is a 1952 Wheat Penny Worth?

1952 Lincoln Wheat Cent History

Lincoln wheat pennies have been made as replacements for Indian pennies since 1909 by the US Mint, at the 100th anniversary of Lincoln.  Till 1952 there were about 37 billion were made.  James Earl Fraser who was the designer of Indian head nickel made a new design to replace the Lincoln penny. But mint-made pattern coins and new designs of pennies are not accepted. The design with wheat ears on the back side of the coin this design was used till 1958. In 1959 mint varied the back design by adding the Lincoln Memorial. The Lincoln Memorial was added at the back side for 50 years and in 2009 it was replaced with the Lincoln Bicentennial series design. This one-year circulating commemorative was replaced in 2010 with the back side of coins that have a shield.

Firstly coins in 1909 weighed 3.11 grams and came with 95 percent copper and five percent tin. In 1943 composition was changed to 100 percent steel with zinc coating. with a reduction of weight from 3.11 grams to 2.7 grams. The current worth of a 1952 penny is about 2.5 g.

How Much Is a 1952 Wheat Penny Worth

1952 Wheat Penny Chart

Coin Type Condition Grade Value Range
1952 No Mint Mark Wheat Penny Circulated $0.05 – $0.35
Uncirculated MS66 $12.50
Uncirculated MS64 $3.00
Uncirculated MS67 $7,400 – $9,775
1952 Proof Wheat Penny Average $2,750
Deep Cameo PF68 $64,625 (sold inAuction 2021)
1952-S Wheat Penny Circulated $0.05 – $0.35
MS64 $3.40
MS66 $12.50
MS65 $19.00
MS67 $3,250

1952 Wheat Penny Chart

1952 Lincoln Wheat Pennies

More than one billion Lincoln wheat pennies were made in 1952 and still, a very large number of these pennies are in circulation. The 1952 Lincon pennies are common and in Mint state 63 can buy from three to five dollars. The circulated 1952 penny has a value of about ten dollars. These pennies were made from S, P, and D mints.  P mint made about 186,775,000 Pennies, D mint made 746,130,000 Pennies and S mint made 137,800,004 Lincoln Cents. So their larger number of mintage makes them easy to find. The rarest 1952 penny is proof there were 81980 proof Lincoln pennies made in 1952 and can have a value of forty to fifty dollars.

1952 No Mint Mark Wheat Penny Value

There were 186,775,000 wheat pennies made in 1952 mostly correctly struck. In circulation condition, the 1952 no-mint mark wheat penny has a value of 0.05 dollars to 0.35 dollars which is larger than the face value of the coin. Uncircautoed coins with a grade of MS66 have a value of 12.50 dollars. MS64-grade coins can be valued at three dollars. Red color pennies come in uncirculated condition and are part of hoarded rolls. The full red 1952 no-mint mark pennies with a grade of MS67 are very rare and can have a value of 7400 dollars. The high-value 1952 wheat penny with a grade of MS67 was sold in 2007 for 9775 dollars.

  • 1952 no-mint mark wheat penny= 0.05 – 0.35 dollars
  • Uncirculated= 12.5 dollars for MS66 grade
  • MS64= 3 dollars
  • Full red 1952 no-mint mark pennies MS67= 7400  dollars
  • 1952 wheat penny MS67=  Sold in 2007 Auction for 9775  dollars

1952 Proof Wheat Penny Value

With the normal wheat pennies, there were Philly mint-made proof coins. There are about 81980 proof coins made in 1952. With the 1951 wheat proof coins 1952 with cameo and deep cameo contrast are rare and not easily get.  Just 150 to 170 cameo 1952 proof wheat pennies and 10 are graded deep cameo. The average 1952 wheat penny has a value of 2750 dollars and rare deep cameo coins with a grade of PF68 sold for  $64,625 in the auction 2021.

1952-S Wheat Penny Value

S mint made 137,800,004 pennies in 1952. These pennies are larger in number in all grades but are mostly made from word dies and result in faint strikes. These pennies also have a high value or less than face value based on condition. 1952 S coins have a value of $0.05 and $0.35 in circulated condition. Their MS64 grades have a value of 3.40 dollars and MS66 comes with 12.50 dollars. Full red coins are high value but are very rare. MS65 has a value of 19 dollars and MS67 grade can be sold for $3,250. There is a high cost-value difference based on rarity.

1952 Wheat Penny Errors List

1952 Doubled Die Obverse Wheat Penny Error

Double die obverse occurs due to striking anvil strikes planchet double at different angle strike and doubling effect can be seen on the coin. The double die obverse is a common type of error in 1952 wheat pennies in D mint pennies. The doubling effect is seen in the word LIBERTY and date 1952. Doubling can also exist on the beard of Lincoln and hair. Based on visibility and doubling effect 1952 penny with this error has a value of about  $100 to $200.

1952 Struck Through Obverse Wheat Penny Error

This error normally does not exist in the 1952 wheat penny series so can have a high value of these coins. This error is caused when in the minting process some external component like hair, greases, and dust article comes between striking the anvil and planchet. When striking hub strikes the planchet these external component makes an impression on coins causing the error.1952 struck-through obverse wheat penny error can have a value of $100.

1952 Off-Center Strike Wheat Penny Error

This error comes when the planchet is inaccurately aligned resulting die to strike design component not being at the proper point. The value of off-center strike error is based on the distance of design from the center of coins. If the distance is larger from a center in the form of a percentage coin will be of high value. The 1952 wheat penny having a 50 percent off-center strike error can have a value of 200 dollars and a five percent error can have a value of  $30.

1952 Wheat Penny Errors Summary

Error Type Description Cause Value
Doubled Die Obverse Doubling effect visible in LIBERTY, date, beard, and hair The striking anvil strikes the planchet twice at different angles $100-$200
Struck Through Obverse Impression of external components (hair, grease, dust) on coin External component between anvil and planchet during striking $100
Off-Center Strike Design not centered on coin Misaligned planchet
$30 (5% off-center) – $200 (50% off-center)

1952 Wheat Penny Features

Obverse Of 1952 Wheat Penny

On the front side of the coins, there is a photo of Lincoln as president facing right. IN GOD WE TRUST motto is written over the head of the photo. LIBERTY word is written on the left side of the photo and the date 1952 on the right side.

Reverse Of 1952 Wheat Penny

On the back side of the 1952 wheat penny, there are 2 stalks and the words UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. With that motto, E*PLURIBUS*UNUM is mentioned along the top edge.

Some other features of the 1952 wheat penny are:

  • Its value is one cent and it comes with a round shape.
  • it is made with an alloy of copper having some zinc and tin as well.
  • its dia is 9.05 mm weight is 3.11 g  and thickness is 1mm

Which 1952 Wheat Penny Is Most Valuable?

  • D MS 63 BN = sold in 2007 for $1,380
  • MS 62 RB = 2002 sold for $1,006
  • D D/S MS 66 OMM RD=  2019 sold for $650
  • S XF 40 BN sold in 2000 for $431
  • MS 67 RB eBay =2019 sold for $395
  • D MS 64 RB =  2021 sold for $150
  • D D/S AU 58 OMM BN  RC=  2022 sold for $130
  • D D/S MS 64 OMM RB = 2022 sold for $65
  • PR 68 DCAM Legend Rare = 2021 sold for $64,625
  • PR 69 RD =  2019 sold for $11,250
  • MS 67 RD = RC 2007  sold for $9,775
  • S MS 67+ RD = 2014 sold for $4,113
  • PR 67 CAM = 2007 sold for $3,680
  • MS 63 BN = 2006 sold for $2,760
  • D MS 67+ RD = 2016 sold for $2,233
  • PR 68 = 2021 sold for $1,900

How Much Is The 1952 Lincoln Cent No Mint Mark Worth?

1952 pennies with no mint mark are fewer cost coins and normally have a value of  $0.05 to $0.25, and in uncirculated condition can have a value of $45 to $1,600,

What Are The Most Valuable Lincoln Cents?

  • 1943 D Bronze Lincoln Penny = $840,000.00
  • 1943 S Bronze Lincoln Penny = $504,000 sold in 2020
  • 1943 P Bronze Lincoln Cent= $372,000 sold in 2021
  • 1944 S Steel Lincoln Penny=  $408,000
  • 1958 DDO Error Lincoln Cent=  $336,000 sold in 2018

1952 Lincoln Cent Auction records

  • MS67  =$9,775 November 2007
  • MS67+ = $6,463 April 2015
  • MS67  =$6,325 September 2008
  • MS67 = $6,325 May 2005
  • MS67 = $5,980 August 2006
  • MS67 = $5,800 March 2012
  • MS67 (PCGS)= $5,290 August 2009
  • MS67 = $5,100 January 2004
  • MS67 (PCGS) = $5,060 January 2005
  • MS67 (PCGS)= $4,994 April 2014

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How much is a 1952 wheat penny no mint mark

The circulated 1952 penny without a mint mark is about $ 0.05 to $0.20. A high-grade, uncirculated coin can be of several dollars or higher.

What is a 1952-proof penny?

The 1952 proof penny is the last proof penny made with a portrait of George VI

What is 1952 D Wheat Penny worth?

Date & Mint Mintage Unc. Sell
1952-D 746,130,000 $0.70

What is the error on a 1952 D wheat penny?

The double die obverse is a common error for wheat pennies made in 1952, especially for D mint coins. Doubling can see on the front side of the coins on the word LIBERTY and the date.


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