1966 Penny Value (Price Chart, History Error, No Mint Mark & Varieties)

Som 1966 Lincoln pennies are not considered valuable. But some are in uncirculated condition and can have high value. The value of the 1966 Lincoln penny in average condition is about one cent and in the minted state can be about twelve dollars. These coins were made by P, S, and D and minted in the years of 1965, 1966, and 1967 without a mint mark. With that S mint made a special type of SMS coins than normal proofs. The 1966 coins are easy to find due to their high mintage and age. Here different features like value, chart, and error of the 1966 penny will be covered. let’s get started with 1966 Penny Value (Price Chart, History Error, No Mint Mark & Varieties)

1966 Penny Value Chart

1966 Penny Grade Price Year Sold
No Mint Mark Penny
MS60 $0
MS61 $1
MS62 $1
MS63 $1
MS64 $2
MS65 $3
MS66 $25
MS67 $550 2012
Red Brown Penny
MS65 $200 2022
MS68 $320 2022
MS63 $7
MS65 $18
MS66 $46
MS67 $900
RB Penny
MS3 $6
MS65 $10
MS66 $20
MS65 $200 2022
MS65 $2
SMS Penny
MS65 $10
MS67 $28
MS67 (Cameo) $1,500
MS66 (Cameo) $1,000

1966 Penny Value Chart

1966 Penny History

The history of the Lincoln penny started in 1909 when the US Mint made the first coins for the anniversary of Lincoln’s presidency. Since he worked to remove slavery and as an honor, his photo was added to the coin. First, it was not added until years but after that, Lincoln pennies became the first coin to have photos of any person on the front side. in 1959 at the 150th anniversary of President US minted changed the back design of these coins. Frand Gasparror design first made this design that was replaced with two heat stalks and used for the next fifty years. There were a total of 2,188,147,783 1966 pennies made out of them 2,185,886,200 made at P mint and 2,261,583 made at S mint.

1966 Penny Features 

1966 Penny Obverse

On the front side of these coins, there is a photo of Abrahan Linclon 16th US president with the words IN GOD WE TRUST  over the photo, and on the left side  LIBERTY written and the date at right and initial of the coin designer VDB are the lower part of coins. Either three minted made these coins but they are without mint marks.

1966 Penny Reverse

On the back side of these coins, there is a Lincoln memorial photo situated in Washington DC. This memorial is also added to Lincoln pennies made from 1959 to 2009. After that, it was replaced with a series of 4 different reverses. In a detailed look, we can see the outline of the statue of Lincoln in the middle of the portico. These coins come with photos on both sides. The 1959 Lincoln penny was the first that had photos on both sides. Frank Gasparro designer added the Lincoln Memorial photo on the back side of the coins. At the upper part of the coin, the United States of America is written close to the edges. At the lower part, E pluribus unum motor is written WIth the denomination, One cent is written at the lower part of the coins.

1966 No Mint Mark Penny Value

811,100,000, 1966 no mint mark coins made by P mint and 2,188,147,783 coins made by other S and D mint without a mint mark. So these coins are used for selling prices without defining which mint makes them. So any 1966 penny no mint mark will get paid based on quality.

  • MS60= 0 dollar
  • MS61 to MS63= 1 dollar
  • MS64=2
  • MS65= 3 dollar
  • MS66= 25 dollar

the MS67 grades coins can be for 550 dollars. 1966 red brown penny with MS65 grades sold for 200 dollars in 2022 MS68 rated brown penny have a value of 320 dollars in 2022. With that MS67 grade coin was sold for  $6,463 in 2012.

1966 Red Brown Penny:

  • MS65= 200 dollars sold in 2022
  • MS68 =320 sold in 2022
  • MS67=  6463 dollars sold in 2012

1966 Penny Value

1966 RD Penny Value

Rd pennies are high value. They come with about ninety-five percent real red copper color on the front and back sides. Here is a value chart of these pennies with different grades

  • MS63 = $7
  • MS65 = $18
  • MS66 = $46
  • MS67 = $900

1966 RB Penny Value

1966 red-brown penny comes with a face value in circulated grades. but for mintage condition value will be different. The MS3 is less valuable coins than red for the same grade. according to PCGS, its value is six dollars as compared to red-colored seven-dollar prices. For MS65 grade red and brown have a value of ten dollars. MS66 grade has 20 dollar value. In auction 2022 MS65 RB sold for 200 dollars

1966 BN Penny Value

The red-brown coins mostly with the contrast of high brown can have a value of about face value. The coin with a grade of MS65 has a value of two dollars.  Error coins are in brown colors and come with high value.

1966 SMS Penny Value

There are more than two million Lincoln coins for special mint made by S mint. These coins are made for collectors without any proof of uncirculated coins.  They are stained finish different from other Lincoln pennies. Due to their large mintage price are less. MS65 RD SMS has a value of ten dollars and MS67 has a value of 28 dollars. Special strike coins are high-value, especially for a deep cameo or cameo contrast. Cameo-graded MS67 has a value of 1500 dollars. and MS66 grade with deep cameo has a value of 1000 dollars.

1966 Penny Errors List

Doubled Die Obverse

The pennies with this error come with a doubling effect. The doubling effect can seen in the words TRUST and in number 1 of the date 1966. Based on doubling affect coins with this error sold for 20 to 50 dollars and in good condition can be sold for 100 dollars. Such as 1966 AU 53 brown penny was sold for 54 dollars in 2020. Some coins are of high colors like MS64 grade that sold for  $650 in 2018.

Double Die Reverse

This error occurs on some penny’s back side. In this error doubling effect is seen on the denomination having split lines in the letter. 1966 penny with double die reverse error having grade red sold for 45 dollars at MS60 and 550 dollars at MS65.

Double Strike With Or Without Die Adjustment

When die strikes two times this error occurs. It can be sold for sixty-five dollars. These coins can be sold for  $11,500.

Penny Struck On  10-Cent Planchet

This penny was struck on a dime planchet having silver color. Its weight is less than 2.26 g than 2.5 g. Its dia is 0.709 inches then 0.75 inches and IN GOD WE TRUST motto is half cut and these coins can have a value of $300.

Ragged End Clip Error

It occurs when stopping minting on time and this peny has an irregular edge. and the value of these coins is three to eight dollars.

Die Cud Error

The 1966 die cud coin is a high-value die crack error that looks like a flattish blank area is connected rim of the coin. it can have a value of $100.

Retained Strike-Through

The 1966 pennies with this error were seen as damaged but it was just struck after stapler wire, wire bristle string, or wood chip struck on the planchet. These coins are rare and have a value of 1150 dollars.

Die Break Error

This error is caused by using the old dies in the minting process. When a die crack strikes the coins raise a bump or line on the coin surface. These pennies can have a value of five to ten dollars higher than normal prices.

BIE Error

in this error, there’s a vertical die crack that exists between letters B and E of LIBERTY and has an I letter-like configuration. This error is common and can have a value of  $5 to $10.

What 1966 pennies are worth money?

The most valuable 1966 pennies are.

  • MS 67 Memorial red = sold in2012 for $6,463
  • SP 67 Memorial CAM SMS = sold in 2014 for $2,585
  • SP 69 Memorial red SMS = sold in 2001 $863
  • MS 64 Memorial red DDO= sold in 2018 for $650
  • MS 68 Memorial brown = sold in 2022 for $320
  • SP 66 Memorial brown SMS = sold in  2019 for $299
  • SP 66 Memorial red-brown SMS = sold in 2016 for $202
  • MS 65 Memorial red-brown = sold in 2022 for $200
  • UNC Details Memorial DCAM SMS = sold in  2023 for $6
  • AU 53 Memorial brown DDO = sold in 2020 for $54

How much is a 1966 penny with no mint mark?

The 1966 red no-mint mark coins have value based on condition and rarity. Normally prices are  $0.40 to $25, and for MS 67-graded coins can sold for $550.

What are the most expensive Lincoln pennies?

  • 1999 MS 66 sold in 2006= $138,000
  • 1943 Wehat MS 64 sold in 2021= $840,000

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