1937 Wheat Penny Value (Price Chart, Rare Errors, History & Varieties)

The wheat penny is the first penny made in the Lincoln penny series, and its name is due to the wheat stalks at the back side of the coin. In 1937 mirror-like proofs were re-made after playing with Satin finish proofs in 1936. The value of the 1937 wheat penny for average condition is about thirty-five cents and in the minted state can be four dollars. Let’s get started 1937 Wheat Penny Value (Price Chart, Rare Errors, History & Varieties).

1937 Wheat Penny History

The 1937 wheat penny is part of the lincoln series. There are about more than 12 types of Lincoln coins and the wheat penny is very famous. US Mint first made Lincoln wheat pennies called Wheaties that made in 1909. These coins were made by designer Victor D. Brenner on the instruction of President Theodore Roosevelt to celebrate the 100th birthday of Lincoln’s president. This coin was the first that had a photo of any U.S. President. There were many designs made for finalizing this penny and then selecting it. Some wheat pennies having the initial VDB of the designer were made and used for circulation. These coins make 1909 S coins having initial VDB at the backside. Just some of these coins were used as circulation and  1909-S VDB Wheat Pennies were quite rare.

With the passing of time and changes in the price of metal used for coin creation. At the starting time, the coins come with copper and are used till 981. In 1982 due to changes in copper prices zinc was used to make coins that were also lower cost than copper, silver, and steel-made coins.

1937 Wheat Penny Value

1937 Wheat Penny Features

1937 Wheat Penny Obverse

The front side of the coin has a photo of Lincoln’s president facing right and in the photo, Lincoln has a tuxedo accessorized by a bow tie. The word LIBERTY is on the left part of the front side and the right side 1937 creation year of the coin is mentioned close to the President’s chest. At the upper part of the front side words IN GOD WE TRUST written.

1937 Wheat Penny Reverse

The back side of coins has written words ONE CENT at the midpoint of coins in a larger size. Below the denomination words, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA written in 2 horizontal lines. With that motto, E PLURIBUS UNUM is written on the coins. There are wheat stalks on coins that it is called wheat pennies.

These coins have 95% copper and  5% zinc-tin alloy with 3.11 grams and a diameter of 19mm.

1937-D Wheat Penny Value

There were 50,430,000 wheat pennies made with the D mint mark at the Denver mint. These coins are regular strike coins used for normal buying, shopping, etc. The coin grades uncirculated has sold for 295 dollars in 2021.

  • Uncirculated DBN = $295.00 2,021
  • MS 65 RB = $204.00 2,021
  • MS 68 RD = $17,250 2,006

1937-S Wheat Penny Value

There were 34,500,000 pennies with S mintmark made in 1937. and all used for business purposes.

  • Genuine RB (NGC)=  $123.00 sold in 2,023
  • MS 65 BN = $130.00 sold in 2,018
  • MS 67+ RD = $1,200 sold in 2023
  • MS 67+ RD =$2,350 2,014

1937 No Mint Mark Wheat Penny Value

There were 309,170,000 1937 Lincoln pennies made without mintmark and due to this larger number, there are many coins in circulation. Their worth is about face value based on quantity exists. In circulation condition value of the 1937 wheat penny is between $0.10 and $0.80, according to condition. There are some hundred quantities exits for MS 66 and MS67 grades and also same for MS68 grades few are known.

  • MS67 = $2.25 to  $25
  • MS68=  $7,200 in 2019

Different 1937 Proof Pennies Values

There were about 100 coins made with grade Ultra Cameo by NGC  and Caemeo contrasting with 9,320 coins made in Philadelphia.

  • PR 67 BN= sold in  2,023  $2,853
  • PR 64 RB sold in 2,004 = $4,094
  • PR 67 RB = $160 and sold in 2023 for $160.00
  • PR 66 RB = $350 sold in 2023 for $350.00
  • PR 68 RD = 2,018 for $13,800
  • PR 67+ RD = 2023 for 13500$
  • PR 67 CAM=  24675$ and  15000$ sold in 2023
  • PR 67 DCAM = sold in 2009 for 13225$

1937 Wheat Penny Errors List

1937 Wheat Penny Errors List

Doubled Die Wheat Penny Error

P D and S mints come with doubled die errors. Doubled die error exists when hub-printed coins are designed on the die press and the design comes double at different points. Then die shits double design at blank coin and coin minted with error. Double-die error coins are important for collectors. There are three types of 1937 doubled die error coins.

1937 doubled die cent Philadelphia mint:

There are many types of this error coins but commonly seen this error in words IN GOD WE TRUST and 1937 year. The value of this error is about ten to twenty-five dollars for 1937 double dies.

1937-D doubled die penny:

This error is in pennies minted at D mint and mostly doubling affect coms in motto E PLURIBUS UNUM. This error can also seen in wheat stalks and denominations. The value of this error can be $5 to  $20.

1937-S doubled die wheat penny

In this error doubling effect is seen in words LIBERTY and motto IN GOD WE TRUST. Coins with this error can have a value of $10 to $20.

Coin Doubling Effect Value
1937 doubled die cent Philadelphia mint IN GOD WE TRUST, 1937 year $10 to $25
1937-D doubled die penny E PLURIBUS UNUM, denominations, wheat stalks, $5 to $20
1937-S doubled die wheat penny LIBERTY, IN GOD WE TRUST $10 to $20

1937 Repunched Mintmark Wheat Penny Error

This error is a type of doubled die error. This error normally comes in D and S-minted coins that have a doubling effect on D mint mark and a tripling effect on S mint mark. The pennies with repunched mintmark can have a value of about three dollars and can be high value for easily seen doubling affect coins.

1937 (P) Penny Broadstruck

In some coins, their rim is damaged in the minting aka broad strike process, and as a result rim becomes flat and thin, coins with MS66 BN grades for this error have a value of about $285.

1937 (P) Penny Struck 15% Off-Center

For accurate design planchet needed to be dead center between dies, but in some conditions blank is in the wrong position so some part is printed and the remaining coins are unmarked. So it is called off-center error and misaligned is defined in percentages. Coin with grades MS64 RB 15% off center was sold for  $145.

Die Break Error

If there are old or damaged dies printed imprint designs on the coins so in result different marks, or lines come on the coins. If die break is easy to sen coin will be high value. The coins with this error can have a value of  $10 to $25.  BIE 1937 die break wheat pennies are also exist. These coins come with a vertical line between the letters B and E of LIBERTY. These pennies can have a value of about five dollars or higher.

Die break has another type which is the 1937 Wheat Penny clipped planchet, in this error coins come with straight lines of curved edges. Coins with this error have a value of $20 to $30.

How Much is the 1937 VDB Coin Worth?

The 1937 DVD pennies come with the initials of the designer. Victor David Brenner printed his initial on the coin’s backside and the US Mint objected to it and then the design was again changed. Many coines were in circulation before they made a new design. But in 1918 US Mint again used the initials of Brenner on the front side of the coin in small font. All Lincoln pennies after 1918 have VDB initials also 1937 Wheat cents. They are not special types of coins or have high rarity value so their value is about face value.

1937 Wheat Penny Chart

Coin MS 60 MS 62+ MS 64+ MS 66+ MS 67+ MS 68 Good Fine XF Uncirculated
1937-D Wheat Penny $6 $9 $22 $55 $650 $11,500 $0.15 $0.25 $0.85 $35
1937-S Wheat Penny $5 $8 $24 $100 $1,200 $20,000 $0.15 $0.35 $0.85 $48
1937 (P) No Mint Mark Wheat Penny $4 $7 $22 $60 $800 $16,500 $0.15 $0.25 $0.85 $25
1937 Proof Wheat Penny Value

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