1944 Wheat Penny Value (Price Chart, Error List, History & Varieties)

The 1944 year is considered as the return year of Lincoln wheat pennies with changes in composition as was made in 1942. 1944 Lincoln pennies were made with metal obtained from recycling ammunition shells.  Contrary to Lincoln cent made from 1909 to 1942 it comes with 95 percent copper and five percent zinc and tin. lincoln pennies made in 1944, 1945, and 1946 have a composition of 95 percent copper and five percent zinc in no tin used in these pennies. The difference between the 1944 to 1946 Lincoln cents and copper cents from other years’ wheat pennies was for uncirculated coins. Let’s get started with the 1944 Wheat Penny Value (Price Chart, Error List, History & Varieties).

1944 Wheat Penny Value

1944 penny is common and comes with prices of ten to twenty cents for highly circulation grades. Uncirculated coins can be bout about five dollars. There are still 1944 copper pennies existing and have face value.

1944 Wheat Penny Value

  • These coins are made by S, P, and D mint.
  • It has 11 grams of weight and the melt value is 0.257.
  • its face value is 0.01 dollar and diameter is 0.05mm with plain edge
  • Its composition is 95% Copper and 5% zinc and tin

1944 Wheat Penny Value Chart

Mint Mark Uncirculated Good Fine Extra Fine
1944 No Mint Mark Wheat Penny Value $0.90 $0.20 $0.20 $0.40
1944 D Wheat Penny Value $1.20 $0.20 $0.20 $0.40
1944 S Wheat Penny Value $2.00 to  $5.00 $0.35 0.3 $0. 40 to 0.60
1944 Steel Wheat Penny $300,000 to  $1,000,000 $10,000 $35,000to $50,000 $100,000

1944 No Mint Mark Wheat Penny Value

  • It is made by Philadelphia Mint and the designer is
  • 1,435,400,000 coins were made in round shape and plain edge
  • It is Wheat Lincoln Penny and does not have a mint mark
  • It is made with 95% copper and 5% zinc and tin and its weight is 3.11 grams
  • Face value is 0.01  and 19mm and thickness is 1.5 mm.

the 1944 wheat pennies were made at P mint and did not have mint marks, there were 1, 435,400,000 pennies were made. Their larger number of mintage make them less cost and easy to available. Some pennies are also damaged and have scratches and incomplete details. In uncirculated conditions, these pennies can have a value of 0.90 dollars. for MS60 to MS65 grades can have a high value. For coins in excellent condition like MS66 grades value can be 40 dollars.

1944 S Wheat Penny Value

These coins are made at S-mint and their prices are normally higher than D and P-minted coins. In low grades, their value can be 0.30 dollars and for EF 40 class can have a value of 0.5 dollars. For MS+ grades their value can be two dollars

1944 Steal Wheat Penny Value

  • It is made by P. Mint and designed by Victor D. Brenner
  • It is Lincoln wheat penny with 1.5mm thickness and 7-gram weight

The high-value 1944 wheat penny is made with zinc-coated steel. This coin is considered higher in error than other types of these coins and it is made with copper so it has high prices. The total mintage number of these coins is unknown and rare. But it is considered that just twenty-four of 1944 stee wheat penny existed.  So they’re very expensive coins also in low grades can have a value of $10,000 to $300,000. Some 1944 steel wheat pennies in the mined state sold for  $759,000 to $1,000,000.

 1944 Wheat Penny History

The 1944 Lincoln wheat penny is a historically important coin. It is part of wheat pennies that made in the year of 1909 to 1958. At the 100th anniversary of US President Lincoln made. Victor David Brenner made the design of these coins. In 1943 it was suggested by the us government to use an alloy of zinc and steel to make wheat pennies. Since copper was used for war purposes. But complaints were reported by people that 1943 steel pennies getting rusted fast and these pennies were low cost. So in 1944 wheat pennies made with copper were issued. These coins were used for many years and can easily separated from dimes. With the creation of zinc copper pennies, they were some pennies came with steel. The P mint made 1944 wheat pennies on steel planchet. These coins are now of very high value and also in low mintage since they were not used as error coins.

There are about twenty to forty coins of 1944 steel wheat pennies without mint marks. and there are 2 pennies of 1944 S steel wheat pennies. 4 pennies are of 1944 D steel wheat pennies. There were 1,435,400,000 coins made at P Mint of 1944 wheat pennies. D mint makes 430,578,000 coins. S mint made 282,760,000 1944 wheat pennies. Their high mintage number makes them low value.

1944 Wheat Penny Errors List

 1944 Wheat Penny error list

1944 Wheat Penny Doubled Die Error

Double die error comes when the die is doubled struck by mistake on the coin in the hub process. Due to that two affected imprinted on coins. The 1944 wheat penny with this error can be sold for five dollars or a higher value according to condition. The double die error normally is seen on the word LIBERTY and the eyes of Lincolne’s photo.

1944 Wheat Penny Struck On Thicker Planchet

The high heavy planchet coins have a much higher value than planchet errors. This error comes in P mint coins which have a value of 1035 USD.

1944 Wheat Penny Missing Dot Error

On the back side of these coins with the motto E. PLURIBUS UNUM, there is a dot. That dot can easily seen between E and PLURIBUS. These intake errors are due to the use of an old die or die that has damage or marks on it. Coin with this error can be sold for nine dollars on the base rarity.

 Clipped Planchet Error

This error is due to coins struck on the clipped planchet since the blank was mistakenly struck from a metallic sheet. Coins with larger clips are high value. The cost range of these coins is frmo$12 to $100, according to condition.

1944 Wheat Penny Features

1944 Wheat Penny Obverse

On the front side of these coins, there is a photo of the Lincoln president facing toward the right. Over the head of Lincoln there are words IN GOD WE TRUST written and the word LIBERTY is written on at left-center. the mintage year is at the lower part of coins.

 1944 Wheat Penny Reverse

There are two wheat wheat on the backside of these coins so it is called wheat pennies. These two sheat stalks show the use of culture and their happiness. That gave the message of hope to us people. Over the coin top part, there is the phrase E. PLURIBUS. UNUM. That means out of many, one. The words ONE CENT and  UNITED STATES OF AMERICA are also on the back side of the coins.

What Special About 1944 Wheat Penny?

The special feature of 1944 wheat pennies is their rarity made with the use of an alloy of zinc and steel. About thirty coins of these coins exist and can have a value of millions of dollars also in low grades have thousands of dollars value.

Are there any valuable 1944 pennies?

The 1944 steel wheat penny is a very high-value coin and is preferred by collectors. the 1943 Bronze wheat penny was sold for  $1,000,000 in an auction.

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why is the 1944 penny rare?

The 1944 Lincoln penny is proffered by collectors, not due to design but their scarcity. Since there were no more 1944 Lincoln pennies their rarity increased and made them high-value coins.


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