What is a 1985 penny worth? (Price Chart, Error List, D”, “S” & No Mint Marks)

The value of a 1985 Lincoln penny in average condition is about one cent and in the mint state can be one dollar. Three mints P, D, and S mint made these coins with different compositions and have values different based on grade and condition. Let’s get started with What is a 1985 penny worth?

1985 Penny Value Chart

Mint Mark Good Fine X Fine
1985 No Mintmark $0.01 $0.01 $0.01 $55
1985 D penny $0.05 $0.05 $0.05 $7.50
1985 S penny $15

1985 Penny Value Chart1985 No Mint Mark Penny Value

The 1985 Lincoln Memorial penny is a US coin with a face value of about one cent or 0.01 dollars. This coin was made at P mint and did not have a mint mark on the front side. The 1986 Lincoln Memorial penny comes with a standard design that was used from 1959 to 2008 that is it has a photo of Lincolne 16th US present on the front side and a Memorial on the back side which was added in 1959. The Lincoln pennies made before 1982 come with bronze and have a higher value than face value since they were made with copper and the 1985 Lincone penny also did not have a mintmark was made of 99.2% zinc and 0.8% copper. This coin weighs 2.5 grams and 19mm dia. The front side of this cons has 1985, a mint year, and letters ” IN GOD WE TRUST” and “LIBERTY. The back side has  E PLURIBUS UNUM,” “ONE CENT,” and “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.”

The value of 1985  penny for no mint mark is

  • Mint State 68 =$208.00
  • MS 67 = $16.20
  • MS60 (Lowest Grade) =$0.25
  • MS68+ (Red) by PCGS = $5,875

1985 D Penny Value

What is a 1985 penny worth

Billion 1985 Lincoln pennies made by D Mint. These coins come with a D mint mark below the 1985 date on the back. There were about 5,287,399,926 of the 1985 pennies made at D Mint, so they are not rare and can easily be. With that 1985 pennies with D mint are also made using less-cost copper-zinc alloy, so their value is about face value in circulated condition. 

The vlaue of 1985 D pennny:

  • Circulated= 0.05 dollars
  • MS66= 5 dollars
  • MS67= 7.50 dollars
  • MS69 auction price 5635 dollars

1985 S Proof Penny Value

There were three million pennies made at S Mint. But these pennies are not used for circulation. They were proof coins made using certain types of dies and planchet. Proof coins do not come in a grade less than PR60. The 1985 S penny with PR60 grade has a value of one dollar.

1985 S proof penny value:

  • PR60+=1$
  • PR62+=1$
  • PR65 (Gem Proof 65)=  $4
  • PR69 (Near-Flawless) = $14
  • PR70 (Best-in-Class) = $200

1985 Lincoln Memorial Penny Error Lists

1985 Penny Wrong Planchet Error

The planchet error means an error made when the stamp was added to the coin. The planchet is a blank metallic disc used to make coins and an error occurs when an improper design stamp is employed and make an error design. It can occur in different methods like stamps used for different denominations. The 1985 penny stamped with dime has a value of 747 dollars. With that two planchet bonded error 1985 error coins sold for 1322 dollars.

 Off-Center Strike Penny Error

This type of error is common. it occurs when the coin design is not printed during the printing process since the dies on the press are not aligned accurately to the center.  A high percentage of off-strike reduces the cost of the coin. With that off-center will be best if it is fifty percent off design and has a mintmark, with the 1985 date. coin with a fifty percent off-center strike has a value of $50 to $100.

Double Die Error

The double die error of the 1985 penny makes them rare. Their eye-catching appearance is attractive to collectors and has sold for 144 dollars in 2021. Based on the doubling effect and condition Lincoln Memorial 1985 penny has a value of twenty to fifty dollars..

1985 Re-Punched Mintmark Penny Error

The coins with this error are high value. In the 1980s the mint manually punched the mintmark on the die. The manually punched technique resulted in a mintmark on coins at the incorrect position rather than making a correct mark. The highly visible repunched mintmark is high value. The 1985 re-punched mintmark sold for $5 and $20.

 Die Break Penny Error

This error occurs when there are older or damaged dies used to strike the design on a blank planchet. So in a result crack, lines can seen on the coin. The value of coins is based on the error line and size of the coin. BIE error is a die break error that commonly exists in 1985 pennies.  In BIE error small I letter can seen between B and E of the word LIBERTY at the front side of the coin.

 1985 Penny History

The 1985 penny belongs to the Lincoln Memorial Penny series. The US Mint made Lincoln pennies in 1909 on the birthday of the president at that time known as the Wheat Cent since has two wheat ears on the back side and a photo of Lincoln on the front side. The design of the coin changed in 1958 and two wheat stalk ears were replaced with Lincoln Memorial. This design with memorial was used until 2008. The designer of Lincoln pennies in 1959 was Frank Gasparro for the front side and Victor D. Brenner made the design of the back side.

Before 1982 lincolen pennies were made with 95 percent copper and 5 percent zinc and tin. After 1982 coins come with 97.5 percent zinc core and 2.5 percent copper layer. There are 5,648,489,000 1985 pennies made at P Mint that make them common. The removal of copper from the coin makes them less costly. The design of these coins changed in 2009 at 200th birthday and was made in 1959 at their 150th anniversary. The new design comes with a Union shield at the backside.

1985 Penny Features

Obverse Of The 1985 Penny

The front side of this coin comes with a photo of Abraham Lincoln so it is known as the Lincoln penny. This design of the front side was made by Victor David Brenner. The photo of Lincoln is facing the right with the initial of the VDB of the designer also on this side. The motto IN GOD WE TRUST is on this side and the word LIBERTY is at the left of the photo. The date and mint mark D or S is on the right side

 Reverse Of The 1985 Penny

The back side of this coin comes with the Lincoln Memorial. Over the upper part of the coin reverse is UNITED STATES OF AMERICA written with that ONE CENT in large size. E PLURIBUS UNUM is at the upper part of the Lincoln Memorial.

Some other features of the 1985 penny are.

  • It has a plain edge with a weight of 2.5 grams and 19mm diameter. 
  • Its composition is 97.5% zinc and 2.5% copper.

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Is a 1985-D penny worth anything?

1985 D pennies made in larger numbers and millions also exist today. The rare coins must be red and have no scratches. The mint error makes 1985 D penny rare coins. The value of the 1985 D penny in the circulated condition is about 0.05 dollars. The grade MS67+ is rare with a D mint mark. For MS66 1095 D penny has a value of five dollars and the coins with MS68 grade is 7.50 dollars

What Makes The 1985 Penny High Value?

There were billions of 1985 Lincoln pennies made by the US Mint and these are in circulation. Easy availability of 1985 pennies in circulated condition has worth about face value. The sought-after errors make coins high value such as the doubled die, broad strike, and off-center.

What is the 1985 D penny weigh?

The 1985 penny weight is 2.5 grams which is the standard weight for pennies made by the US Mint. This dia is 19.05 mm and the thickness of the 1985 penny is 1.52 mm.

What 1980s penny is worth money?

  • PR60-Pr63= $0.18
  • PR64-PR68= $0.25 to$5
  • PR69= 6 dollars
  • PR70=$1,200 to $3,680

Which 1983 penny is worth money?

  • 1983 (P) Penny Double Die Reverse Red  value for MS63 grade is $290 and $625 for MS66 grade
  • 1983 D penny red for MS63 is five dollars and MS66 is 25 dollars
  • 1983 S DCAM (Proof)= PR63 DCAM: $2 and PR66 DCAM: $5

What is the error on the 1985-D pennies?

1985 Doubled Die Penny Error

Is there a 1985 copper penny?

The 1985 D comes with coines that are made with copper plated having 90 percent copper than the normal 100 copper.

What was the last year’s 100% copper penny?


How many 1985 pennies were minted

Mint Mark Location Quantity
1985 P Philadelphia 5,648,489,887
1985 D Denver 5,287,339,926
1985 S Proof San Francisco 3,362,821
Total 10,939,192,634


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