A 1928 Penny Worth $36K? (Grades and Mint mark Types)

The US Mint made the 1928 wheat penny without a mintmark, the 1928 wheat, and the 1928  S wheat penny. The mint mark of the penny will be made on the back side of the coin below the date. In average condition value of a 1928 wheat penny is thirty-five cents and in mint state can be about $135.00. Let’s get started with A 1928 Penny Worth $36K. (Grades and Mint mark Types)

1928 Penny Value

the 1928 penny in good condition without a mint mark has a value of about 0.35 dollars. In good circulation condition value is about 0.60 dollars. there will be a 2-dollar value for extremely fine condition. Ten dollars value is with MS 60 grade in uncirculated condition. 15 dollars value for MS63 grades. The 1928 D wheat penny value is about 0.8 dollars in good condition. very fine condition value will be about three dollars. Extremely fine condition value will be about six dollars. Fifty dollars for MS60 grade in uncirculated condition. MS63 grade with uncirculated condition value is 80 dollars.

1928 penny value

Year Good VF XF MS60  MS63
1,928 $0 $1 $2 $10 $15
1928 D $0.85 $3 $6 $50 $80
1928 S $1.15 $3.75 $10 $100 $130

1928 Lincoln Penny Features

  • Its design was made by Victor David Brenner and has a plain edge.
  • The diameter is about 19.00 millimeters
  • Its weight is 3.11 grams and its plain edge
  • It is made with the use of 95% Copper, 5% Tin, and Zinc
  • 134,116,000 coins made by P mint and   D mint made  31,170,000 coins and S mint made 17,266,000 coins

1928 Penny No Mint Mark

P mint made its first mint when the Coinage Act of 1792 became law on April 2. At this mint raw silver and gold when horsed and used as a rolling mill for coin striking. The floor on 2nd mint made in 1833 at the intersection of Chestnut and Juniper streets size about 30 times larger. The third mint was a 1928 penny struck in 1901 and there were 500 million US coins made in one year. In 1928 there were 134,116,000 pennies distributed for circulation in P miint. Coines were provided to Federal Reserve banks and different branches. No proof coins were made in 1928 since the US treasury and Mint decided that there was no demand so they stopped creation from 1917 to 1935. Some mint coins also exist.

1928 Penny No Mint Mark value for different grades

  • 1928 brown penny= F12 grade sold for 1035 dollars in 2007
  • highest grade value= 48 dollars
  • red-brown = $15 to $175
  • red coin= $30 to $360.
  • MS 67= $950 to $1,200,
  • MS 67+= $9,000 in 2019

Expectedly, the most expensive are red specimens, with an average price from $30 to $360. Only the best ones rated MS 67 can cost you $950 to $1,200, while one of the scarcest pieces in MS 67+ grade was paid $9,000 in 2019.

1928 D Penny

1928 d penny value

The D Mint was started in 1897 on West Colfax Avenue and Delaware Street. and started the coin creation in 1906 with the D mint mark. The first time the D Mint made the Lincoln pennies was in 1911 about 12 million. There 31,170,000 pennies were made in 1928 larger than P mint by about twenty-three percent.

  • Good to Extra Fine (Brown)=$0.50 to $11.21
  • MS62 to MS66 (Red-Brown)= $76 to $1,090
  • MS62 to MS67 (Bright Red)= $122 to $18,000

1928 S Penny

The 1928 S penny was made by S Mint about 17,266,000 struck. Most 1928 S pennies come in well-worn condition and are valued 75 cents to two dollars. The value of a 1928 S penny for different grades is

  • Most values range from $0.35 to $54
  • (MS 60 to MS 65 grade).= $75 to $400
  • Red-brown pennies= $120 (MS 62) to $1,400 (MS 65).
  • MS 65 was sold in 2008 for $2,070.
  • red-colored coin MS 66 = in 2020 sold for $45,600.

1928 Penny Error

In any condition, the dies are changed with errors such as breaks and wear. But error occurs but they coin rare. Although some 1928 penny errors have fewer die problems and repunched mint marks the coins sold for $10 to $20 in extra-fine condition. Some errors of the 1928 penny are explained here.

1928 Small and Large “S” Mint Mark

In 1928 S mint experiment and had Larger S on pennies. Though this coin lies in the mintage category but can be considered an error since having two different sizes for mint mark in one year. The larger mint mark with S mint having a thick central design bold series at the upper and lower part was made an unknown number. Some experts said that the striking style made for large S coins can be 10 times the value of the same small mint mark. larger type S strike was less. Brown color S large penny soled for some dollars in good condition and XF45 grades and higher have prices about hundred dollars. Redbwon coins having MS63 and MS64 sold from 223 to 388 dollars in the auction and MS65 grades sold for $2400.

1928 Pennies With BIE Errors

There were small vertical lines on the word LIBERTY between B and W on the front side of the coin. It is due to die crack. Die cracks occur when highly used die are cracking. it is common for these cacks to exist on letters and other parts of the design. 1928BIE penny error can have a value from ten to twenty dollars.

1928 Pennies With No VDB Errors

Many coins do not have the letter BVD. These are the initials of Victor David Brenner who is a designer of coins and made Lincoln coins in 1909. On 198 pennies the VDB is looked at below the shoulder of Lincoln. The letters are small not easily seen. Heavy wear also exists on VBD initial making them difficult to see but they are not like the VBD initial errors

1928 Pennies With Doubled Die Errors

The double die is a coin made with a coin die that was struck two times with a hub at some different angles. Some doubled deaths are minor. Others can be high value. Not like the 1955 double-die penny. Some double dies are not important and do not get a high level of interest.  some have a high value of interest. in 1928pennies doubling affected exists on data and some have doubling in Lincoln’s eyelid. Some 1928 D pennies have doubled on the backside in wheat stalks and the inscription E PLURIBUS UNUM. Their prices can be from $5 and $20.

1928 Lincoln Penny Prices

1928 Lincoln Penny $0.20 $3
1928 Lincoln Penny (D) $0.75 $17
1928 Lincoln Penny (S) $1 $30

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