1961 Penny Value (Price Chart, Rare Errors, “D” And No Mint Mark)

The first Lincoln Memorial pennies were first time introduced in 1959 when the US Mint changed the design of the penny at the backside. The 1961 penny value is based on mintage, the mint they made and details are part of early series. Many people think the value of pennies is less without considering their face value. But the one dollar for one cent penny is many larger cost than their denomination. Let’s discuss the 1961 Penny Value.

1961 Penny value

1961 Lincoln Memorial Penny History

The penny is US one cent is equal to one hundred dollars. The Lincoln penny was considered the lowest-value us coin when discontinued at half a cent in 1857. The 1961 Lincoln penny was the first US to come with the same photo on both sides. It has a Lincoln photo on the front side like the coins minted 2 years earlier while a small statuette was made between the Lincoln memorial pillars on the backside.  Many US citizens did not like the idea since they supported the beliefs of Washington. The first us president thought that adding the photo of persons on the coin was a too monarchical act. But this concept was not accepted and with time Lincoln penny became a very famous coin.  The first penny was made by Vicor David Brenner and came with two wheat stalks on the back side. They commemorated the birthday of Lincoln in 1909. But the concept was to pay homage to Lincoln on his birthday after 50 years again. So Fran Gasparror made a new penny backside for that time having Memorial instead of Wheat Ears in 1959. it was a method to celebrate the 1050th Lincoln birthday anniversary and 50 years of the American penny in circulation. The 2nd design was changed in 2009 when 4 pennis with different reverses of Lincoln’s life stages of life came into circulation.

1961 Lincoln Penny Features

Attribute Value
Category Lincoln Penn
Mints Philadelphia, Denver
Total mintage 2,509,639,944
Reverse designer Victor D Brenner
Obverse designer Frank Gasparro
Edge Smooth
Diameter 19.05 millimeters
Thickness 1.55 millimeters
Weight 3.11 grams
Composition 95% copper, 5% tin and zinc
Melt Value $0.0263

 1961 Lincoln Penny Front side

The front side of the photo of the 16th president of the US Abraham Lincoln was made on the coin. Its design was made by Victor David Brenner in 1909. On the front side, the photo of Lincoln is facing to the right. The word LIBERTY is written on the left side of the photo and the motto In God We Trust is on the right side of the photo. The data for 1961 is below the photo. Coins that are made at Denver Mint come with a D mint mark below the date. The coin made in P mint does not have a mint mark.

 Reverse Of The 1961 Lincoln Penny

On the back side of the penny, there is a photo of the Lincoln Memorial that is made in Washington D.C. to honor Lincoln. In the memorial building is statue of Lincoln is made. The base photo was made by Frank Gasparro and it was changed in 1959. On this back side photo, there is the word United States of America at the above part, and below the photo, there is the denomination One Cent. TE Pluribus Unum is written between the country name and the memorial.

1961 No Mint Mark Lincoln Penny Value

  • 753,345,000 coins without mint mark made in 1961.
  • Its face value is 0.01 dollars and value range is 2 to 450 dollars

As the P Mint made some 1961 Lincoln pennies than the D Mint the no Mint mark pennies are of higher value with lower grades than those made with the D Mint mark. But circulated coins normally are not high value than their face value, 1961 no mint mark Lincoln pennies in the mint state have a value of about two to eighteen dollars. 1961 no mint marl with graded MS67 are rare and have a value of about 450 dollars. The 1961 penny with red toning can have a high value. Such as in 2013 the 1961 no-mint mark MS67 RD penny was sold for about $5,720.

1961 D Lincoln Penny Value

  • it is part of the Lincoln Penny series has the Lincoln Memorial
  • it has a smooth edge and a value range is 0.40 to  $700.
  • its face value is $0.01 and 1,753,266,700 coins were made.
  • its designer is Victor David Brenner / Frank Gasparro

The D mint made a larger number of 1961 pennies than the P mint about more than a billion. SO coines are very common and have lower prices than the D mint mark. Circulated coins are rare and have a higher value than face value, and uncirculated pennies have about 0.4 to 15 dollars. The high-graded D mint mark coin with grading MS67 are higher value than the P mint with the same grade. The 1961 D Lincoln penny-graded MS67 can have a value of about 700 dollars. The  1961 D penny was sold for  $4,406 in 2015.

1961 Proof Lincoln Penny Value

  • It does not have a mint mark and a total of 3,028,244 coins were made.
  • its value range is $0.50 – $3,500 and the designer is Victor David Brenner/ Frank Gasparro.

1961 proof Lincoln penny comes in three types which are RD, RD CAM, and RD DCAM. The letter denotes the colors of pennies. more than 2 million proof 961 pennies were made at P Mint and their values are

  • RD grade value=$0.50-$100
  • CAM Value= $175
  • DCAM Value= $3,500 and Auction recorded value= $4,320

1961 D Penny Value

The D mint made a larger number of pennies about 1,753,266,700 Lincoln Memorial pennies in 1961. This larger number of pennies made their prices lower in the market. They have an average value of $0.40 to $15 per uncirculated condition. But the MS 67 rating is higher cost than a similar coin made at P mint. This rare coin sold for 700 dollars at auctions. But at the 2014 auction, it was sold for  $4,406.

1961 D Penny Value

1961 Lincoln Penny Errors

1961 Lincoln Penny Doubled Die Error

1961 Lincoln penny having doubled die error are famous coin. if there is Lincoln 1961penny or any other year can have a higher value than its face value. The doubled die error is made when there is no accurate alignment between the working die and the working hub. As a result, coins made with a doubled die will come with doubling on a different part of the design. Normally highly doubled die error comes with high value. For 1961 pennies error is reduced by doubled die. But the no mint mark and D mint 1961 pennies with minor double can have a letter and date. The value of doubled die errors has a value from five dollars to 20 dollars.

Off-Center Error

For collectors, the cons with off-center error are preferred. mostly collectors like pennies with more than fifty percent removed design in the collection but these coins are rare and of high value. Such as the 1961 Lincoln Memorial Penny has a 50 percent off-center error have a 100-dollar value, also large. But the coin with a visible and not damaged date and mint mark for minted in D mint are preferred. while pennies with an insignificant one to three percent off center not have high value. Collectors consider pennies with five percent off-center valuable.

1961 Lincoln Penny Re-Punched Mint Mark Error

Till the 1960s the mint mark was made on coines with hand which meant there were high chances of error. If for check the repunched 1961 pennies check coins that have mint mark struck sideways and then re-punched at accurate location. There can be pennies with D positioned upside down and re-punched right side. These coins are rare and so have a high value. There is another re-punched mint mark error if the D is positioned outside of the regular location and re-punched at the right point. Mostly punched mint mar errors aren’t rare and coins’ values are from three to five dollars for 1961 pennies and D punched at horizontal has a value of ten dollars.  Coines that come with drastic errors like upside-down mint marks make coins of high value.

How Much Is A 1962 Penny Worth Today?

There were about 2,402,411,419 1962 pennies made so normal pennies for that year are not rare and so not have a higher value than face value. But some coins have a higher value than face value. Such as the MS67 grade with no mint mark 1962 penny has a value of about 240 dollars and the 1962 D penny will have a value of about $1,000.

How Much Is The Philadelphia 1961 Memorial Penny Worth?

Coin collectors mostly do not have an interest in circulated pennies since their in-mint mark exists in the market. There is a need of two to sixteen dollars to get one good penny. If there is a need for high quality the best solution is MS67 pennies. That can have prices of about  $375.

Condition 1961 No Mint Mark penny 1961 D penny
MS 60 $0.17 $0.17
MS 65 $1.16 $1.16
PR 65 $1.75

Which 1961 Lincoln Memorial Penny Is high Worth penny?

The most valuable 1961 pennies are

  • MS 67 red Lincoln Memorial $5,720 sold in 2013
  • D MS 67 red Lincoln Memorial=  $4,406 in 2018
  • PR 69 DCAM Lincoln Memorial = $4,320 in 2021
  • D PCGS Genuine BN Lincoln Memorial = $4,000 in 2021
  • PR 65 red Lincoln Memorial = $1,265 2006
  • PR 69 CAM Lincoln Memorial = in 2005 value is$1,035
  • MS 63 brown Lincoln Memorial = $576 in 2022
  • MS 60 red-brown Lincoln Memorial=  $104 in 2003
  • D MS 63 red-brown Lincoln Memorial sold for $72 in 2006

How Much is the cost of the 1961 No Mint Mark Lincoln Memorial Penny?

The Lincoln pennies minted in P have prices of about two dollars to 18 dollars when they are in high-level condition. But the MS 67-graded coin has a value of about 450 dollars. High Price is a red-toned coin with MS 67 grade sold at $5,720 at an auction.

What Is The Most Costly Lincoln Penny?

The high-cost 1943 D Lincoln penny was made on a bronze planchet. it was one from D Mint about twenty like pennies made having this error. it was sold of  $1,700,000 at an auction

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