1981 Penny Value: How Much Is It Worth Today?

The value of a 1981 Lincoln penny in average condition is about one cent, and in mint condition, it can be about one dollar. The Lincoln Memorial penny is the lowest US-minted penny. They are historically very important due to the photo of Lincoln. With that, they are also very popular with coin collectors. Here we will discuss its features, value error, and other parameters. Let’s get started with 1981 Penny Value: How Much Is It Worth Today?

1981 Penny History

These coins are made with ninety-five percent copper and five percent. Before that, the composition was 95 percent copper and five percent zinc and tin, a combination that was used for 100 years. Its design was made in the 1900s by Victor D. Brenner, with a photo of Lincoln as president. Lincoln pennies were first made in 1909 as a celebration of Lincoln’s 100th anniversary of birth. There have been many changes in the composition of coins in their lives. Its back is still the same, but the design was first redesigned in 1959. There were 12,869,048,760 pennies made out of them; 7,491,750,000 were made at P mint, 5,373,235,677 at D mint, and 4,063,083 at S mint with type 1 and type 2.

1981 No Mint Mark Penny Value

The 1981 penny is a one-cent coin from the Lincoln series and was made from 1959 to 2008. On the front side of these coins is Lincoln’s photo and the words “LIBERTY, IN GOD WE TRUST on the front side, and the minted year 1981 is also  there.In 1909, this design was made by Victor D. Brenner. There were 7,491,750,000 coins made by P.M. that did not have a mint mark on the front side. The 1981 penny comes with a 3.11-gram weight and 19-mm diameter. Its value is based on a condition. MS67grades The 1981 penny has a value of 115 dollars, and the MS66 grade has a value of 20.55 dollars. MS60-grade coins sold for 0.35 dollars. In August 2016, these pennies without mint marks sold for 1058 dollars with MS67+ grades.

1981 penny value

  • its weight is 3.11 grams and its diameter is 19mm
  • Vlaue for MS67 grade is 115 dollars and MS66 grade is 20.55
  • MS60= 0.35 dollars
  • Auction record= 1058 dollars in 2016

1981 D Penny Value

There were 5,373,235,677 memorial pennies made by D.M., and the D letter is on the front side of the coins, and their larger number makes them easy to circle. Their large number makes them low-value, having about one cent value. Coins in the mint state are not of high value just for some grades. They can get about MS65 grades for $1. MS66 grades have a value of $9, and MS67 grades have a value of 130 dollars. In 2017, its price was recorded at $5,170 for MS 67+.

1981 S Proof Penny Value (Type 1)

The 1982 S type 1 proof mint mark is a rare coin made at S mint and is a rare type of 1981 penny with 3,554,806 minted. The design of this penny is like the S.M. Mark type 2 1979 s and clad proof 1980 coin. This coin comes with a clean S mint mark and a type 2 blur mint mark. The 2 high 1981 S penny type 1 sold for $4,112 in 2021 action, and the other was sold for $3,300 on July 12, 2021. In 2023, 1981 S Type 1 proof penny graded at PR70 was sold for $2,190, and PR63 grades sold for $0.33.

1981 S Proof Penny Value (Type 2)

Type 2 of the 1981 S proof penny comes with an S mint mark and is about 4,063,083 minted. It is less valuable than type 1. In grade PR69, a deep cameo sold for 129 dollars and an ultra cameo for 150 dollars. From grades PR60 to PR70, prices are in the range of $6.75 to $101.

Rare 1981 Penny Errors List

1981 Double Die Error

In the manufacturing process of the 1981 penny, there were some parts of the design printed that made a double look on the coin photo. Double dies, known as hub doubling, where machines double-priced design more than one time. It makes a double-affected part, so pennies with this error can have a thickness of about 1.52 millimeters.

Die Break Error

This error is the result of the die breaking during the coin-striking process, making scratches on the coin surface. The pennies with this error are of high value, such as MS64 graded, sold for $700.

Re-punched Mint Mark

In this error, there is a doubling effect of the mintmark that is due to the mint mark letter being struck double. The coins with this error can have a value of $200 to $400.

1981 Misaligned Error

The 1981 penny has a misaligned die error when the hammer dies are not aligned correctly in the manufacturing of coins. The pennies with these in some conditions have a high value, but these pennies are not considered highly valued but come with a value of approximately one cent.

Double-Struck Error

The double-striking error is a result of a coin being double-striked in the creation process. Due to the second strike, some parts of the coins are off-center, which makes it a double effect. The coins with this error can be about two fifty dollars.

Features of the 1981 Lincoln Penny

1981 Lincoln Penny Obverse

On the coins, there is a photo of the US president on the front side. It is a right-face photo of me wearing a tie and shirt. On the upper part of the coins, there are phrases: IN GOD WE TRUST. On the left side of the photo of Lincoln, there is the word Liberty, and the minting year 1981 is on the right side. For coins that are made at S and D, the mint has minted marks and does not have P-minted coins.

 1981 Lincoln Penny Obverse

1981 Lincoln Penny Reverse

On the back side of this coin, there is the Lincoln Memorial and the word UNITED STATES OF AMERICA at the top side of the memorial. The word E PLURIBUS UNUM is below the phrases. On the back side, there is one cent at the lower part mentioned.

What is the most valuable penny from 1981?

  • S Type 1 PR 70 DCAM = 8050 dollars sold in  2003
  • D MS 67+ RD = sold for 5170 in 2017
  • MS 68 RD= sold for 3000 in 2022
  • MS 65 RB = 1208 dollars sold in 2003
  • S Type 2 PR 69 DCAM=  863 dollars in  2004
  • MS 66 BN =  700 dollars in 2018
  • D MS 65 BN=  345 dollars in 2010
  • D MS 63 RB None 43 dollar in 2004

How much is a 1981 penny worth?

  • MS= 0.55 to 169$
  • Proof value= 2.65 to 2190 dollars

How Much Value Are 1981 Pennies From The Philadelphia Mint?

These pennies do not have a high value, can be bought for about 0.01 dollars, and can have a value of 85 dollars in minted states based on conditions.

What is the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 proof sets from 1981?

The basic difference between the 1981 Type 1 mintmark and the 1981 Type 2 mintmark is the serifs of the S mintmark, which on the Type 2 iteration of the S appear bulbous. The existence of serifs is good, mostly outward, finding this rare mintmakr type.

That Type 1 letter comes with a sharp tip at the upper part, and the 1981 letter has a flat top. On the other side, type 2 letters come with round and wider edges.

What is the most expensive Lincoln cent?

  • Brown 1943 MS 64 D = $840,000
  • Brown 1943 S MS 63 S= $504,000
  • Brown 1944 MS 66 S= $408,000
  • Brown 1943 MS 62 Denver = $372,000

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How many pennies were made in 1981?

12,864,985,677) coins made in 1981, and 58% of them have no mint mark, made at P mint.

How much does 1981 penny weigh?

3.11 grams.

How much copper is in a penny before 1981?

Before 1982 coins were made with  95% copper and 5% zinc. after 1982 pennies are 2.5% copper and 97.5% zinc.

How many pennies were made each year?

In 2021, the U.S. Mint produced 7.613 billion pennies.

How many pennies were made in 1983?

7.7 billion pennies

What year is the silver penny?


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