1990 Penny Value: are “S”, “D”, No mint mark worth money?

Mostly 1990 pennies in circulated condition have a value of their face value of about 0.01 dollars. These coins have high value in uncirculated conditions.  The 1990 penny with not mint mark and the 1990 D mint penny have a value of 0.30 dollars in uncirculated condition for MS65RD grade. 1990 S proof Pnny value is about  $10 in PR-67RD condition. let’s get started with 1990 Penny Value: are “S”, “D”, and No mint mark worth money?

1990 Penny History 

The Lincoln pennies also called the Lincoln cent were the first time made on the birthday of the Lincoln president in 1909. In 1909 the design of these coins came with a photo of Lincoln on the front side and at the back two wheat stalks were added to it known as wheatsheaf penny. After fifty there were changes made in its design wheat stalks were replaced with a photo of the Lincoln Memorial. This new design was made in 1959 on 12 Feb at the 150th birthday of Lincoln.  This design was used until 2009. Also, the 1990 pennies have photos of Lincoln from the side and the memorial on the backside. So these pennies are known as a“modern Lincoln Cent”. First, these pennies were made with the use of copper but in the increases, the cost of copper in 1981 changed the bronze to copper plate zinc. The pennies made after 1982 and earlier are different and easily make a difference between them. New pennies are less weight than older pennies.

There were a large number of 1990 pennies made by P, d, and S mint. about 12 billion coins made and more than half at P mint so they are have value about their face value.

How much is a 1990 penny worth

Metal composition of Pennies

  • 1793 penny has a diameter of 29mm and made use of Pure Copper. It is the first Original penny size and composition
  • 1857 penny have dia of19.05mm and made with88% Cu, 12% Ni
  • 1982  penny made with the use of 97.5% Zn, and 2.5% Cu.

Value of 1990-D Lincoln Memorial Cent

The 1990 D Lincoln Memorial penny is common in all grades and has a good design. This penny has clear details and great luster in uncirculated condition. These coins have the words LIBERTY on the front side, the date 1990, and  IN GOD WE TRUST. Mostly Lincoln Memorial 0.01 dollars are easily get in circulation. These coins are difficult to find.

  • 1990 D Penny  MS68 sold in  2,021 = $57
  • MS68 sold in  2,022=$57
  • MS69 = sold in 2,015 for 7,200

1990 S Penny Value

1990 pennies made in S mint were profs. more than three million were made and most come with an S mint mark. As proof coins made for collectors, they are saved in good condition.

Examples sold at auction since 2004 vary widely in price. A red coin graded PR 69 by the PCGS fetched just $6 at auction in 2014. And $5 of that price was the buyer’s premium! In contrast, a PR 70 specimen, again in a red tone, sold a decade earlier for $2,358.

1990 S No Mint Mark Penny Value

  • 1990 PR 70 DCAM S mint auction value is $2,358 and sold for 62 dollars
  • 1990 S PR 69 DCAM =14 dollars
  • 1990 SPR 60 DCAM=$1

1990 No-Mint Mark Penny Value

The 1990 penny was made by P Mint about 6,851,765,000 without a mint mark. they are still able to get high grades.

  • MS 69 BN =$4,300 sold in 2,022
  • MS 69 RD=  $7,200 sold in 2,018

1990 S No Mint Mark Penny Value

There were some selected 1990-proof pennies made at S mint without S mintmark. That was due to an error. These are proof coins in the S mint series without a mint mark. At the time of the creation of these coins, there were about 145 pennies found but about two hundred are in the proof set. These coins can be valued at of thousands dollars. In a 2007 auction, the coins with grade PR69 sold for  $20,700.

1990 Penny Errors List

1990 No-S Proof Penny Error

The 1990 S mint made 3055 proof pennies by mistake without a mint mark. In circulation, these coins this coin considered as P mint penny due to the absence of a mint mark.  PR 69 DCAM was sold in 2007 for $20,700 and in 2014 this penny sold for  $8,813.

 Double Strike & Broad Strike Error

Coin rims aka collars are raised borders that maintain the design and structure of coins and ensure regular face value by sustaining the metal used on each coin. Nowadays coin rims are made in upsetting machines. On this coin, 2nd strike doubled the United States and made the rim wider and flat. Coins with this error for a grade of MS64 sold for 150 dollars.

Double Struck With 50% Indentation

During the coin’s double strike, there can be many error types can be made. There will be an overlapped design if coins shift left or right and have re-struck on their way out of mint. The coin can be reshaped with that also possible to get an indentation error where part of the coin cracks. Coinf with this error having MS64 RD grade sold for 120 dollars, some DDR can have a value of twenty-five dollars.

1990-S Proof Penny Double Struck In Collar With Obverse Rotation

In this type of error, the planchet shifted clockwise before 2nd strike. This causes an extra rim by doubling the date and words of the motto on the coins. The doubling affect can seen in the LIBERTY, dated 1990 mint mark S and letter E in Mottot and  In God We Trust. Dobling effect can seen on the head side of coins. Coins with this error having PF67 RD grade sold for $500.

1990 (P) Penny Foldover Error

more than a hundred blank passes through the press in one minute. They are pushed in position through the feeder finger and any lag can result in a minted error. So blank can at 90 degrees. So when the die is pressed coins are folded like a half circle. Coin with grade MS62 Bn sold for  $745.

1990-D Penny Struck On Copper Planchet

Above we discussed the 1909 to 1981 pennies were made with 95 percent copper. After that, they change to 2.5 copper and 97.5 percent zinc. D mint penny was made with 95 percent copper. SO by mistake used a planchet before 1983 yes and have to weigh 3.1 grams then 2.5 grams. MS64  BN graded coins a result of the wrong planchet sold for $5,640.

1990-D Penny Struck 45% Off-Center Error

For accurate coin struck it must be struck in the middle of two dies. If the blank sifts to the right or left, causes misalignment and it is known as an off-center error. These mint errors are defined in the form of percentages and are called 45 percent off-center errors. Due to this error coins look like the digit 8 and MS62 BN graded coin sold for $70.

 Double Denomination Error

The coins already struck get struck 2nd time. Roosevelt’s dime was made with the design of the 1990 penny. On the front side Lincoln photo and FDR at 90 degrees and on the back side comes the Freedom Torch and the Lincoln Memorial. Coin with a grade of MS 65, was sold for $2,280.

1990 (P) Penny Struck On Dime Planchet

Older pennies were struck on completed 10C coins and this penny was struck on 10C blank. Each denomination comes with a certain size and metallic composition, so if a penny is made on a planchet that is used for dimes error will be a high value. Coins with grade MS65 sold for 550 dollars.

Features Of 1990 Penny

1990 Penny Obverse

On the front side of this penny, there is a photo of Abraham Lincoln’s 16th resident facing right. With the motto  In God, We Trust written over the photo and LIBERTY at the left side behind the neck of the photo. The mint mark and mint date are shwon right side of the coins. initials of the VDB designer are also on the front side of the coins.

 Reverse Of 1990 Penny

On the back side of these coins, there is a photo of the Lincoln Memorial made by Frank Gasparro.  Over the memorial, there are the words United States of America on the upper part of the coin. There is a motto E pluribus unum”, which means “out of many, one is mentioned at the lower part of the coins. At the bottom of the coin, there is the denomination  One cent written.

What 1990 pennies are valuable?

The high-value 1990 penny sold at auction was part of proof coins minted at S mint without a mint mark. These coins have a grade of deep cameo and sold for auction for about 21000 dollars in 2007. Some coins from different mints also have high value the best coins with  D mint mark graded MS69 have prices from $3,000 and $7,200.

Is a 1990 no-mint mark penny worth anything?

The value base on the penny belongs to which mint mark means either from S or P mint. The P mint pennies were made in larger numbers circulation. So their value is about not more than their face value. The pennies made at S Mint are proof and do not have mint marks by mistake.

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How much is a 1990 penny worth?

1990 pennyMint mark Good Uncirculated
 “D” 1 cent $65 to $3,000
 “P” No Mint Mark 1 cent $20 to $7,200
 “S” None $10 to $2,400

Does a 1990 penny have a wide am?

1959-1992 all business strikes and proofs come with  Wide AM. 1993 all business strikes and proofs have a Close AM. 1994-2008 all business strikes come with  Close AM.

How much is a 1990 penny with no S worth?

  • PR69= $5,620
  • PR61= $2,000
  • PR60 = $1,880

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