What is 1974 Half Dollar Value (Price Chart, Rare Errors, History & Varieties)

The value of 197 Kennedy half dollars in average condition is about fifty cents and in mint state can have a value of 2.50 dollars. These coins come with about zero percent silver but still have importance for coin collectors. In 1974 from three minutes S, P and D Kennedy half dollars made. The value of P and D-minted coins can be between $1.50 and $3.00, and 1974 half dollars with S mint can have a value of three to nine dollars. There were silver half dollars made but these made on special demand.  Let’s get started with What 1974 Half Dollar Value (Price Chart, Rare Errors, History & Varieties).

How much is a 1974 Kennedy Half Dollar worth?

In average circulated condition the value of 1974 Kennedy half dollars is about fifty cents and in MS+ grades can have a value of three dollars. The average circulation means the same condition as other coins circulated in 1974  and the mint state means it is certified MS+ through grading companies.

What is 1974 Half Dollar Value

1974 Kennedy Half Dollar Features

  • Its weight is 11.34 grams.
  • Its diameter is 30.6 mm.
  • Its thickness is 2.15mm.
  • It has a reeded edge.
  • Its composition is 1971 – Present 75% copper, 25% nickel, 1965-1970 40% silver 60% copper, 1964 – 90% Silver 10% copper.
  • Design made by Gilroy Roberts and Frank Gasparro.

1974 half dollar Front (Obverse):

The front side of this coin comes with a photo of J.F Kennedy facing left. The words In GOD We Trust and Liberty are written over this side of the coin. With that mint mark is added to the lower part of the photo and also 1974 date on this side is added.

1974 half dollar  Back (Reverse):

This side of the 1974 Half Dollar comes with a bald eagle with 13 arrows in its right claw and an olive branch with 13 olives. The shield protects the eagle’s chest. There are thirteen stars along the line common out from eagle wings. The words United States of America and Half Dollar are also mentioned on this side of the coin. The initial of coin designer GF is added on the back side of the coins there are also P, D, S, and W mint marks on the base of the coin type.

Some other features of 1974 Half Dollar are:

  • It is made with the use of a pure copper core seventy-five percent copper and twenty-five percent nickel external layer.
  • It has reeded edge spotting 150 reeds.

More Common 1974 Half Dollar Errors

The common exists half-dollar errors that existed in 1974 are.

1974 Clipped Planchet 50C

if a round-shaped die clips the edge of the coin makes the cookie cutter look at the edge of the coin. That means part of half a dollar like the recent will be removed.

1974 Off Center Strike

If the die strikes the configured planchet off-center that is an error made. Striks can be from five percent to ninety-five percent off-center. The higher off center, the larger of blank planceht will be.

1974 DDO / DDR Half Dollar

If the planchet is struck more than one time on the same face with the use of a die that has a double die error. DDO is front, and DDR means Reverse.

1974 Half-Dollar Broad struck Error

Some coins come with designs on the edges and half a dollar is this type of coin. The mint can use three-piece collars to design 150 reeds on coins. So if collars fall off coins flattens and spill over-stretching machines. So resultant error is called a broad strike, and grade MS60  1974 Broadstruck Half Dollar cost is $125.

1974 Half Dollar Struck On  $5 Taiwan Planchet

This error occurs if a planchet from the wrong denomination or wrong country is sued. The 1974 P coins were mistakenly struck with the use of a dollar planchet from Taiwan and also graded at AU 55 and coins with error sold for 430 dollars.

1974 Half Dollar Price Chart

Grade Value ($)
1974 P Kennedy Half Dollar
Circulated $0.65 to $0.9
MS60 $1 to $2950
$8,000 (2021) in (Auction)
1974 D Kennedy Half Dollar
Circulated $0.65 to $0.75
MS65 $20
MS67 (Gem) $325
$2,468 (Gem, Auctioned)
1974 S Proof Half Dollar
PF69 (Regular) $12
PF66-PF69 (Deep Cameo) $12
PF68 (DCAM) $11
PF70 (DCAM) $425
PF70 (High-cost DCAM, Sold in 2013) $7,931
1974 S Half Dollar (Proof)
PR 65 $6
PR 70 DCAM $7,900


History Of The 1974 Half Dollar

The half dollar also called Kennedy half a dollar was made in January 1964 after the 2-month assassination of President JF Kennedy in 1963 NOV. The use of photos of the president as remembrance ideas was liked by the US Mint, the Department of the Treasury, and Congress. There was legislation passed to make new coins having photos of President Kennedy. The front side of these coins was made by Gilroy Roberts and reversed by Frank Gasparro. The Kennedy half dollar came with ninety percent silver and there were a larger number of these coins at the start of 1964. The hoarding caused high increases in prices so the US Mint made millions of Kennedy half dollars and hoarding caused the shortage. After 1965 the use of silver metal was reduced by half dollars from 90 percent to 40 percent. By 1971 mint stopped the use of silver in Kennedy half dollars and started the use of copper core and copper-nickel clad.

1974 No Mint Mark Half Dollar Value

There were  201,596,000 Kennedy half dollars made in 1974 by P mint. it is high mintage so they are not rare in circulated condition.

The value of 1974 No mint mark half a dollar is

  • Circulated= 0.65 to 0.9
  • MS6= 01 to 2950$
  • MS68=$8,000 In Auction 2021

1974 D Half Dollar Value

The D mint made 79,066,300 Kennedy half dollars, which is less than the P mint. mostly coins used as circulation. The larger number of mintage makes these coins common. After starting with MS66 grades these coins become rare.1974 Kennedy half dollars in MS68 are rare coins and have 100 coins in number. They have value in the range of

  • Circulated= $0.65 to $0.75
  • MS65=$20
  • MS67 (Gem)= $325
  • MS67 (Gem, Auctioned)= $2,468

1974 S Proof Half Dollar Value

The S mint made 2,612,568 proof coins of half dollars. There was a certain type of dies used by my mint to make proof pennies and the resultant coins have mirror-like designs and good contrast. Proof coins come in regular, cameo, deep cameo, and ultra cameo according to contrast and finishing.

  • PF69=12 dollars (Regular 1974 half-dollar proof coin)
  • PF66-PF69 Deep cameo= $12
  • PF68 DCAM =$11
  • PF70 DCAM = $425
  • PF70  DCAM half a dollar= 7931$ (Sold in 2013)

1974 S Half Dollar Value

There were 2,612,568 half-dollars made in San Francisco with the proof category. These cons are made with the use of burnished planchets. The dies are specially configured for the first fifty to 100 coins created with the use of a proof die. Based on the coin’s layout, they are configured as Cameo, CAM, or Deep Cam.  These coins have a value of

  • PS65= 6 dollars
  • PR70 DCAM = 7900 dollars

How to Tell Kennedy Half Dollar Is Silver?

Check the edge of the coin if the coin is silver will have a solid silver strip with the edge. if coins have copper stripes they will be clad coins with a copper core and alloy layer. The 1964 Kennedy Half Dollars are the only coin series that had pure silver. From years 1965 to 1970 coins came with forty percent silver and after 1971 silver was removed from the coins and no 1974 half-dollar had silver content.

1974 Kennedy Half Dollar Coin

What is the 1974 Half-Dollar Worth Today?

The normal 1974 Kennedy half a dollar has a value about its face value of fifty cents. In 2021 1974 S half dollar with deep contrast and PR70 grade sold for 7900 dollars. In circulated condition 1974 D half a dollar have a value of $0.65 and $0.75. The value is about twenty dollars for MS65 grades and in gem condition with a grade of MS67 have a value of $325.

Is A 1974 Kennedy Half Dollar Coin Rare?

The 1974 Kennedy half dollar is a common coin since there were more than 200 million coins in circulation. The mintage is higher than coins made at D mint. These coins do not have silver so they are of value 50c.

1776 to 1976 S SILVER Kennedy Half Dollar Value

According to details of NGC Kennedy Half Dollar from 1776-1976 S in circulated condition have values of from $3.40 and $3.90. and 1776-1976 S SILVER Half Dollars in pristine, uncirculated condition sold for $12500.

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How many 1974 Kennedy half dollars were minted?

The P mint made more than 201 million half dollars in 1972 and is easy to access by collectors.

What is the rarest Kennedy Half Dollar?

The 1964 coin is the rarest since it was made after the assassination of Kennedy. With that, these coins also have a 90 percent composition of silver content, so they are high-value Kennedy half a Dollar.

What makes a 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar rare?

The change from 90 percent to forty percent silver makes these coins rare and high value and 1964 was the year when the U.S. Mint distributed circulation coins containing.

What makes a 1974 Half Dollar rare

During the manufacturing of coins, error occurred on coins on the front coin die in 1974. The letters on coins look doubled and doubling is evident in the letters in TRUST on the obverse.

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