What Are 1960 Pennies Worth? (Price Chart, Error List, History & Varieties)

The value of the 1960 Lincoln penny is one cent and in the minted state can be about 22 dollars. 1.5 million pennies were made as proof parts. The proof penny has a value of about 1.90 dollars. Small and large date 1960 pennies were made and not like the made-in-P mint but have the same value or a difference in data size. let’s get started with What Are 1960 Pennies Worth?

What Is  1960 Penny Worth?

Based on the 1960 penny condition and type, for 1960 pennies, the size of the date value of coins is from two cents to ten dollars or larger. The 1960 pennies value can be as.

1960 Pennies value

  • 1960 Large Date=20 dollars + no mint mark
  • 1960 Small Date=  2.5 dollars+ no mint mark
  • 1960-D Large Date=20 dollars+
  • 1960-D Small Date=20 dollars+
  • 1960-D D Over D Overdate-Small Date Over Large Date=200 dollars+
  • 1960 proof Large Date=1.75dollars +
  • 1960 proof Small Date=18 dollars

1960 Penny History

In 1960 Lincoln pennies were made with having Lincoln Memorial In Washington DC at the backside. his design comes with a photo of Lincoln at the Memorial’s entrance and it is part of coins that have photos on both sides. The design of these coins was made by Frank Gasparro. In 150 more than 2 billion were made at P and D Mint. There were two new types of pennies were introduced at these mints which are larger and small dates. The photo of the Memorial was used for about 50 years in in 2009 it was changed to celebrate Lincoln’s birthday. On the coins Union shield design was made on a penny.

1960 Penny Grading System

MS-63RB choice uncirculated

There are some contact marks in this grading at the larger part of the coines. The coin’s shin can not be seen and the color is red and brown.

MS-65RD gem uncirculated:

It has a high luster and looks good. Some light contact marks can be seen but they are not easy to see and the penny is red colored

PR-67RD proof

This grade coin does not have any errors. Some marks can be seen and the penny is red.

1960 Penny Features

The obverse of 1960 Penny

At the front or obverse side of the coin, there is a photo of Abraham Lincoln president of the USA. The word God We Trust is written on the upper part of the coin. The data is written with a mint mark. if there are no mint mark coins made at P mint. 2017 years has the P mint mark as the 225th anniversary of the USA mint. Over the president’s photo the moto IN GOD WE TRUST is mentioned. At the left bottom word, LIBERTY is written. At lower left data is mentioned.

For larger data variety the 9 at high top than 1. The 6 is also larger than the small data type. The coin made at D mint comes with a small D written below the date. No mint mark for coins made in Philadelphia.

Penny Back (Reverse):

The back side of the penny has a Lincoln Memorial design. The clear line on staircases and memorial buildings are best of good grading. Lincoln’s memorial was added by removing the wheat cent introduced in 1958.

Some Other Features Of The 1960 Penny

1960 pennies made with 95 percent copper and 5 % tin and zinc. After two years tin was removed from the composition and pennies were made with five percent zinc. The weight of pennies is about  3.11 grams and dia is 19mm. Copper in penny means that colors of single coines can be varied from bright red to dull brown. New copper is red colored and when due to the effect of environmental conditions colors changed to brown. The copper coin value is based on their colors. There are three types of pennies on based on color, red, red and brown and brown. For red grade coin rule is that it must have a red color of about 95 percent poart of its total area. if it is brown it also covers 95 percent surface area. If both colors are mixed then it is red and brown.

1960 No Mint Mark Penny Value

In 1960 there were about 586 million coins were made by P Mint. Out of them about 170000 of larger data types exist.  Their difference from small data is that 9 and 6 in the year. That if 9 is higher than 1 it means a larger cent. If in coin 6 number is also bigger is the large date.  Mostly 1960 larger date pennies from P min have their face value. For any error on coins, its color becomes red to increase its value. Red-colored 1960 Pmint large date pennies are easily found in MS65 grades.

  • MS64 = $14 common
  • MS66= $26 rare
  • MS67 =$360 very rare coins
  • MS67+ = $8,750 extremely rare

Small Date Coins

The 1960 penny wit, not mint mark, and small data has a value of about three dollars in MS63RB grade in uncirculated condition. For MS-65RD grad value for uncirculated conditions is seven dollars. The 1960 D penny with small data has a value of about 0.20 dollars for uncirculated conditions in MS65RB grade. and one dollar in MS65RD grade. Porrof coins with no mint mark also exist and small date also exist both have a value of $22 in PR-67RD condition.

Large Date Coins

The 1960 penny with no mint mark and 1960 D penny large date coines come in 0.20 dollars in uncirculated condition for MS63RB grade. Value is about one dollar in uncirculated condition for MS65RD grades. The 37 dollar value is in PRD67RD condition for proof coins with no mint mark and a large date.

1960 Large Date Penny Vs 1960 Small Date Penny

1960 Large Date Penny Vs 1960 Small Date Penny

  • In 1960 small data penny number 6 is larger than another number in date and in for 1960 large date penny the 9 number is higher than 1 number date

1960 (P) Proof Penny Value

There were 1.7 million proofs of coins made by P mint. These coins were made with the use of a special type of dies and planchets. These coins also have larger and smaller date variants. That can be red, camera, or deep cameo colors. Cameo proofs have attractive contact between frosted devices and reflective fields.  In deep cameos, contact is high value. Here value of these coins can seen.

  • Red Large 5= PR60, Dollars PR79: 130 Dollars
  • Red Small=PR60:6 dollars and PR69:625 dollars
  • Cameo Large=PR60:£7and PR69:2,100 Dollars
  • Cameo Deep Large= PR60:8 Dollars and PR69:2,800 Dollars
  • Cameo Small/Deep Small= PR60 8 Dollars and PR69 4,080 Dollars
  • Cameo Small Deep=1350 dollars in PR70 grade

1960 Penny Error List

1960 D Over D, Small Over Large Date Penny,

Pennies made at D struck in 1960 come with mint mark reprint. The d mark is such punched that there can be used a microscope to find the second D on the first D.  With this error, the die was struck with the hub on the small date design and then struck with the hub or large date. So die comes with a double effect on a date, which is then applied to all coines in struck. All pennies of different colors with small over large date errors can have a higher value than face value.

Grade MS60 MS66+
$8 $34 $135
XF45 $8 NaN
MS60 $50 $400
MS66 NaN NaN
MS60 $75 $1,375
MS66+ NaN NaN

1960 (P) Small Over Large Date Proof Penny,

The doubling effect above also exists in P mint dies strike-proof coins.  3 different proof dies struck with a hub for small and large date types. 2 dies rubbed with large date design and then small die and 3rd die larger date is at 2nd.  Coin struck with die where larger date design was hubbed called small over large. If dies struck with a hub having small date first called large over small date.

Color Grade Value
Small over large date
Red PR60
50 Dollars
Red PR69
4,150 Dollars
Cameo PR66
2,000 Dollars
Large over the small date
Red PR60
30 Dollars
Cameo PR60
35 Dollars
Cameo PR68
2,500 Dollars
Red PR69
8,500 Dollars

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