1952 D Penny Value: Are “D”, No Mint Mark Worth Money?

The first penny was made in 1909 the 100th birthday of Lincoln’s president by Sculptor Victor Brenner. The design of the 1909 penny was used until 1959. Then back side design was replaced with the Lincoln Memorial. The 1952 pennies are part of wheat pennies made from 1909 to 1959. here we will cover their feature value and other parameters. Let’s get started with the 1960 Penny Value.

1952 Penny Value Chart

Mint Mark Good Fine Extremely Fine Uncirculated
1952 No Mint Mark Wheat Penny Value $0.05 $0.05 $0.17 about $55
1952-D Wheat Penny Value $0.02 $0.05 $0.17 $2700
1952-S Wheat Penny Value $0.05 $0.08 $0.22 $0.22-$4.52

1952 Penny value

History Of 1952 Penny

The 1952 penny is part of the 1909 penny series and the Lincoln penny also called the Lincoln cent that used as a replacement for the Indian head cent these are the USA’s first coins that have a photo of the person.

The idea of adding a personal photo on coins was new and given by President Theodore Roosevelt. In 1904 he arranged a meeting with Trasurey and MInt to redesign the gold coins and indian cent.

In 1908 the design of 4 gold was completed and Roosevelt the cent design. On the 100th birthday of Lincoln president new coins with his photo on the front side were introduced. These coins come with two wheat stalks on the back side. These wheat pennies were used from 1909 to 1959. Then copper strcuk coins were made until 1982 when the composition changed to a zinc core and a copper-clad layer due to the high prices of copper.

Mint Types Quantity
Philadelphia No Mint mark 1952 penny 186,775,000
Philadelphia 1952 penny (proofs) 81,980
Denver 1952 D penny 746,130,000
San Francisco 1952 S penny 137,800,004
Total / 1,070,786,984

1952 No Mint Mark Wheat Penny Value

186,775,000 coins with no mint mark made by P mint in 1952. These coins are low value but can sold for more than face value. Circulated condition coin is about $0.05 to $0.25.

Brown pennies can be 45 dollars. Reddish toning coins with MS67 grade are about  $1,000 to $1,600.

In 2007 1952 MS67 grade red color sold for $9,775.
The value of 1952 Brown Red for different grades can seen as
Condition 1952 BN penny
Good $0.05 to $0.06
Very good $0.05 to $0.06
Fine $0.08 to $0.09
Very fine $0.10 to $0.12
Extra fine $0.12 to $0.15
AU $0.18 to $0.25
MS 60 $0.25 to $0.30
MS 61to MS62 $0.25 to $0.30
MS 63 $0.55 to $0.65
MS 64 $1 to $1.20
MS 65 $2.50 to $3
MS 66 $8 to $9.50
MS 67 $35 to $45

1952 Proof Wheat Penny Value

81,980 coins made with proof features in 1952 and these coins are of 3 to 90 dollars. Red-toned coins PR68 are of $625 to $720.

Red DCAM pennies can be $1,000 to $3,450, and PR 68 grade is about 50000 dollars.

DCAM 1952 PR68 grade sold for $64,625 in 2021

Grade 1952 BN penny
PR 60 $3 to $4
PR 61 $5 to $6
PR 62 $8 to $9.50
PR 63 $11 to $13
PR 64 $15 to $18
PR 65 $19 to $22
PR 66 $25 to $30
PR 67 $35 to $40

1952-D Wheat Penny Value

The D mint made about  746,130,000 wheat pennies. These coins come with a D mint mark on the front side of the coins. Their high mintage can make them common for different grades also red coins.

The 1952 D pennies also come with some errors. they are about face value. Circulated conditon 1952 D is about  $0.04 to $0.35.

MS66 coins are about 12.50 dollars and full red coins in mint state are $7,400.

1952-S Wheat Penny Value

S mint made about 137,800,004 rare coins than P and D mints. Getting these coins in good condition is not easy. In excellent condition, their value is about $.05 and $4.52 on average. These coins can get from a value of $120 to $145.

Uncirculated MS64 grade is about 2.50 dollars and MS66 grade is 12.50 dollars.

Full red coins are rare and the MS65 grade is about 19 dollars and the MS67 grade is $3,250.

Features of 1952 Wheat Penny

Obverse Of 1952 Wheat Penny

The 1952 penny front side comes with the 16th president’s photo, with that minting date also on this side. The motto IN GOD WE TRUST and  LIBERTY is on this side

Reverse Of 1952 Wheat Penny

The back side of coins comes with two wheat stalks and a denomination. There is a country named the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. The motto E*PLURIBUS*UNUM is written there

1952 penny features

Some other features of the 1952 penny are

  • its face value is one cent
  • it is round and made with copper alloy and zinc composition.
  • its diameter is 19.05 mm and its weight is 3.11 grams
  • its thickness is one millimeter with a plain edge

1952 Wheat Penny Errors

Doubled Die Obverse Penny Error

The doubled die obverse die error occurs during striking planceht two times at some different angles The doubling effect of the mark can seen in the design

This error is commonly seen on 1952 pennies, especially D-minted coins. The doubling effect can seen in the words LIBERTY and minting date. Doubling also exists on the beard of Lincoln and hair. The value of the doubling effect based on extent can be 100 and $200.

1952 Struck Through Obverse Penny Error

It is not a common error, coins with this error are values. This error occurs when any dust particle or hair comes between striking the anvil and the planchet. During hub striking on planceht any component left a mark on coins making a strike-through effect. Coins with this error can sold for about 100 dollars

Off-Center Strike Wheat Penny Error

The 1952 penny off-center is high vaue. This error exists on 1952 D pennies. it occurs during the misalignment of coins during the striking process. These coins’ value is based on a percentage of off-center and coins with 50 percent off-center with minting date and mark see as high value.

A 50% off-center strike error value is  $200 and a 5% error might only be about $30.

Most valuable 1952 Wheat Penny

  • 1952 PR 68 DCAM Lincoln penny = $64,625 sold  in 2021)
  • 1952 PR 69 RD Lincoln penny= $11,250 (sold in 2019)
  • 1952 MS 67 RD Lincoln penny = $9,775 (sold in 2007)
  • 1952 S MS 67+ RD Lincoln penny = $4,113 (sold in 2014)
  • 1952 D D/S MS 66 OMM RD Lincoln penny= $650 (sold in 2019)
  • 1952 S XF 40 BN Lincoln penny= $431 (sold in 2000)
  • 1952 S MS 67 RB Lincoln penny = $395 (sold in 2019)
  • 1952 D MS 64 RB Lincoln penny= $150 (sold in 2021)
  • 1952 D D/S AU 58 OMM BN Lincoln penny = $130 (sold in 2022)
  • 1952 D D/S MS 64 OMM RB Lincoln penny= $65 (sold in 2022)
  • 1952 PR 67 CAM Lincoln penny = $3,680 (sold in 2007)
  • 1952 MS 63 BN Lincoln penny = $2,760 (sold in 2006)
  • 1952 D MS 67+ RD Lincoln penny= $2,233 (sold in 2016)
  • 1952 PR 68 Lincoln penny= $1,900 (sold in 2021)
  • 1952 D MS 63 BN Lincoln penny= $1,380 (sold in 2007)
  • 1952 MS 62 RB Lincoln penny =$1,006 (sold in 2002)

How much is 1952 (No Mint Mark) Worth?

These coins made by P mint are low-cost coins. Most of them are  $0.05 to $0.25, the uncirculated condition can be about $45 to $1,600, according to condition and grading

What Are The Most Valuable Lincoln Cents?

Some most valuable pennies are the 1943 copper Lincoln cent, the 1955 double die Lincoln cent, the 1909-S VDB Lincoln cent, and the 1873 Indian Head penny having doubled “LIBERTY.

The high-value 1944 S penny made with steel sold for $408,000 at an auction. DDO error Lincoln cent from 1958 won the auction value of $336,000 in 2018.

How Much Does 1952-D Wheat Penny Weigh?

The 1952 D wheat penny comes with 95% copper and  5% tin and zinc alloy. The weight of these coins is about 3.11 grams and 19.00 millimeters is the diameter.

Is A 1952-D Wheat Penny Rare?

1952-D wheat pennies, about 746,130,000 minted. Due to the larger number of coins, it is not considered as rare. A lower mintage of coins is rare. The 1931 s penny is rare since  866,000 coins were made

How much is a 1952 penny worth today?

 Mint Mintage Value
1952 186,775,000 $0.90
1952-D 746,130,000 $0.70
1952-S 137,800,004 $1.50
1952 Proof 81,980 $30.00

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