Why Is My Outside AC Unit Not Turning On?

We sometimes wonder why the outside AC unit is not inside the unit. It is a common issue. Many people scratch their heads when the outside AC unit is not turning on but the inside is working. It is a very common problem with the split AC unit, which has an outdoor unit with a compressor and condenser and an indoor unit used for blowing air through ducts. As you are feeling cool through vents, a non-functioning outside unit is a symbol of an issue. This problem not only affects our comfort but also has a bad effect. Solving this problem is important to avoid high energy bills and more damage to AC units. Here we will discuss a solution for Why Is My Outside AC Unit Not Turning On?

Why Is My Outside AC Unit Not Turning

Main Reasons Why AC Is Not Turning On

The main causes of AC not turning on are explained here.

Reasons Why AC Is Not Turning On

  1. There can be damage to the thermostat that affects the operation of your AC unit. First of all, check the display on the thermostat. If it is off, it does not signal the AC to be on. Also, check the battery on the thermostat. If the battery is working well, then monitor the workings of the thermostat. Set it to cooling mode, and put it 5 to 6 degrees below the indoor temperature. After some time, put a hand in front of the AC unit vane to check the cold air. If it is on, it means issues are solved. If the thermostat is still not working, remove the cover to check its parts. Check for corrosion if it exists. Also, blown fuses are sometimes the main cause of not working. With that, also check if there are any loose screws in the thermostat.
  2. Another reason that the AC is not turned on is the refrigerant shortage. The refrigerant is a cooling liquid in AC coils. It provides the required cool air in an AC system or hot air for a heat pump. The shortage of refrigerant is not due to AC units using liquid. Leakage is the main reason for this. Cracks can be created in the AC coil, causing leakage. If there is no regular maintenance, it can cause corrosion. To avoid this problem, do regular maintenance on the AC unit.
  3. If you are not cleaning the air filter of the AC unit, it will be a big issue if it does not work accurately. Which AC unit do you have? Cleaning the filter is necessary. The main function of the filter is to ensure accurate air circulation. If they have dust particles, airflow will be affected. So the system will face difficulty cooling the home. The dirty air filter also freezes the outdoor AC unit, affects the working of the system, and is also the main reason the AC is not turning on.
  4. If the HVAC unit is facing issues starting, if it is starting and stopping suddenly, or if there is a sound of clicking noise from the outdoor AC unit, it means the AC capacitor is affected. The capacitor is considered the main part of the HVAC system. if it is connected to the circuit of the motor and gives the motor a starting push to run. The capacitor disconnects when the motor reaches the required speed. There are two capacitors used: start capacitors that provide the starting voltage to start the motor and run capacitors that maintain the running state of the motor. The main issue with capacitor damage is overheating. If the outside unit is placed on the roof, there is a high chance of damage due to overheating on hot days. So if you need to change the capacitors, get the services of technicians and do not try to change them yourself since they have a charge that can be a hazard for you.
  5. There is a possibility that the AC fan is not working, and this problem is called dormancy. If the cooling system is dormant in winter and has been switched for some time, then the fan will be difficult to start rotating due to dirt creation. Get the services of an HVAC technician to solve this issue.
  6. The outside unit of the AC is called the condenser. Its main function is to release heat gathered by an inner unit of external conditions. If there is not regular maintenance, it will become dirty with time. It will operate well to disperse heat since dirt works as an insulator. The condenser will start to get a high current and trip the brake, and AC will not turn on. There is a need for professional cleaning to remove dirt.

Why Is My Outside AC Unit Not Turning On?

If the outside compressor of the AC unit is kicking on, the problem can be the power supply. Ensure that the external unit is in good condition. If the outside unit has a separate breaker, check the circuit box and confirm that it has not tripped.

If a highly serious problem is that the outside AC unit is not working, it can be a breakage of the compressor or fan and capacitor damage. So get the services of a technician to solve this issue.

Normally, it is suggested to replace the complete system that is just inside the unit, as the Match system is effective and has a longer life.


If the inside AC unit’s not turning on

If, like the outside unit, the inside unit is that the evaporator is not getting on or has stopped working, then check the circuit box and power supply. Normally, if it is a thermostat problem, the entire system will not work. With the outer unit, issues can arise with instruments as well. It can be an air handler, a malfunctioning blower, or a problem with the refrigerant line.

Until you find the issue yourself and use an easy solution, there is a need to contact experts to solve the problem.

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