Why is My Heater Blowing Cold Air and What Should I Do?

Let’s suppose that you want to have a cozy environment. It is cold, and I want to have warm conditions. And you want to use your furnace, and when you are on it, check that there is no warm air circulating through the vents. So there will be any technical fault that causes our heater not to blow hot air. Let’s get started with Why is My Heater Blowing Cold Air and What Should I Do?

What Is Central Heating?

Central heating is a feature of the heating system that is related to the HVAC unit that blows warm air into your home. The homes that were made about 50 years ago do not have any proper central heating or cooling components.

Why is My Heater Blowing Cold Air and What Should I Do?

Why Is My Heater Blowing Cold Air?

Here main causes are explained.

The thermostat Not working well

Sometimes you do not set the thermostat accurately, which results in the furnace blowing cold air. Check that the thermostat is working accurately. Not forget that the switch is in a for the heating state. Ensure that the unit is configured in the auto state and not in the on state. Make sure that the fan is not continuously operating when the unit is in an off state. Keep the unit in auto mode to make sure the fan and furnace are on at the same time. It reduces the cost and annoying process of heating in cold conditions.

The furnace takes time for heating.

Note that just because you have the furnace on does not mean hot air will come out instantly. Like mechanical instruments, it takes some time for the furnace to get heated. If you do not have warm air after fifteen minutes, it can be a problem with the heater.

Dirty Furnace Filter

The dirty filter can stop airflow with the furnace heat exchanger. If it occurs in the event of an emergency shutting down, will turn on and off the unit. It prevents the system from overheating and not producing heated air.

Pilot Light Is Out

If the pilot light is out on the gas furnace, there is nothing to heat the gas that is flowing in the heater. Most new models do not need pilot lights. But if there is a gas heater in the home, it will have a pilot light that will use a natural gas supply to warm the heating cycle.


If the heating unit gets overheated, there are safety measures to switch off the furnace and air conditioners. It is made to avoid fire, explosion, or carbon monoxide gas.

How My Heater Overheats

The main causes that overheat the unit are.

  1. Most furnaces are about ten to fifteen years old. As the heating components in the system get old, parts start to reduce their operation. If you do not perform maintenance, the system will fail to work quickly.
  2. France comes with moveable parts. When they start to be affected, different problems will be caused. If the furnace is not working accurately, it will blow cold air and get overheated. The emergency switch will turn off the furnace to save it from more damage.
  3. If the filter gets clogged, the heater will not blow cold air. The dirty filter prevents air from moving through the heat exchanger. It can result in the system overheating and getting off.

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