All Types of Capacitor Symbol and Diagram

The capacitor is an electrical device used for storing electrical energy in the form of an electrical field. The capacitor is known as a passive device. it is two terminal components and its feature of charge storage is called capacitance The capacitor is also called a condenser. There are different types of capacitors used in electrical circuits and devices. Each type has its own features and design. Here we will learn about different types of capacitors and their symbols. Let’s get started with All Types of Capacitor Symbol and Diagram.

Types of Capacitors

Capacitors have many types but it defines in two mechanical groups. Fixed capacitors have fixed values of capacitance and variable capacitors have variable capacitance values.  here some main types of capacitors are listed.

  • Ceramic Capacitors
  • Film Capacitors
  • Film capacitors
  • Paper Capacitors
  • Power Film Capacitors
  • Electrolytic Capacitors
  • Ceramic capacitors
  • Electrolytic capacitors

Capacitor Symbol Overview

The capacitor symbol has two conductors or plates parted with insulators of dielectric materials. Here different types of capacitors with symbols are explained.

Electrolytic Capacitor Symbol

Electrolytic capacitor made with the use of aluminum or tantalum plate with oxide dielectric layer. The other electrode is a liquid electrode. These capacitors are polarized capacitor types. It has high capacitance but they comes with low tolerance and high explosion risk. Its symbol is here

Ceramic Capacitor Symbol

It is a low-cost and compact structured capacitor. it best to use for high-frequency circuits. They come with low capacitance. They are nonpolarized capacitors type. its symbolic representation is here

Polarized Capacitor Symbol

These capacitors cannot operate with a variable polarity power source.  They have certain positive and negative pins. If the positive pin of the capacitor is connected with the positive point of the power supply and the negative with the negative pin of the source, then this capacitor works accurately. Supercapacitors are a basic example of  Polarised capacitors.

Non Polarized Capacitor Symbol

These capacitors can be operated with different polarity of power sources. They do not come with certain positive or negative pins. its common example is ceramic capacitors. Its symbol is seen here

Fixed Capacitor Symbol

These capacitors come with a constant value of capacitance. its capacitance is constant not changed. Generic capacitors and ceramic capacitors are examples of  Fixed capacitors.

Variable Capacitor Symbol

These capacitors have different values of capacitance as per project need. its capacitance can be changed according to need. its symbol has two parallel lines with arrows or straight lines crossing them. Straight lines mean that capacity is variable and capacitance can be varied

Trimmer Capacitor Symbol

This capacious is a variable capacious type. it uses trimming the dielectric medium of the capacitor to vary capacitance. its symbol is seen here.

Preset Capacitor Symbol

The basic difference between trimmer capacitors and preset capacitors is that trimer capacitors are variable to fine-tune capacitance value, while preset capacitors are pre-set to a certain value of capacitance and cannot be varied after that

Bipolar Capacitor

These capacitors are also called nonpolar electrolytic capacitors. It is made with two electrolytic capacitors in design that can used in polarity. They are different from generic ceramic non-polar capacitors having large values of capacitance.

Feed through Capacitor

This capacitor is made for DC power supply in the RF system. it provides pure DC and filters the RF component from the DC signal

Temperature Dependent Capacitor

These capacitors have capacitance based on temperature. Temperature increases or decreases can increase or decrease the capacitance of capacitor.  it is used in temperature-sensing circuits.

A differential Capacitor

is a variable capacitor that has two operator stators and one common rotor.  A moveable rotor increases capacitance in one part and reduces in another part. But net capacitance is conostant.

Split Stator Capacitor

it is a variable capacitor and has two sets of stators that are separated at 180 degrees. The common shat rotates rotor that comes with the same vanes configured at 180 degrees. These capacitors do not have 90 90-degree restriction of normal variable capacitors.

Dual Ganged Capacitor

These capacitors are a combination of two variable capacitors. The variable rotor of these capacious is controlled with the use of a single shaft. They have variable capacitance in both capacitors with moving single-rotor

Butterfly Capacitor

This variable capacitor has two separate stators opposite to each other configured on the structure of the capacitor. The rotor plates are like butterflies and move between two stators. The capacitance in capacitance changes between the stator and the rotor. It is used in tuned circuits.


it also called thermotrimmer is a small trimmer capacitor that has a variable temperature coefficient.  It is used for stabilizing drifting VFos.

How to draw the capacitor symbol?

The making symbol of the capacitor is simple, it has two horizontal lines with two parallel vertical lines. Different types of capacitors come with different drawing techniques but they are the same. The horizontal lines at both ends define that two pins of capacitors are attached to other circuits to make electronic circuits.


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