DL2032 vs. CR2032: Is there a difference between them?

Different devices that are portable use lithium-ion batteries to get power. CR2032 and DL2032 are lithium manganese dioxide batteries with a coin-like design. They are less weight and have small-sized batteries connected to electronic devices and circuits. They are now the main part of watches, cameras, calculators, and other handheld devices.

These two look alike the same but come with different features. Here we will cover their main features and find differences. So let’s get started with DL2032 vs. CR2032: Is there a difference between them?

What is CR2032

The CR2032 is a lithium-ion cell battery used in different devices to maintain their operation. is a non-rechargeable coin cell battery that uses lithium chemistry, its positive electrode is made with manganese dioxide, and its negative with lithium. Its low weight device with 3.2 millimeter thickness and has 20mm dia.

its nominal voltage is three volts and its capacity is about 220 to 240 mah. Its common uses are PDAs, motherboards, devices devices, etc. Its power produced is more effective than the CR2032 cell and maintains the voltage stable so it is the best option to use in low-power devices.

What is DL2032

DL2032 is like the CR2032 battery and its dimensions are 20mm dia and 3.2mm thickness which is the same as the CR2032 battery. CR is used as a prefix for lithium-ion coin batteries and DL is used by Duracell which is famous for the creation of alkaline batteries.  The DL232 battery is a CR2032 cell made by Duracell.

Difference between CR2032 and DL2032

DL2032 vs CR2032 

  1. For lithium ion coin batteries it is good to know that they are according to your device fitting and voltage need. This is also considered for Cr2032 and Dl2032 batteries since they look alike. The main difference is their manufacturers. CR is a lithium-ion battery while DL is specially made by Durace.. DL prefix is used by Duracell to make a difference from general CR batteries.
  2. These two batteries have sams dimension both are 20 mm dia and 3.2 thickness. These two batteries come with a nominal 3 vols with 220 to 240 mAh capacity. The voltage of DL20232 is low which is their main difference. The voltage for these batteries is stable which helps to provide stable power.
  3. These two batteries with stable power also have a longer working life about ten years. These two are best to use in low-power devices so they can use longer duration as those devices need less power. DL2032 comes with a high density and discharging rate as compared to CR2032.
  4. CR2032 batteries are easily available at any electronic store due to their generic nature. They are low-cost batteries. DL232 are branded batteries made by Duracell and can be from branded stores. Since DL is a branded battery that makes it has a higher cost than CR

DL2032 vs CR2032 Interchangeability

For coin cells, it is important to note that they are easy to fit in their respective location. So these features make the CR2032 and DL2032 batteries alike. The main difference is their manufacturers otherwise they are almost the same. CR is a general battery and comes with dentition of AA and AAA. While DL used due to the maker of Duracell

DL2032 Features:

  • it has lithium chemistry and a 200mAh capacity with three volts.
  • its dimensions are 0.78 mm  diameter and 3.200 mm height
  • it is an assembly cell
  • it is made by the Duracell brand and has features
  • its voltage at the output terminal is 3 volts
  • it does not have refueling features

CR2032 Battery Features

  • its temperature range is -30°C to +60°C
  • It has discharge features
  • Operating volts are three volts
  • it has a reliable operation
  • Good pulse capacity
  • Self-discharging is low and operation life is ten years
  • It does not have mercuray
  • Good protection for leaks
  • Weight to power ratio is high

DL2032 vs CR2032 Spec Comparison

Features DL2032 CR2032
 Size 2032 2032
Brand: Duracell Panasonic
Chemistry: Lithium/Manganese Dioxide Lithium Manganese Dioxide
Voltage: 3V 3V
Capacity 225 mAh 225mAh
Diameter: 20mm  20mm
Height: 3.2mm 3.2mm
Weight: 4.5g 3.1g
Min Operating Temperature:  – 20°C  – 30°C
Max Operating Temperature: +60°C +60°C
Continuous Drain Current 0.19 mA 0.19 mA

DL2032 vs. CR2032 Is there a difference between them

DL2032 Advantages

  • It has a high energy density that has features to provide higher power than other batteries of the same dimensions. It is best to use for electronic devices that need a moderate amount of power.
  • It can operate for about ten years. it means it can stored for a longer duration without losing power or performance degradation.
  • It provides a stable voltage at the output that makes sure that the device is operating smoothly.
  • The DL2032 is small in size and compact making it best for small electronic devices that need low to mid-level power

Limitations of DL2032:

  • This battery ash a limited capacity of about 200 mAh which is low as compared to other same-size batteries. This means It can be best for devices that need high power.
  • DL2032 is not best to use in high-drain devices like digital cameras, since it does not provide the needed power.
  • It is high costly than normally used batteries making it best to use for certain devices

Limitations of CR2032:

  • The capacity of CR2032 is lower than same-size batteries. It means that it is not best to use it for devices that need high power.
  • it is not best to use for high-drain devices like cameras as it has low power to deliver.
  • It is high low-cost device and not used for low-cost projects

How Long Do CR2032 And DL2032 Batteries Survive?

These two batteries work for about ten years. But it is not correct for each 2032 battery, so make sure to check the time for operation by brand on the battery. But with that, the operating life of the battery is mostly based on the load connected and the duration of working.

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Battery DL2032 vs CR2032 FAQ

 Are CR2032 and DL2032 interchangeable?

These two batteries are interchangeable. DL2032 battery can be replaced with Cr2032 since these two have the same dimensions 20mm diameter and 3.2mm thickness.

 Is Duracell DL2032 rechargeable?

it is a non-rechargeable battery

 Are CR2025 and CR2032 the same?

The main difference between them is their thickness. The CR2932 is 3.2 mm thick and cr2935 is 2.5mm thick. since the CR2032 is 0.7mm thicker than cr2025, so it can deliver high current to load

 What does CR stand for on batteries?

CR is a generic battery used by different battery makers but lithium battery also comes with chromium. These batteries have this chemical material in batteries so they are CR. While DL is used for batteries made by Duracell

What are 3-volt lithium batteries used for?

  • it used in digital cameras, TV remotes, and watches

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