Difference Between DL and CR Batteries

The battery has now become the main component of devices and different industrial machines, such as laptop phones and cars all uses battery.  These batteries are not the same, they are in different shapes sizes, and designs. Two very commonly used batteries are DL and CR batteries.  CR batteries are called lithium battery button shaped and come with a dia that is larger than the US quarter. It is made with lithium cathode and carbon anode. DL also called lithium AA batteries are cylinder-like in shape and are larger than normal AA batteries. They have carbon anode and lithium cathode.

The basic difference between DL and CR batteries is their size, DL has larger sizes than CR batteries. However, their uses are commonly used in watches, cameras, and calculators. These batteries come with the same functions and capacity and they have been featured for most devices to interchanged. They also have the same size so best to use in the car. Let’s get started with the Difference Between DL and CR Batteries.

Difference Between DL and CR Batteries

The main difference between DL and CR batteries is their numerical code. CR is a generic designation for lithium, and DL is lithium. They can be interchanged since they have similar size, shape, and thickness.

DL and CR are different in some points but they are the same in chemical creation and have the same power. The Dl2032 comes with a 3.2 mm thickness and CR2032 has a 2mm diameter.

These batteries have features to interchange since they have a similar amount of chromium. Both are best to use in electric vehicles and coin battles. They can easily be found in retail stores.

As DL and CR same batteries but have some differences, both have different designations but are made by the same maker.

difference between dl and cr batteries

What is a DL Battery?

The DL battery is a lead acid battery that uses gel electrolytes in place of liquid. it makes them spill-proof and highly tolerant to high temperatures and best to use in harsh conditions.

DL battery is best to use in lights, starting the vehicle, and auxiliary power uses as its high power density and longer opening life increase its use. These batteries also have disadvantages DL batteries like their high cost and not good for the environment. it is also called a direct lead acid battery and an old battery that is used in the market. It is used due to its rugged and reliable feature making it best to use in devices that need longer battery

What is CR Battery?

CR battery is called a cylindrical rechargeable battery, and a new battery type. It is a higher cost than the DL battery but has some benefits. CR batteries are less weight and come with high energy density which means can store higher energy than DL batteries.

Its working life is longer and can be recharged with larger time than DL batteries. The low cost and longer working life of these batteries make them the best to use. CR batteries can come in different sizes than AA batteries and they have a nominal voltage of about 1.5 volts. The CR batteries cannot be recharged they should be replaced when they are depleted. Environment-friendly nature does not have any bad effects on environment considered safe to use.

Dl Vs Cr Battery

  • DL and Cr batteries can be interchanged and come with the same size and voltage. These come with the same formula but are made by different manufacturers.
  • The CR battery comes in rounded and square ends and the two batteries are interchangeable. DL is thin and CR is thick batteries. The DL is better to use in the car than CR.
  • CR battery is high cost, the DL battery prices replace that CR, but they are equivalent. When buying a battery for a car ensure it best fits. If the CR is not fitted we cannot use it to make sure it is supported by the car.
  • These batteries have the same number of codes so we can replace one with another.  DL and CR also have the same dimensions. But DL is smaller than CR. The DL is larger and thicker than CR making it costly. Their charging process is also difficult.
  • CRs are higher cost than DLs and DLs are durable. Contrary to CR the DLs are less degraded. They work for more than ten years.

Dl Vs Cr Battery: What’s The Difference?

DL Batteries:

  • It is coin cell battery
  • Weight is eight grams
  • Dimensions are 19mm x 19mm x 3mm
  • Temperature value is -30 C to 60 C
  • It can work for ten years
  • It is non toxic battery
  • Made by Duracell
  • It has high voltage
  • it is high capacity

CR Batteries

  • it is lithium-cell battery
  • Three gram is the weight
  • 20mm dimensions
  • -20 C  to 60C temperature range
  • four to ten years CR batteries
  • it is made by different manufacturers
  • It has low volt battery and low capacity.

DL2032 vs. CR2032 Featurs

it is commonly used in different electronic devices watches, PDAs etc
its operating life is about eight years mostly used in TV, keyfobs, etc
19mm x 19mm x 3mm are its dimenions
its chemistry is lithium and high a power device
it is a lithium non rechargeable battery
Panasonic Lithium coin have reliable power.
its capacity is 225 mAh and its voltage is three volts
Its capacity is 225mAh and three volts of power
It weighs eight grams
Weight is three grams
it is general purpose battery
20mm diameter, 3.2 height. are its dimensions
it is called a coin cell
Coin Cell type battery
it is not used when getting discharged
it used for one time
it helps to retain power after years making it durable
30 C to 60 C working temperature

CR2032 VS CR2025 Vs DL2032

Features CR2032 CR2025
Battery Size 2,032 2,025 2,032
Capacity 225mAh 170mAh
225 mAh
Diameter 0.8″ 1
Height  (3.2mm) 2.5 mm
Weight 3.1g 2.5g 4.5g
Minimum Operating Temperature -30°C 0°C
Continuous Drain Current 0.19 mA 0.19 mA
0.19 mA
Brand Panasonic FDK America
Chemistry Lithium Manganese Dioxide Lithium Coin
Lithium/Manganese Dioxide
Voltage 3V 3V 3V

CR2032 VS CR2025 Vs DL2032 

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